Ax Men Facts: The Untold Lumberjack Stories

Reality TV is at its peak again and History Channel has a big slice of the pie with its shows like Ax Men and Pawn Stars (which is fake).

Now, we are going to approach some untold true stories about Ax Men’s cast, so you get to know the people behind the tree chopping lumberjacks they are.


Goverment Problems and S&S Aqua Logging:

The Department of Natural Resources are on S&S Aqua Logging over illegal practices. Specifically, we’re talking about wood salvaging conducted outside the norms, which is illegal.

The company was even conducting these practices live on the show “Ax Men”, and it was through na episode of the show that the crimes were discovered (if you are on Live TV, please play by the rules or risk getting the judge’s hammer).


The untold truth of Ax Men

When the History Channel decided to base a series around people cutting down trees, none of us could have imagined the colorful characters they’d introduce to the world. The excitement doesn’t end when the Ax Men cameras stop rolling, either. Here are just a few of the things the show’s producers didn’t catch on film.


James Frank Smith was Fighting the Law (Fraud)

Jimmy Smith was in some deep trouble with the police has he had netted over 50 thousand dollars in disability benefits (fraudulent ones, of course).

Jimmy Frank Smith was also collecting fraudulent monthly medical checks and benefits, as he claimed to be impaired in his neck, shoulders, arms, extremities and back.

This means he was unable to work, but in Ax Men he was always cutting down and carrying lumber around, something he shouldn’t be able to do.


Bart Colantuono’s Death: Heli Crashed

Ax Men’s stars are lumberjacks and work in the logging industry, so they are high risk professionals that have a high mortality rate.

This came true to one of the stars, Bart Colantuono, who was trying to lift lumber in Oregon.

He lost control of the Helicopter when, according to some eye witnesses, his chopper lost its rotor, although investigations are still being done.

Bart Colantuono died in 2013


Mike Pihl in Jail:

A convicted criminal once, Mike Pihl from Mike Pihl Logging flipped his jeep and injured 3 kids in the process (his children). The children got out mildly injured and he didn’t face charges.

Unfortunately for him he got charged with felony assault, found guilty and arrested.

We hope Pihl can stay out of jail this time around.



Katelyn Sims and Cystic Fibrosis

There are some loggers and stars collecting money from conditions they don’t have, like the alleged Fraudster James. On the other hand, Katelyn Sims has cystic fibrosis and has been fighting the terminal illness since she was four years old.

She is always undergoing treatments and working since being active and exercising (which she does a lot) increase her survival chances.

She has become quite the celebrity since Ax Men started, and she is using that newfound fame to spread awareness on Cystic Fibrosis throughout the world.

A badass, hot headed and virtuous lady indeed.                 


Roger Gunter, the Poacher

Roger Gunter from Chapman Logging was guilty of hunting without a license. Gunter is a monkey fisher, but before being that he was hunting… often without a license and illegaly.

Gunter was caught Poaching 6 different times, so he isn’t learning.           

Gunter the Poacher would be a cool nickname though


Loggers Claim Ax Men is Fake!

Ax Men has a lot of Fake claims looming over it, much like other reality tv shows like Theresa Caputo’s Long Island Medium (click to read them), Pawn Stars, The Curse of Oak Island and more.

This time around, some real-life loggers, like Archie Dass, tells the press that all of the cast would die in 15 minutes if they were logging for real with that technique.


Jay Browning is a Bit Cocky

Ax Men J.M. Browning Logging’s Jay Browning claims that the show is raising awareness for the logging industry and that according to his fans he is truly inspirational.

He even says there are fans throughout the nation wanting to move to Oregon just to log for him.

A bit cocky to say the least.


Judy Peres Reporter                                                                                                

If many of the loggers and stars up until now were criminals, violent dudes, or simply rough man, Judy Peres is a breath of fresh air.

Co-Owner of the Wisconsin Woodchuck along with David Hozza, she was a Reporter for the press company behind “Chicago Tribune”. She battled muscle cramps ahd blood pressure problems when she was on the job, but now that she tackled logging, her daughter claims all of the symptoms from those ailments vanished.


Shelby Stanga in Jail

Swamp Man Shelby Stanga was once in jain, convicted by cutting down his neighbor’s trees. Granted that this does not seem that bad, the charges were of vandalism and destruction of private property.

He was only arrested after 3 years of cutting down said trees, so he probably had forgotten about them by that date.


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