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Duel Charm

A consumable item you can find in the world of DS3. Practical Use: This charm will help you get all of the buffs deleted from the target, cleansing even Darkmoon Blade and other weapon buffs as well. It is similar … Continue reading

Soul of a Nameless Soldier:

This is a consumable to gain souls when on the third installment of the Dark Souls series   Practical Use: Consume to instantly gain 2000 Souls   Lore: This soul is still warm, wondering around a nameless soldier. Once, it … Continue reading

Astora Greatsword

An Ultra Greatsword that is as light as a normal one.   Practical Use: This sword can be both buffed and infused, and its reinforcement is made with Titanite. This is the lightest Ultra Greatsword in the game and one … Continue reading

Crest Shield

A shield that gets you good protection values.   Practical Use: This shield has 70% average block and dark damage block is at its highest with this piece. It can be reinforced by using Twinkling Titanite. It cannot be infused. … Continue reading

Twinkling Titanite

This is an upgrade material from the game Dark Souls 3.   Practical Use: The Twinkling Titanite is used to upgrade unique weapons. You need one for a +1, two for a +2, four for a +3, eight for a … Continue reading