31 Facts on Danielle Colby: Photos, Bio, Info, Facts and More!

Today we are going over 31 different facts for this Antique Archaeology’s staffer and American Pickers star!

She began as a designer; she loves fashion, burlesque and women studies. Danielle Colby is more than meets the eye, and for that we had to create an in-depth article on all things Danielle Colby Cushman a.k.a. Dannie Diesel.

If you want to learn more about this TV Celebrity and burlesque super-star, then this is the article for you.

Danielle Colby has conquered the hearts of many, and these facts will prove she has the character to match that sexy figure.


Danielle Colby used to be a Clothing Designer:

If you think Danny has a knack for fashion, that’s because she really has one. Her first gig was at Gorilla Clothing, and she worked there as a clothing designer even though she never studied or trained in that area.


She Was Involved in Energy Healing:

If you don’t believe in these things and find them silly, you probably wouldn’t get an energy healing session with Danielle, but she offered them and believed in their power.

A bit too esoteric for our taste, but if you believe in it… it has a higher chance to work as part of the “placebo effect”.


Danielle Colby Loves Picking Information:

She loves working on the shop and appearing on the show, but the fact stands that the thing she says entices her the most is picking the story and info behind the items and people involved with them as she claims, just as Rick Lagina from Oak Island, that these things are not just treasure hunts but information hunts as well.


She Started Off Rough!

She wasn’t always the favorite of the show, and in fact started out with the wrong foot as the producer was refusing to film her for the show as the contract only specified Frank and Mike.

However, Mike explained her role in the show and the producers eventually agreed to let her come on… and it was the best decision they made!


Danielle Colby’s Epic “Gut Feeling”:

Mike says she is a great location picker and that she always picks great spots for them to scout.

We aren’t sure of how that works since the way the show runs has been proven to be fake, but I guess we can believe she really does the scouting.

If that is the case then she indeed has a good gut feeling as Mike and Frank state is the case. She often finds warehouses where big ticket items are stored… hopefully it’s not just a salted location.


Women Studies Reader: Enthusiastic Hobbyist!

Danielle Colby also stated plenty of times that she has countless hobbies, one of those being reading and researching things related to women studies.

She also added that if she has to pick between reading these books or going out to socialize, she will pick the book any day of the week.

Who would have thought?


Sage Advice: Consulting Colby!

People around her say she is highly valued for the advice she gives, and that people who know her come to trust her really quickly as she is a good friend to go to for all problems of live.

She says that her advice comes from the same place as her motto that states when you have a doubt, you should love.

The world is a grey place according to Danielle, as she is a firm believer that there’s no such thing as black and white.


What Would Danielle Colby Save in a Fire?

A reporter once asked that if a fire would break out in the store, what would the three of them – Danny, Frank and Mike – pick to save.

Mike said he would save his motorcycle, Frank stated the cash register was what he’d save and Dani claimed she would pick Mike, mocking his negligence-oriented personality.


Danielle Colby the Roller Derby Girl:

She has a roller derby team that was called “Big Mouth Mickies”. This is quite a baddass hobby if we may say so ourselves.

It’s definitely not on the same line as burlesque. While she did manage the team, play in it and claim a local trophy, she got injured and had to quit.

Sad tale…


Many Tattoos: Many Stories!

Danielle has a lot of tattoos as you probably have noticed by now. However, she says every single one of her tattoos has meaning and was the product of stories and thought.

She claims she has tattoos done that represent either lessons, memories or people, and the ones she really loves the most are those representing her children.


Dolly Parton and Meeting Her:

Dolly Parton was one of Danielle’s idol and she considered meeting the star a dream of hers. Dolly asked the show to find amusement park items and Danielle delivered the items to the country singer in Tennessee where she declared her admiration for her.


Producing Tempest Storm: Danielle Colby’s Documentary!

She produced this documentary about the burlesque dancer “Tempest Storm” (stage name of course) in 2016 and she enjoyed tremendous success, being even nominated to the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival and being praised by critics.

Something really cool for the burlesque industry which doesn’t often get the love it deserves.


Dannie Diesel: The Stage Name!

As you may know, Danielle Colby is a burlesque dancer, and as many of them she also has a stage name. This stage name appeared because she wanted to feel both sexy and powerful. Dannie is an obvious choice, and Diesel made her feel what she wanted the name to convey.

So this stage name was born.


Conservative Parents:

As you read that Danielle Colby is interested in women studies and considering her past as a burlesque dancer you may think her parents were free thinkers as well – but the fact is she had a very conservative upbringing.

Not only that, both her parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

However, instead of going to knock on other doors – forgive us for the joke – she started pursuing her own interests right from a young age, straining her family relations.


Another Tattoo Mention:

Danielle has also stated that many of her tattoos were done to remind her about people on her life that already died. People she considered important and loved but are no longer physically among us.

Colby claims her body is kind of a memorial, and she likes the notion of carrying those people on her the whole time.


What Does Danielle Colby Specialize In?

We all know that Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe specialize in different things. As such, they like to pick different places.

So, one should ask, what is Danielle’s specialty? What’s her kind of place to pick?

Well, not surprisingly, she likes antique costumes and vintage stage props. She has pieces from the 1800s and clothing accessories belonging to some stage legends.


What About the Place?

Well, where is the place she likes to work on? Where does she like to pick?

Our sources say that Danielle’s favorite spots are throughout the East Coast, because she says that’s where most of the fun is at.

However, she clearly states that this is for the US only since she prefers Paris over all – Paris has a huge burlesque and striptease story so it isn’t surprising she thinks about it like this.


What’s Danielle Colby’s Worth? Diesel’s Networth:

She is a successful businesswoman and a TV personality, so it isn’t surprising that she accrued quite a bit of wealth.

Her networth is estimated to be around $1.5 million dollars.


How Did Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby Meet?

They were friends for years even before the show. In fact, as of 2018, they know each other for 15 years.

They met at a garage sale where Danny was looking for something and Mike approached her, enticing her to buy the item she looked at right at that moment. “Time to buy is when you see it” – he said.


The Stress of Fame:

Kevin Coby was Danielle’s first husband, and while she states he was a five stars man, she adds that fame and being recognized wasn’t for him.

He wasn’t happy with having fans drooling over her everywhere he went either… and so this was one of the major reasons they divorced.


A Mother Above All:

Colby is a very proud mother and goes on about her children’s accomplishments a lot. In fact, she discusses her daughter’s musical talents often on her social media profiles.

Her daughter, who is named Memphis, plays a wide variety of instruments including piano and guitar, and the TV star says watching her daughter play always brings a tear to her eyes.


Enter Alexandre de Meyer:

Danielle found love again, and this love was named Alexandre de Meyer, a French Designer.

She got married again, but things were about to take unexpected turns.


Remarrying: What Else?

Danielle Colby got married again, this time with the French Designer. They were happy and since he was a creative person things were going very well as he understood her better and encouraged her creative side… but nothing is as perfect as it seems.


Co-Parenting with Alexandre:

Danielle lived in Chicago with her second husband, and she also was living with her two daughters and a niece. Alexandre co-parented the children with the TV star and helped her make a warm, stable family they were both enjoying until the unexpected turn of events came.


Expect the Unexpected:

The unexpected? Danielle now suddenly dating other people openly… and it appears to be always the same guy.

This new mystery man pops up everywhere on her social media accounts and this is even stranger because no divorce is heard of between her and Alexandre.


The Mystery Man: Jeremy Scheuch!

The mystery guy we’re talking about is named Jeremy Scheuch and he is the one popping in on her social media profiles since 2015. He looks like her second husband as they both sport the same body type, facial hair, style and even tattoo schemes.

It’s a bit weird, honestly.


What Now Danielle?

Colby now has two marriages that apparently went bad, so nobody knows what the future holds for this TV Personality.

Is this relationship with Jeremy Scheuch going to last? We can only speculate, as even though they look very passionate about each other… we all know that past behavior do predicts future behavior as far as these things are concerned.

Maybe she gets bored easily.


Danielle Colby as a Money Maker:

Her American Pickers salary is quite the stunner for most people. Reports on American Picker’s salaries state Danielle is making $150K per year.

One hundred and fifty thousand dollars from the show, when combined to her business income, is a good number to look at.

We think the number will increase as time goes by.


A Social Person & A Simple Woman:

Danielle doesn’t let her fame rise to her head and seems to keep a simple outlook towards life. She is used to being recognized and she appears to embrace it as she attends conventions and talks with her fan as much as possible, never denying autographs and pictures.

That’s something really good on a star!


A Pet-Pal!

Danielle is also a pet-pal as she deeply loves animal.

In fact, she is very active on charities and non-profits that dedicate themselves to protecting nature’s animals – she seems to specially love dogs.

She adopted quite a few dogs from PAWS (a non-profit), and also has been defending Pit-bulls and other “misunderstood” breeds.


4 Miles 2 Memphis:

Danielle Colby is interested in fashion, as we said throughout this article, and so you can’t be surprised when we tell you that 4 Miles 2 Memphis is her retro clothing boutique in Leclaire, Iowa.

If you visited it in Chicago, know that store close so she could move closer to her hometown of Davenport!


Facebook Banned Danielle Colby:

Facebook banned the TV Star because her pictures showed too much flesh for Zuckerberg’s taste.

Her burlesque photos triggered the ban, and we’re sure you know Facebook can be quite arbitrarious on what is allowed or not.

She is now on Instagram, a platform that allows that kind of content in a better way.



…And there you go, 31 facts on Danielle Colby you maybe didn’t know about. I’m sure you knew about some of them already… but I’m also sure I’ve at least introduced something new!

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