The 10 Most Powerful Wizards/Witches in Harry Potter

The 10 Most Powerful Wizards/Witches in Harry Potter

The 10 Most Powerful Wizards/Witches in Harry Potter

This list was pretty hard to make as it was insanely hard to organize these Harry Potter witches and wizards in order of power, so we know some of you may disagree with this list, but to everyone his own opinion.


1. Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle

Many people were directly killed by him or after an order he gave. It’s important to consider non-obvious issues. He did the work that kept people from acquiring the locket by himself. That’s not answering the question about where Inferi originated from. He was doing advanced magic before entering the Hogwarts school. There’s also the Chamber of Secrets. Voldemort’s error wasn’t that he didn’t have enough power. The problem was he never considered the fact that other people except possibly Dumbledore for a portion of the series could also be powerful. So this is an important issue to consider.


2. Albus Dumbledore

Voldemort was scared of him for a while. For a long time, Dumbledore was the strongest. He also showed the higher number of spells Harry had no choice to describe just based on various colors of light as well as their effects. Consider the Battle of the Department of Ministries when Dumbledore makes an exit. His job was Headmaster, which is a job that seems to include many things including the ability to remove the spells placed on the Great Hall. This allowed Apparition. He was also much more of a leader than all other Ministers included in the books. He also had judicial jobs in the government. He also has three middle names and many awards for different things. The only true question is how sorry you feel for the girl that was a Head Girl beside to the Head Boy.


3. Severus Snape

He made up his spells. They include Muffliato and Levicorpus and Sectumsepra when he was only a teenager. He can also fly. Also, he was good enough while at Occlumency to lie to Voldemort for 3 or more years. Narcissa Malfoy correctly thought he was able to kill Dumbledore.


4. Gellert Grindelwald

In his prime, he was certainly higher than Snape. The status is lower mostly because he didn’t have a wand. Also, he owned the ElderWand. He was also a bad boy to the extent that Dumbledore fell in love with him. He also was able to survive Voldemort’s torture well. He can also make many people’s top 10 list. The main reason is that he was able to defeat the whole Continent, which is very impressive.


5. Molly Weasley

It’s not luck to beat Bellatrix Lestrange. She also gets big credentials because she raised six boys and Ginny although she had a very small budget.


6. Bellatrix Lestrange

It’s not possible to become the last and best Lieutenant of Voldemort just by looking crazy. Bellatrix got one of the couple deaths that Harry witnessed, which was of Sirius. She also gets the most duels with multiple people. They include the Snatchers & Fenrir that took place at the Manor. There’s also others including Luna, Hermione, and the fight at the end with Ginny. The 2nd group consisted of teen girls. One or more of them including Ginny was under-age. However, these 3 were likely the top witches to graduate from Hogwarts in the last seven years. They also do well against the boys. Hermione shows up later. However, there’s the Department of Mysteries battle. Ginny was removed based on an ankle-breaking, and Luna was under several Stunning spells.

Finally, Bellatrix is sexy! Brownie points.


7. Sirius Black

siurus black
The main qualification is the illegal Animagus while just 15 issue. That resulted in knowledge about the school that created the Marauders Map. It also resulted in the ability to become the 1st person to get out of Azkaban without help. He also fought Bellatrix. However, it should be point out that he lost the battle.


8. Minerva McGonagall

Many people fall into the category of great but are still awesome in the Harry Potter books. They include Alastor Moody. However, Minerva is still quite tough even though she’s in her sixties. Keep in mind that she taught Transfiguration for tens of years, managed the school many times, and even became an Animagus. It’s true that she was getting older. However, she battled Voldemort with Kingsley and Slughorn. Even more impressive she was able to survive 4 Stunning Spells to her chest in OOTP. Pompfrey notes that likely should have resulted in her death.


9. Alastor Moody

Moody is a category that falls into the category of once being powerful and still is. This is especially when taking into account his skills of leadership between the death of Dumbledore and his death. In the 80s, he was also Head Auror. Voldemort attacked him first, and there was a reason.


10. Peter Pettigrew

He was a so-called “weak” Marauder. However, he became one Animagus and also helped out with the map. Also, there was the time that he blew up a whole street, cut off his finger, and killed a total 10 Muggles. He also turned into a rat and left his ex-best buddy to be blamed. Another important issue is that it also shows that powerful wizards can also be very wimpy as well.


Honorable Mentions:

James/Lily Potter should be recognized if they were alive throughout the books. The original Order’s other members could also be added too if more information was provided about them.

Rita Skeeter could also be mentioned. That’s because she was reasoning based on the Animagi that makes it to this list. Regarding the younger characters, Hermione Granger shows great knowledge of music and the ability to use it when it’s needed. However, Harry Potter had the rawest power in the entire series. The problem is that he didn’t know how to use it. August Longbottom was also a type of grandmother that people like. There are others that probably could make the list for various reasons.

What are your thoughts?