5 Things About Cally-Jo Pothecary: MTV Just Tattoo of Us Sexy Tattoo Artist

About Cally-Jo Pothecary

Cally-Jo, the sexy female tattoo artist, was born in 1989 (so she’s 28 as of writing this article).

One of my favorite female tattooers along with Tattoo Baby, she was born in England where she lived with her brother and mother, Julie Myers.

She also had forty seven foster brothers and sisters who her mom adopted and cared for.


School and Formation:

Cally-Jo went to Foundry Lane Primary School and graduated Toynbee Secondary School.

After her basic and secondary studies were completed, she completed her course in Eastleigh College, and became a Fine Arts graduate from the Winchester School of Art.


Her First Tattoos:

She first started tattooing when her brother let her tattoo on him when she was only eighteen.

Professionally, her first tattoo related work was in a tattoo parlor in 2012. It was there that she started developing her biggest specialty of the Hearts and Skulls.

“Dragstrip” was the name of the business she worked on.


Tattooing Experience:

After working in Dragstrip, she started working in “Love Hate Social Club”.

She began building her reputation and this unlocked new opportunities that lead her to be able to work with big names like Ami James, Megan Massacre, Chris Garver and Lal Hardy.

Nowadays she owns her own business called “Grit N Glory”, a tattoo studio she runs along her partner Megan Massacre.

She tattooed several celebrities like Sienna Miller, Tim Howard, Slipknot and Rihanna.


Cally-Jo is Hot: Sexy Magazine Covers and Glamour

This hot tattoo artist was already featured in Chanel, Balmain, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Christian Dior, Total Tattoo Magazine, Freshly Inked Magazine, Things & Ink Magazine and more.

Her skill is great, but we’re sure her looks opened a lot of doors for her as well, as a beauty like hers is a rare find.


MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us and Cally-Jo: A Match Made in Heaven

The show “Just Tattoo of Us” is a hit, and it seems everyone there is sexy, from Charlotte to Jodie and Cally-Jo as well. Of course, girls can also find some hot guys there as well, but it is not up to me to judge… guys aren’t my thing.

You can spot her meaningful leg tattoo at times, as she has her grandmother’s portrait on her leg.


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