Cathedral of the Deep: Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough Guide

Here we are for another section of our in-depth Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough, this time with the Cathedral of the Deep Guide to make sure you collect everything there is to collect, find out all the secrets and make the best of what you can get.

You can also get shortcuts, all the collectables and the recruitable characters, so if you’re all for optimization and completionism, then read this guide.

If you just want to know how to beat the Cathedral of the Deep Boss, then read the last section, since it’s where we discuss it.


Cathedral of the Deep Part I

Find the road to your left, it was the one where the Crystal Sage was first spotted. You’ll pass 2 x Butchers and 1 x Evangelist next to a pyre. Fall down to where the Butchers previously were and you’ll get a chance to obtain Twinkling Titanite from the Cystal Lizard below.

Up on an edge you’ll also find another one so go for it. Finally, there’s a Herald set on a body close to the fire. This set of armor includes the following:

  • Herald Gloves;
  • Herald Trousers;
  • Herald Helm;
  • Herald Armor.

If you continue on your way you’ll stumble across a Bonfire close to a flight of stairs.

Activate the Bonfire and make sure that before you go up the stairs you spot a road on the left with an Exiled Knight and a dead body. The Exiled Knight is guarding it with his dagger and sword, and as a ranged attack he throws daggers.

Once the guy is dead, which is easy since you have the bonfire so close, get the Paladin’s Ashes. Now you can go up the stairs, where a Titanite Shard is next to the wall to your right.

If you go on right after going up the stairs there’s a path that cuts left and then right and will take you to a corpse that you can loot for a Crest Shield.

You’re also on top of the main gate now, and you can spot the axe-bearer Brigand guarding the entrance. He also has a knife throwing ability for ranged confrontations. Use your mobility to evade the knife throws and get to close quarters. Once fighting hand to hand, evade the axe and retaliate. Once you kill him you can loot the Spider Shield and go up the stairs to reach the first gate.

Reach this next area and you’ll see a lot of Bone Hounds roaming through the trees and 3 x Sniper Hollow as well. The trees there are great to advance while in cover. On the other hand, if you’re a shield wielder character you can block the hound’s pounce and retaliate after their strikes to kill them before engaging the Snipers, just be sure to fight behind trees as to avoid being peppered by ranged attacks. Be careful as the hounds movements can be a bit unpredictable, and their mobility can surprise you through dead angles.

The place where the first sniper patrols has a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. You can then proceed to the next gate, where you can spot a Hollow which is kind of an initiate that doesn’t master fire spells other than suicide bombing. Run away from him once he spots you and starts running so he can self-destruct without blowing up in your face.


Cathedral of the Deep: Outside

Now you’re outside next to the Cathedral of the Deep’s main entrance. After you enter you’ll spot the altar, there’s a whip (Notched Whip) and a Bonfire you can use. Now there are also two doors, but they are locked. You have to come back outside and make a right to find Hollows praying. They are between an Estus Shard and you and they have two strategies. Some of them use burning swords while the others are self-destructive like the Hollow you found before.

Kill them and collect tbe item. After that is done you should go left to find the Cemetary, but as you may expect it is jam packed full of Zombies. They are slow and aren’t a big challenge, but they sometimes puke at you and there are vermin in their puke that bleed you unless you are using a torch to scare them off. You shouldn’t strive to kill them all as they keep growing back from their graves. However, if you don’t regularly kill enough you’ll soon be overwhelmed. Long ranged weapons are a must for this area as you can successfully keep these guys at bay to minimize danger.

Now go to the left and you’ll find one particular zombie that is kneeling in front of a grave that has an Astora Greatsword you can pick up. After going to a ditch below where there are less enemies you’ll go through the path to the far end of the graveyard which has, surprise, more zombies. There is also a lot of loot down the road.

The next step can be a bit challenging, but you should kill the zombies to collect both the Executioner’s Greatsword and the Fading Soul. Zombies will rise up and some will create new limbs made of vermin. If they touch you with these limbs or throw their puke, you’ll start to bleed. Leave as soon as you can because the bleeding stacks up pretty fast here.

On the run, try to spot the gap with the narrow bridge, cross it and find the spot on the other side that has both Giant Arrows and graves. This means the giant, if he is a friend, will help you out.

On the other hand, the Grave Warden is patrolling the place with his fiery temper and his twin blades, and he has more of those maggot filled minions. The Grave Warden deals bleeding slash damage and he can use fire breath. There’s a grave below that contains a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. It is also a safe spot to hide from patrols. Now you can take a right to find yet another Lage Soul of an Unknown Traveler and 2 x Young White Branches. On the far side, there are zombies, an Undead Bone Shard and 3 x Repair Powder. Going up the stairs you’ll spota Crypt on your right with Titanite Shard x 1 on its side. Once inside there is also a Curse Ward Greatshield you can pick up.

Go down the stairs and kick the ladder down. You’ll spot beasts, kind of like maggot beasts, and you’ll be thankful you’ve brought some Bloodred Moss Clump.

On your left side there’s a Cathedral Entrance shortcut with a corpse that has a Titanite Shard. Drop down from that spot and you can return to this same area by just taking a right from the obelisk the hollows were previously praying to.

There’s a Giant Crystal Lizard nearby on this area, it is asleep near crystals. At his left stands a small Crystal Lizard. The small one has Twinking Titanite and the father holds a Titanite Shard, so kill them and collect these items.

Take a left from the spots the lizards were and you’ll find another Titanite Shard. There are now 2 buildings on that area, go between them and you’ll spot yet another Crystal Lizard with another Twinkling Titanite. A corpse nearby has a Titanite Shard.

Go through the path after the gorge’s loops if you want to slay maggot monsters and collect a Saint-tree Bellvine close to the left side’s wall.


Cathedral of the Deep Part II

Down at the cemetary that has the giant arrows in it there’s a flight of stears that you can take to get to the Cathedral’s entrance. It is sealed, sure, but it has items you can loot, so go to the left of the door and burst open the creates there to collect 2 x Rusted Coins. On your right there’s a Red Bug Pellet and some monsters on the roof. There’s a Sniper you can’t see when you approach and two hollows you can see, one of them shielded. Bait them and the sniper will get down, now take the shielded one first and the other two are easy to kill.

Finally, on the left railing there’s a suicide bomber Hollow that will jump on you once you attack the Sniper.

From that spot on you can continue to the left and reach a small area, there’s a hollow that will run at you, and from the spot you can see Thralls you’ll get runned over by a suicide bomber Hollow.

Hit the thralls and hollow with ranged attacks and find the item on the right side that has some Hollow guarding it. Snipe them and you can take the Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler, but there’s a Thrall above hiding with a large sword.

Continuing your journey, the road now goes down a small slope where there are 3 x Sniper Hollows with Arbalests shooting at you, and a shield Hollow is guarding them. Dodge all of the shots and retaliate with each successful dodge. Now go up the stairs and find 3 x Red Bug Pellets guarded by ambushing Thralls that will jump on you. On the left side there’s an Evangelist with Hollows, one of them is a suicide bomber.

Since the Evangelist has more movement speed, you can bait her to open ground. After you clear up everyone go to collect the 3 x Undead Hunter Charms.

From the spot where the archers were, go down the stairs to find a Hollow that has a halberd and a Thrall on the side with two other Thralls a bit further waiting to ambush you. The alcove where the Thrall comes from has a Soul of a Nameless Soldier, and the other two Thralls are on the ceiling.

On the next area you can find 2 x Grave Wardens. The battle will be easier if you can bait one away from the other to fight them 1v1. Be careful though because there’s a patrol on that area with two suicide bomber Hollows.

After you cleared the area, access the rooftop via the stairs and watch on for the ambushing Hollow. Find an Ember with a group of Hollows praying to its warmth, but don’t approach too much. If you approach them too much you’ll be jumped by a two handed axeman and the praying Hollows will also turn to help him kill you.

After this is done, you’ve successfuly breached the Cathedral of the Deep.


Cathedral of the Deep:  Inside

Once you step in the Cathedral, you can spot the giant who is chained down. Go left to spot a Slime and poke it from a distance since at close range the guy can eat you.

Go down the stairs and pick up the Duel Charm and take a right to find the Deacons. They are a mighty foe at long range, so close in the distance and make sure you have Fire Resistant gear because these red-eyed guys throw some nasty fireballs your way. After this room go left and take the elevator down to the main floor, where you can see a bonfire waiting for you to use it.

Cathedral of the Deep Part III

Go up again with the elevator and go downstairs to find a Deep Gem, but guarding that Gem is an Evangelist. Deal with her and pick up the gem, but be careful because when you’re going back a Slime will fall on top of you.

Now, take a right and you’ll be next to the giant. He is not that friendly and will try to punch you and try to hit you, move around and run from the Hollow suicide bomber. There’s a Soul of a Nameless Soldier in the middle of the run, so it is up to you to decide if it is worth it or not. If something can convince you to stay, it is maybe the Lloyd’s Sword Ring or the 6 x Exploding Bolt if you plan on using them, but don’t hide behind the crates as the Giant will simply smash through them and you alike.

When you successfully reach the other side you have to take care because there’s a Hollow who’ll drop at you and a sniper that will hit you as soon as he sees you. Run to the corridor to be safe.

Continuing your journey you’ll get to a spot where the road splits. Go left to get to a large room where there’s an item and a ladder.

Collect the item, but know there are 3 x Thralls on the bridge to surprise you. Above the Seek Guidance miracle a Slime holds to the ceiling waiting to drop on you as well. On top of the ladder there’s a Sniper and an Evangelist, as well as an Ember.


Down the stairs there’s an altar with a chest, but before you get your mouth watering know that it isn’t a chest, it is a Mimic, so go ahead and hit it! By killing it you’ll be able to pick up a Deep Braille Divine Tome.

There are two things you can do with the Deep Braille Divine Tome: Either give it to Irina and buy the spells to get the bad ending, or save the Tome to give to Karla to get the good one.

Head on down to reach the 2nd floor room where the Thralls initially were. If you followed this walkthrough then they must be dead, but if you didn’t kill them already, things are going to be tough.

The Cathedral Knight is now in the room with a mace that albeit very slow is difficult to dodge and has tons of damage.

He has more skills though, like the ability to make exploding orbs and bless his Mace. Either dodge his attacks and get behind him, or offer a healing miracle.

When you successfully kill the Knight and the Thralls if that is the case you can look through the door the Knight entered from to find a room with the item.

Unfortunately, entering the room will get you attacked by a Lion Spider. To fight this creep be aware that one bite of her takes a lot of your health points away. She can also curse you with on-hit effects and spray you. Leave the room to rest in between hits as the spider can’t chase you because it is too hard.

Kill the spider if you wish to obtain an Aldrich’s Sapphire. Pick up the Ember.

Once you get to the main chapel where the Giant is, there’s a high chance that your game is invaded again, this time the NPC is called Longfinger Kirk and he’ll come charging with armor that spikes you up just for being close. He also has a Barbed Straight Sword and a Spiked Shield.

Some of the statues in the hall also exhale poison, and thralls are always one wall away. On the right by the front of the chapel. Finally, before you get to the entrance you’ll spot 2 Giants. One was the Giant who tried to punch you earlier on, and the other isn’t friendly either.

However, you have a Giant friend in the Undead Settlement (See our Undead Settlement Walkthrough), and know that if you kill any of these hostile giants that friendship is over and the giant from the Undead Settlement will attack you once again.

However, if you opt to kill them you can pick up a Soul of a Nameless Soldier and the full Maiden Armor Set including:

  • Maiden Robe;
  • Maiden Hood;
  • Maiden Gloves;
  • Maiden Skirt.

You can also go to the back porch of the Cathedral, where you can find 1 x Saint Bident, 2 x Homeward Bones, and spot Lothric, Farrom Keep and the Undead Settlement at a distance.


Cathedral of the Deep Part IV:

Pass the hall’s Thralls and Cathedral Knight to find a doorway that leads you to a stairway to get out of the area. There’s 1 x Poisonbite Right behind a Maggot Beast nearby, and after you take a left on that area you can spot a Bonfire and a door with an elevator there to take you to where the Hollow Sniper was hidding when you arrived on the rooftops.

Go back to the main cathedral and look to the left of the Giant to look for a switch. Activate it and you can go up, but first you need to go to the switch between the pillars to lift yet another gate.

This is when you’ll kill the giant or dodge him to go up the stairs. Now you’ll find Slime Monsters and a lot of loot. Kill the Slimes and Giant and you’ll be able to collect 1 x Pale Tongue, 1 x Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler and some Drang Set armor pieces such as:

  • Drang Armor;
  • Drang Shoes;
  • Drang Hammers:
  • Drang Gauntlets.

Now this next area may be a pain because it is the main altar after all. There are 2 x Deacons patrolling it and 2 x Deacons worshipping it. There are Hollows attending the mass and a Cathedral Knight on the pews, along with other Cathedral Knight facing the altar. The good thing is the ones sitting on pews will only attack you if you hit them first. If you don’t disturb the guys you only need to fight the Deacons and Knight patrolling.

Bait the Deacons, as the Knight is with your backs turned to you, and when you handle them you can always go back and backstab the Knight. Don’t hit the pews though or the guys attending mass will get up and whack at you.

There’s an Ember on the passageway to the far side. This path also leads to a lift to the 1st Giant Doors you found on the cemetery’s roof.

If you followed this Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough, there are 2 gates open here, and checking the stairs near the door leading to the balcony on the side gets you 3 x Duel Charm, but there is one last gate that must still be closed.

Get out of here and see Siegward standing on the bridge… but it isnt really Siegward. Cross the bridge.

Go back to the Bonfire and get out of the Cathedral. There’s a well next to the praying Hollow, and you’ll hear Siegward calling you.

Go to the Bonfire again and head out to the left side to get to a room that has an elevator to the roof. Slaughter the Sniper and get to the balcony. Find a ladder on the tower’s side and once on the top slay the Deacon to pick up 1 x Deep Ring.

Now go to the roof and drop to the bridge below to get to a higher roof. Go down and ignore the doors to find a bridge that gets you on the small tower where an Arbalest Sniper stands, and some Thralls close to a Pale Tongue.


Cathedral of the Deep Part V

You can now enter the doorways to get to the Cathedral’s rafters. Things here are a bit dangerous. There are 3 x Cathedral Knights and a lot of Thralls patrolling the grounds and there’s an arbalest sniper just waiting to spot you. You can try to exploit the pathfinding to make the Knights fall to their deaths.

With the Cathedral Knights gone, find a platform to jump on and drop to the pulpit to get to the balconies of the opposite side.

Lookout, because on the ceiling there are Maggot beasts, and on the far end there’s a Maggot Cleric with a Holy ranged attack. Dodge everything and charge them up. No you can speak to the man who stole Siegward to find out he’s Unbreakable Patches. He will also offer you a Prostration Emote and 1 x Rusted Coin, as well as some wares.

He’ll head on to Firelink Shrine, and if you go there as well you’ll be able to buy Siegward’s armor. Go to the well and throw the armor to the naked knight, who rewards you with the Rejoice Emote.


Recruiting Unbreakable Patches:

On Firelink Shrine, go to the belltower and find Patches. He’ll be surprised to find you and you can take a choice. You can refuse and he’ll give you 1 x Rusted Gold Coin, or you can forgive him.  He becomes a merchant either way.


The Covenant: Rosaria’s Fingers

After the place you found Patches on, there’s a Giant and Maggot Beasts. Dodge the clerics and AoE everything. There’s a good Maggot Priest there, but if you kill him there’s a Red Sign Soapstone in it for you.

Continue through the door and you’ll find Rosaria’s Lair. She is the leader of Rosaria’s Fingers and you can ask to join the Covenant and trade Pale Tongues in to increase your standing.

Finally, you can also change your appearance or skill points. If you accept, then you now are an official enemy of Sirris of the Sunless Realms. But if you still want to join, then maybe postpone your recruitment event until you finish Sirris’ quest.

On the other hand, to join now give her 1 x Pale Tongue and Ringfinger Leonhard will appear next to the Throne. He congratulates you and throws the Applause Emote your way. There’s a corpse nearby which you can examine to find a Thorns Set including:

  • Armor of Thorns;
  • Helm of Thorns;
  • Leggings of Thorns;
  • Gauntlets of Thorns.

And this is it for the Cathedral of the Deep in Dark Souls 3, now you just need to go to the Boss Fight past the main altar. If you didn’t join Rosaria, you can even summon Sirris.


Deacons of the Deep Walkthrough: Boss Fight

So this is the Boss Fight in Dark Souls 3 where the mechanics are a bit different because you aren’t fighting a pair of boss or a major boss, it is an army of Deacons. As you fight them, they’ll act just like regular Deacons on the first phase with their patented fireballs, slow mobility and minimal melee damage. However, they don’t die as they keep spawning.

The only way to kill them is to hit the only Deacon that is red, kill a Deacon while he has the red aura active and you succeed in damaging the Boss.

Be careful not to be swarmed.

To make sure the Deacons get separated, run around the pillars and the corners of the room to get them to chase. On the other hand, if you have a high poise rating, dash and cleave without being staggered.

When you do this second option you should roll from time to time to recovered stamina and health points.

When the enemies get down to 50% HP the battle starts. The Archdeacon comes out with blue Deacons as bodyguards. Their attacks are stronger and periodically the Boss calls upon his deacons to feed him with power. If he succeeds in syphoning this energy he will out a Curse that will more likely than not insta-kill you.

So you can’t hesitate while he gathers energy, you have to dive in and only dive out if you must recover your health. Long range is what you need here, so a Greatsword is a good fit.

If you succeed in killing the Archdeacon, his followers will die and you can collect the Soul of the Deacons of the Deep and 1 x Small Doll.

Loot the Archdeacon and you’ll obtain the Archdeacon set:

  • Archdeacon Skirt;
  • Archdeacon Holy Garb;
  • Archdeacon White Crown.

Now it a good time to check the Farron Keep, and when you’re done you can go to the Firelink Shrine to find Horace and Anri aren’t on their thrones.

Head on to the Catacombs of Carthus Walkthrough for Dark Souls 3.




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