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Titanite Chunk

Consumable Item for Weapon Reinforcement   Practical Use: You can use Titanite Chunks to improve your weapons. You need 2 Chunks for +7, 4 Chunks for +8, and 6 Chunks for +9. To get a weapon from +6 to +9 … Continue reading

Soul of a Crestfallen Knight

Dark Souls 3 Consumable Item   Practical Use: Use it to gain 10,000 souls or sell it for 20,000 souls. You can get this item by finding it near the Old King’s Antechamber or on the corpse below the staircase, … Continue reading

Basin of Vows

Basin of Vows is a Dark Souls III Key Item   Practical Use: You can use the Basin of Vows at the Cathedral in order to go to Lothric Castle. This will trigger the appearance of the area’s first boss, … Continue reading

Mike Wolfe Looks Like…
September 7, 2017

There have been people telling us that Wolfe looks like three different persons, and they are Adam Levine, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Chris Collinsworth. Take a look below.     Mike Wolfe Looks Like Adam Levine This one … Continue reading