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What Happened to Jon Heder?
September 4, 2017

Napoleon Dynamite was such a hit that we are left to wonder why Hollywood doesn’t cast Jon Heder anymore… Well, this post is all about that, and we will justify why Heder disappeared and you never saw him again. So, … Continue reading

What Happened To Billy Zane?

Billy Zane is na actor most know for his role in either Back to the Future or Titanic. I, personally, always see the guy as Cal from Titanic, but he appeared in many other movies from Zoolander to several minor … Continue reading

Ghosts Hunters is Fake
August 6, 2017

Ghost Hunters and a program about ghosts, where TAPS – The Atlantic Paranormal Society investigates on several places, hoping to capture a supernatural test. What is supposedly real is often not. There are many places to explore, but the funniest … Continue reading