7 Facts You Don’t Know About PewDiePie:

7 Facts You Don’t Know About PewDiePie:

PewDiePie went to the Late Night Show, and Colbert – the host – said: “I want to thank the internet for permitting their emperor to be here this evening.” He was overreacting for sure, but thinking about it, if we had to elect a leader, PewDiePie—a.k.a. Felix Ulf Kjellberg— would be nominated by a lot of people.
The 26-year-old Swedish native claims more than 47 million followers on his YouTube channel (the next closest channel has 28 million), making him essentially the LeBron James, Katie Ledecky, and Tom Brady of YouTube.
Here are some of the gritty details behind the happiest star of YouTube.

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Forgot his first YouTube Channel Login Information:

When people know about him, they ask about his name meaning, It turns out, it doesn’t mean anything. “Perish” is, you know, die. PewDie was Kjellberg’s channel first name, which he established in December of 2006. Someplace along the way, the login information was forgotten by him, and he needed to begin another one in 2010.
After this, he started the PewDiePie channel —and he refers to himself in the video as “PewDiePie.”


Financial analysts Say PewDiePie is Underpaid:

$7.4 million looks like lots of cash to a college dropout. Hell, $7.4 million seems like a ton of money for 99% of the world. But according to some analysts, it is nowhere near what Kjellberg should be making per year. Time to go for numbers (we swear it is very interesting, thus do not glaze over like you’d in algebra course).
Michael Thomason of Forbes wrote, “Advertising analytics firm Emarketer estimated YouTube would get $5.6 billion from advertising revenue in 2013, about two-thirds of the $8.5 billion CBS brought in from advertisement revenue for its network television business.” That is less than half of PewDiePie’s subscriber base. Specialists estimate that CBS approximately earned $6.5 million per week on marketing sales in 1 week, so CBS got nearly as much as Kjellberg did in one year. Popular YouTube creators seem like they earn a lot of money for goofing around on camera, but it’s just an extremely small percent of what YouTube makes.


PewDiePie is Seriously Charitable and a Philanthropist:

PewDiePie has done a lot of good. He made a video two years ago announcing they made $1 million for charity, and the number undoubtedly is now much greater. His charity work has not been publicized by Kjellberg substantially, perhaps because he is averse to discuss money over the last two years after all the backlash from his private income.

Begged to be followed by Taylor Swift on Twitter:
He continued his tweet effort throughout 2014, additionally making Photoshop layouts and videos dedicated to her. At the beginning of 2015, it seemed as if he was preparing to toss the towel, threatening to become an Ellie Goulding lover if he wasn’t noticed by Swift. Finally, toward the end of January 2015, PewDiePie was finally followed by Taylor Swift’s Twitter. It occurred after he had tweeted two photos of them, side-by-side, comparing their fashion’s similarity.


PewDiePie and CutiePieMarzia met after she sent him a fan letter:
In 2011, Italian indigenous Marzia Bisognin, now known online as CutiePieMarzia, became comfortable with Kjellberg’s work when some buddies told her to go online to observe “this idiot playing video games.” She became taken by “this idiot” and wrote him a fan email. A flight to Italy was made, to meet that fan in real life.
Only a year later, Bisognin started a YouTube channel of her own and moved to Sweden. The two bounced back to Italy for settling with Maya, Edgar, and their two pugs.


He Was a Hot Dog Seller:

Before he captured the YouTube bug, Kjellberg went to the Chalmers University of Technology and graduated in industrial economics and technology management, which seems really serious for a man who often speaks in a cartoonishly high voice. His parents didn’t accept his change right away when he decided school wasn’t the path for him. “I wanted to get employment, and so I started working in a hot dog stand,” he clarified in one of his videos.


Planning on following his parents’ corporate footsteps:

Johanna and Ulf Kjellberg, Kjellberg’s parents, are both highly esteemed executives at their respective firms in Sweden. They expected him to follow their footsteps. Are you able to see him in a suit shouting orders around?
“My parents said that sitting at home playing video games all day won´t bring you anywhere in life,” he later remembered. “Thinking about it now, it was utterly ridiculous.

His family seems to have come around on his new career path: although his father still appears a bit camera shy, his mom and sister have made appearances on his YouTube channel.

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