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Alex Lagina Death, Age, Networth, and FAQS

Is Alex Lagina Dead?

The way I knew of this was by searching for Alex Lagina on Google myself. I typed in Alex Lagina and the autocomplete feature suggested me results such as Alex Lagina death, dead, died on set, how did Alex Lagina died and so forth.

I was intrigued as I’m an avid fan of the Curse of Oak Island show / documentary, and so I researched to find out more.

So, is Alex Lagina dead? I thought it would be easy to debunk as these rumors come out all the time, but It’s really hard to tell and I’ll tell you why.

First of all, he was using his Instagram to promote the show, businesses, and just to post pictures and regular stuff… and he stopped doing that for about 34 weeks. Now, that’s a lot of time to be down.

He hasn’t appeared in public, and he hasn’t updated his social media.

I can’t find him, but on the other hand he wasn’t reported dead either.

Nobody knows, guess we’ll have to wait.

By the way, here’s his Instagram if you want to check out if there are news.

Is Alex Lagina Married?

Alex never mentioned a wife, so he is probably single. If you’re looking to marry him, then you probably can still get to him in time, though due to the last paragraph that can be challenging.

He hangs around Michigan and occasionally Canada, especially during filming times, so maybe check those places out and ask around.

Is Alex Lagina Single?

Alex, as we said, is probably single.

He never mentioned a wife, but he never mentioned a girlfriend either. Not even his social media has a girlfriend mentioned anywhere, or a girl in the photos consistently enough for her to be a girlfriend.

But, then again, a young guy millionaire can afford to be single if you catch my drift. I’m sure he’s not craving for companionship.

Is Alex Lagina an Engineer?

He did graduate in Engineering, but he isn’t working as an engineer, he is a General Manager of his father’s vineyard.

Of course, that now that the Curse of Oak Island on History Channel is a massive success, he is also a successful TV Producer, and he has amassed quite a little bit of wealth, being wealthier than his uncle Rick Lagina.

If you’re wondering what Rick does, he is a retired post office worker, so the money comes from Marty’s side.

Rick Lagina, however, is now estimated to have half a million in net worth due to the show.

Is Alex Lagina Marty’s Son?

Yes, Alex Lagina is Marty Lagina’s son.

You may have confused this case with Jack Begley’s one where he is only Craig Tester’s stepson, not a biological son.

As far and Alex and Marty Lagina go, they are biologically father and son.

What is Alex Lagina’s Networth?

Alex’s success is due to his father’s own. He got a lot of a headstart against everyone else thanks to being a millionaire’s son, but he did scale up that wealth a bit through his work.

People estimate him to have a networth of about $50 million dollars.

Not too bad for his age.

Who is Alex Lagina’s Father?

As stated above, Alex Lagina’s father is Marty Lagina, Rick’s younger brother and the Lagina from the show who doesn’t have a beard and wears glasses.

Who is Alex Lagina’s Dad?

Again, Marty. They are really similar to each other even, and I would say you can even see it on the parts of their hair turning silver, right at the sideburns, the same way.

But that nose and overall his face shape… no DNA test needed, they are definitely father and son.

I don’t know why I had so many people asking me this. Watching the show once is enough to get the answer, but I deliver.

Who is Alex Lagina’s Mother?

Alex Lagina’s mother is Margaret Olivia, Marty’s wife who adopted his surname becoming Margaret Olivia Lagina.

Margaret and Marty are married for a long time now, having over 40 years of marriage, which is wholesome.

How Old is Alex Lagina?

Alex Lagina is 32 years old, since he was born in the year of 1987

What Does Alex Lagina Does For a Living?

Alex Lagina studied while his father Marty had his oil and gas company they sold to CMS Electric. This sale got them $60 million dollars.

After he graduated, his father was already deep into his vineyard business. Alex went on to help his father by becoming the firm’s general manager.

Finally, he also works as a producer and excavation expert in The Curse of Oak Island.

How Did Alex Lagina Die?

Again, there have been a lot of rumors about Alex Lagina being dead. I addressed those rumors at the start of this article. It’s impossible as of now to know if he is alive or dead unless you know him personally or know someone he knows.

I wasn’t aware of the questions about Alex being dead until the first question was asked. This question sounds even more ominous.

I sure hope he is well.

Finally, note that there has been some speculation on whether the show The Curse of Oak Island is a hoax. I wager only a few people know if it is fake or not.

I’ve also wrote a piece about that, playing Devil’s advocate and argumenting that it is indeed a hoax.

Check it out here: Curse of Oak Island Fake

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