16 Awkward Dirty Truth Questions: Truth or Dare?

Here are some dirty truth questions you can ask in order to get people to take a dare… or to get some really hilarious answers.

If you want to force people to a dare, you may ask one of these ones, but if the person answers, then it is going to be just as good since these can be a bit tricky, awkward or intrusive to answer… but on a level you’re not considered savage by asking them.



Top 16 Dirty Truth Questions:

1.      If it would be legal, what would you do?

2.      From this group, who would you rather go to bed with?

3.      What’s the most hardcore thing you want someone to do to you?

4.      What’s your number one sexting phrase if you ever did it?

5.      If the song you heard the most while making love would play right now, what would it be?

6.      Have you ever had urges for someone of a sex you’re not usually attracted to?

7.      What’s your dirtiest secret?

8.      What was the most awkward moment of your life?

9.      Do you have any adult toys?

10.   Who was the best boyfriend / girlfriend you had… why?

11.   Do you have an outfit you specifically dress to try to hook up?

12.   Did you cheat on anyone?

13.   Did you want to cheat on anyone?

14.   How many people have you hooked up with?

15.   Who’s the hottest from this group?

16.   Who’s the person you’re the most jealous of?


So, you see, these questions aren’t so bad as to give you a bad luck, but on the other hand can be hard to answer… even more so when you consider that person isn’t answering only to you, but most probably to a group of friends, some of them can even be involved in the answer.

Try these dirty truth questions out and have fun!

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