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American Pickers Cast: The Good, The Bad, The Unknown!

The American Pickers cast has been with us on the screens for quite some time now, and many people want to know more about Mike, Danny and Frank.

Sure, they also want to know about their net worth, their better halves, if the show is fake or not, but there’s so much to know we’ll write about the main things here and give you some likes at the end of the article for more in-depth info on them or the show.

If this looks like your cup of tea, you can start reading!


Mike Wolfe: The Lead Character?

Mike Wolfe is at the front and center of the American Pickers cast… after all, it’s his show!

He is married with Jodi Faeth Wolfe and already a father. He has been picking since he was young and had the idea to pitch the show… and the rest is history!

We’ve written about his similarities with other famous celebrities, we spoke about his wife and his family, and we even went in-depth diving deep into his early life and personal bio so we could write a huge post on the star.

If these are articles you’d like to read, then here they are:

Lately, he has been thinking about his family and the free time he has available, speculating whether the show must go on or not…


Frank Fritz: The Sidekick!

We mostly see Frank Fritz as a sidekick, and for good reason. While Mike is a picker since his early days, Frank Fritz is more of a hobbyist as he doesn’t pick professionally.

Although this is the case, we’re sure the $500,000 per season he gets per season are a good addition to his net worth, which we have discussed right here:

Frank is Mike’s childhood friend, they went to school together, but many people have been speculating their relationship has been deteorating as the show goes by, claiming that relationship souring is going to end the show eventually.


Danielle Colby: The Eye Candy!

Danielle Colby wasn’t even supposed to be on the show in the first place, in fact it was Mike who insisted the producers accept her on stage as he thought she could add a lot to the American Pickers Cast entertainment value.

This was a really good thing since fans instantly loved her and she became more and more prominent, getting more and more air time.

We wrote a HUGE in-depth article on Danielle with 31 facts many people ignore about her, but have a lighter version with 7 core facts you may enjoy reading about:

She is competent, mature and sexy… her hot body and her witty nature make her a great addition to the American Pickers cast.


We hope you now know more about the cast for the American Pickers and Ancient Archaeology.

Not only that, we gave you lots more to read if you’re interested in learning more. Finally, you can always leave a comment below and / or check out the articles our algorithm suggests you’ll enjoy.




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