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15 Most Epic and Best Fights of Dragon Ball Z:

15 Most Epic and Best Fights of Dragon Ball Z:

We have come to see and love all of the rather extreme fights in the show. One thing that comes to our mind when we think about those fights though are large confrontations saw during Dragon Ball Z – Super has yet failed to equal all that awesomeness, although it is getting close. During its nearly 300 episodes, DBZ merely kept upping the ante with more powerful villains who started by creating little craters in the earth and followed up to blowing planets to extinction.

The chief perk of Dragon Ball Z was consistently the fights, so the show had a ton of them. It appeared like the heroes hardly did anything other than eat, train, as they got another power boost and scream. It has created lots of encounters throughout the years, and folks probably compare these new battles of Super with their favorite one in DBZ. There’re loads of fights to pick from, so we picked the finest from the group. Not merely from the films, but from the TV series that take place during the timespan of DBZ.



He was the first enormous risk to any of the Z Fighters on Namek while Recoome obviously was going to be simply a mook in the grand scheme of things. Sure, Zarbon had been able to defeat Vegeta before, but it hadn’t made Vegeta so distressed as to seek out allies. But, he forgot his animosity towards Gohan and Krillin and took a rare second to form an alliance, once he sensed the Ginyu Force was coming.

Then the fight began, and we saw Vegeta’s ruthless power was unable to kill that big meanie (Don’t know about Recoome’s race though). Recoome was just playing around and even enticed them to battle with him at the same time. Even Gohan accessing into his fury ki like he did against Raditz was futile. This was the first moment on Namek when it seemed like Frieza’s forces might win, and if not for Goku’s entrance, there’s little uncertainty Recoome would have ended some lives.



Some fights are amazing because they’re wars between two unbelievably strong forces, while others are great just to sit back and watch their adversary is dominated by an elite warrior. It was very much the latter scenario when Future Trunks arrived to face Mecha Frieza and King Cold. And what it took hours on end of screaming for Goku to achieve, Trunks did in mere minutes.

Part of the enjoyment of the fight was the mystery of who Trunks was, where this left the series going, and how he was able to become a Super Saiyan like Goku. Frieza was the most power the characters, as well as villain audiences, knew at the time. It started in a very exciting way and had Frieza ruined beyond a doubt. Plus, if you’re going to debut a brand new character, introducing him with an awesome kill is an excellent means to do it. A short fight yes, but that cutting edge (literally) action was one of the greatest moments of the show.



Phillip K. Dick’s famed book once asked Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The Saiyan Prince Vegeta was interested in a different question concerning androids Does a machine like yourself ever experience anxiety?” 19 went running for the hills, after having both of his hands ripped off by Vegeta. And it turns out androids are right because he took no clemency in ending 19’s robotic life to feel panic around Vegeta.

Naturally, this fight was exceptional for more reasons than just witnessing Vegeta kill villain off. What sets this fight is this is the instant Vegeta became a Super Saiyan heard only Saiyans, who were pure of heart, could attain.

Vegeta managed to do that, although this was one of the only times where Goku couldn’t conquer an oponente (see the times Goku was beaten)




It’s not often anime has villains smart enough to take on the hero all simultaneously. Dragon Ball Z is notorious for its characters standing idly by while someone powers up. So Bojack mechanically gets huge points for not being ignorant. Friends were brought by him, and he utilizes the edge to be gained by them. And it’s after Gohan has turned into a Super Saiyan 2 since this fight occurs not as if he even needs his allies, and Bojack is still holding his own. That means Bojack might have been more powerful than Perfect Cell was.

Part of what made this fight specific was it was among the few Dragon Ball Z pictures that didn’t work out with Goku saving the day.

Plus, since training was stopped by Gohan after this, this was the last time we saw him as a totally powered Super Saiyan 2. By the Buu Saga he was active fighting with local crime and being a pupil, and then he realized his Mystic kind that made Saiyan transformations superfluous. This was our last look at a super-powered Gohan getting to discontinue a hazard to Earth.



Buu was always dumb in the show, and only become erudite when he reverted to his Kid Buu type. While Fat Buu was capable of conveying like a kid, and Super Buu had no trouble speaking up when it was about candies or killing people, Kid Buu let his actions speak for him. He was unchained madness, going through the universe and ruining planets by the minute for fun. We had seen villains threaten to ruin the Earth, but Kid Buu was the first to go through with it.

Due to Kid Buu’s lack of social skills, there wasn’t much animosity behind this fight. It wasn’t about a private grudge like or about hubris like with Cell, with Frieza.

This fight was distressed, Vegeta set aside his grudge with Goku while the latter prepared a Spirit Bomb to work alongside him. This Spirit Bomb was one of the only times that move worked in the whole series, and it had every single person in the World (including us watching TV with our arms up) giving their energy to Goku, in addition to wishing for Goku’s energy to be restored to complete simply to reach Buu with the matter.



Once Super Saiyans became a part of the show, it was rather uncommon to see a non-Saiyan get to be a hero. For devotees of the first Dragon Ball, it could be frustrating to see so many of the other characters become worthless or reduced to jokes for filler scenes. So part of what made the Cell Saga satisfying is that characters like even, and Piccolo, Tien Krillin got to have one last big second. But the biggest surprise was that newcomer Android 16 wasn’t only given an opportunity but also nearly killed Cell all on his own.

It was hard to envision we since they were created to kill Goku feel empathy for the androids, but Cell’s coming quickly eclipsed their potential for destruction. So seeing the apathetic Android 16 of all folks step up to challenge Cell was a shock. Even more shocking was that 16 began tearing him and outmatched Cell limb from limb beginning with his tail. The mix of the unlikely hero and this being the first fight where we saw Cell get commanded made this a memorable encounter. It’s just a pity Androids 17 and 18 didn’t run away like Android 16 was telling them too – talk about being stubborn.



In more ways than one, the Buu Saga was about a new generation attempting to step up to protect Earth. Goku had understood his existence on Earth was a magnet for individuals who wanted to hurt him, and by extension, his residence. So enable his descendants to manage things and he wanted to stay away. Because of how focused the story arc had been on the advancing ability of Goten and Trunks, and Gohan’s teenage years, we did not see how strong Goku had become. This fight was the enormous unveil of much Goku had progressed in his training.

The timeframe that Goku was able to keep the transformation on was the only deterrent and if he could keep that on more time, it could probably have been the second Buu was defeated. But it needed to do it and also demonstrated Buu’s power that even with new transformation is ’sed by Goku, Buu was enjoying the fight. However, the largest impact this confrontation had was Goku nudging Buu into leading to Buu killing the wizard.



Dragon Ball Z had already kicked off in a big way by having Goku die in the first fight of the show, but it wasn’t yet clear just how distinct this show would be from the original Dragon Ball. Afterward, Nappa and Vegeta appeared and changed everything. The chances seemed great for the Z Fighters initially.

Plus they had Piccolo, who was only the strongest villain in the whole original series. They would absolutely have this handled.

Afterward, Yamcha was killed before the Z Fighters even got a crack against the Saiyan invaders thanks to the Saibamen. Nappa arrogantly elected to take on the staying Z Fighters all on his own, so that had to mean things were looking up until Nappa revealed just how savage the tone of the new show would be. He killed three of the remaining fighters in a jiffy.

If you know the meme behind Yamcha dying all the time, check this Dragonball Z Infographic.



It was quickly apparent that Buu was too resilient to be defeated, and that Vegeta was outmatched despite everything. This fight had to be mentioned because of the way Vegeta opted to stop it. Understanding the risk Buu posed, Vegeta ordered Piccolo to take the kids away. He wasn’t secretive enough to hide his intention of giving himself to his power, taking the beast in a huge explosion. He self-destructed, signaling the first time he chose others before himself, and he unleashed a blast to eliminate Buu. His last thoughts weren’t about acquiring more strength, or his pride as a Saiyan Prince, but simply about saving his family, and in a way even Goku.



When this fight first occurred, it looked like it could very well be the ending of the show. This was it, the apex! And really, this fight not being as climactic in retrospect is why it is on the list. This was among the longest fights not merely in the string, but in all of anime, and it didn’t even work out the confrontation since all the characters who were killed or appeared to perish returned soon afterward.

Even with those facts that are unsatisfactory, there are still a lot of unbelievable seconds contained in this battle. This was the instant the Super Saiyan of legend was revealed, and it stamped a crucial moment in the series. Plus, this was a first as Goku was overpowering a tyrant that appeared to be invincible – Frieza – and after that, it went downhill for the bad guy since he is now one of the most killed villains in the series.

The fight could have used a fast-paced finish, and perhaps skipped planet Namek exploding in “five minutes” for several episodes, but this is among the largest confrontations in anime.



Lots of fans probably expected the typical harmless romp the preceding few pictures had been when a fresh Dragon Ball Z movie arrived in 2013. It was as the Z Fighters had eventually become so powerful that any enemy they confronted was only an excuse. And at first, exactly that was believed by Goku. He turned Super Saiyan 3 when he got his wish and was begging for a fight against Beerus. Goku was such a stuck up that it was actually kind of refreshing when Beerus smacked him down with hardly any effort.

On the second round of the fight, Goku really had to step up his ante and take matters more seriously. Goku lost, but had Beerus commenting that he had been using his full power. As he had threatened to he readily could have ruined the planet, and no one would have been able to stop him.

It was a fine change of pace for them to be reminded they couldn’t score through every battle after the Z Fighters had grown complacent. Beerus was the sort of layered antagonist the series needed, by being the first villain to be victorious at the end of one of the films – immediately standing out.

Beerus wasn’t the only one to get a win against the main character, check the infographic on DBZ Characters who beat Goku.

Alternativelly, we made an infographic on characters who defeated Goku as well.



The Buu Saga was when the show began getting out of hand with the skyrocketing power levels and the limitless transformations where individuals often point to, but it did still have some outstanding moments. Likely the best one was a fight that didn’t even involve Buu, but rather featured Goku going up against his old competition.

He uses his envy of Goku’s strength to improved and made no secret of that himself. After Goku had sacrificed himself against Cell, Vegeta lamented he’d never have another chance to prove himself against his former enemy and severely stood in the wake of the fight. So it was natural for their sake to fight and they were on equal terms, once Vegeta ascended to a Super Saiyan 2 expected to Babidi’s magic. Goku was left with no choice but to fight after he killed a crowd of folks at the World Martial Arts Tournament by Vegeta. So the two most powerful characters in the franchise went at it again.

Only based on the amount of emotion involved, this one is near the top, although there were some better fights in the anime. Vegeta, with each punchVegeta, delivered to “Kakarot” his years of unspent fury and frustration. When Goku let his guard down sure, Vegeta only won because of a cheap shot, but seeing the return of Vegeta’s black side was an incredible moment. Goku had the Super Saiyan 3 transformation at his disposal and had in fact been holding back when it was revealed though it was undermined a bit.



Broly looked outright impervious to all attacks, even a point blank Kamehameha from Goku that was simply laughed off.

Supporters were left wanting for another bad Saiyan to liven things up since Vegeta switched to the light side. Broly’s uncompromising strength did the trick and turned fans off by being just a one time villain where other weaker characters had tons of episodes dedicated to them. So Broly’s popularity led to him getting the great but inferior Second Coming, two more sequel films, and the underwhelming Bio-Broly. But his debut was still wonderful, and he made a tremendous impact among devotees as he was wiping the floor with the fighters. He could have scored better, but the finish of the fight was a bit lacking.



With this fight, the second that had been building for the entire series had finally arrived: Gohan’s untapped power was unleashed. Goku had been showing self-confidence in his son’s skill to conquer Cell since leaving the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but Gohan and everyone felt convinced Goku was only trying to boost Gohan’s self-confidence.

The upsurge of power was a shock for Gohan as the viewers, and he let his head is gone to by his newfound strength by fighting to torture the Cell that is weaker rather than outright killing him. That blunder mortally wound Future Trunks, and eventually allowed Cell to regenerate more powerful than ever, more powerful than Gohan even. The support of his buddies gave Gohan the advantage he needed to prevail, although the short time-frame in which Cell could be killed faded. With the voice of Vegeta providing one final distraction to Cell, and the now dead Goku urging him on, Gohan won a conflict of Kamehamehas in one of the most dramatic scenes from the series.




It was an extreme, fast-paced fight that produced the type of actions we were hoping from Frieza and Goku ’s first encounter on Namek. And this time, Frieza truly got the better of Goku and had him prepared to be killed. But Vegeta had a word to say when he became a Super Saiyan God himself. Sadly, Frieza hadn’t yet adjusted to his new form, and that left him poorer the longer he fought.

It’s lucky they had buddies like Whis and Beerus around to turn time for them since Goku and Vegeta were so competitive they let Earth be destroyed instead of cooperating.



The later years of Dragon Ball Z shifted the fights a lot, so characters treated even the toughest conflicts like a fun sparring session. And even when death and destruction were at hand, those moments were sabotaged by all the cool stuff the fighters had to help them, like wishes, Hyperbolic Time Chamber, senzu beans and the fusion ritual. When Nappa and Vegeta came, the Z Fighters didn’t have most of those choices. Departure meant and was a real chance for the characters.

Most of Goku’s friends had been killed off, as he was going to get thanks to King Kai’s training and he had gotten as much of a power boost. If he loses, there would be no one else and Gohan was on his own for this one. This was a desperate fight, and the first test is for Goku since coming back to life. It was filled with new moves and a few send-offs from the Dragon Ball series. For instance, this was the last and first time the Saiyan’s Great Ape transformation was viewed in DBZ, which adds a unique element to this fight.

After teasing us with Vegeta standing on the sidelines for Nappa ’s fight vs. all, we eventually were able to see what this Saiyan was able to do. And let’s not forget it was Goku’s first fight after all his training and it was also versus one of those overpowered guys we knew as the Saiyan race. Add in all the different techniques showcased, and the pacing of the fight being fulfilling without dragging on, and this is simply a great fight to come back to even after all the others that were to come.


With almost 300 episodes and over a dozen movies, there’s been a lot of shouting and fighting throughout Dragon Ball Z, especially among the strongest characters.

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