An Interview With Nesma Younis: Our Adventure and RPG Contributor!

An Interview With Nesma Younis: Our Adventure and RPG Contributor!

An Interview With Nesma Younis: Our Adventure and RPG Contributor!

Nesma Younis is a 30-year-old gamer who started writing for as our in-house Adventure and RPG Contributor.

Throughout this Interview, we’ll get to know her better.



Carreira: So, tell us about your biggest gaming passions:

Nesma: That would be Romances, I am totally obsessed with the romance option in the games that have this, even if the game does not have any romance option, I find myself always Role-Playing as there is one happening behind the scenes, and if the game does have the romance option, you find me replaying this game over and over in order to experience them all or just to do the same Romance all over again, call me Romantic or girly but well, you asked


Carreira: In your opinion, what does an RPG need to be a great game?

Nesma: Because no one’s life is Perfect, and almost No one in this world have control over their the course of their lives, RPG games gives you the option to make decisions that you can see impacting the World soon after, making you gain control over your in-game life.

Not only that, but if you played the game to its end you can always have another play through where your actions and choices are totally different, giving a whole other outcome, RPGs in my opinion, are all about experiencing a world to its limits – a thing you can’t easily do in Real life.


Carreira: What is your all-time favorite game?

Nesma: Well, do you really have to ask, It used to be The Last of Us, but when Dragon Age Inquisition happened, It certainly became my Alternate Life =D



Carreira: What do you think we’ll see you write about?

Nesma: Most Probably it will be my experiences throughout the RPGs, I like to Immerse myself with the game I am playing, like I do a lot of Head Cannons and I Imagine myself the Hero and “What will I do if it was really me doing this or that”, so you will see a lot of personal opinions and experiences that are coming from someone who wears the Hero/Heroin shoes.


Carreira: What is the worst game you ever played?

Nesma: God, It was a game called Evolve, it was my Nightmare, a game without a Story WHATSOEVER you just shoot and shoot or if you play as a Monster, you just kill things, it was Horrible


Carreira: If you could recommend five games for your readers, what would they be?

Nesma: They would be:

  • The Last of Us
  • The Dragon age Series
  • The Witcher
  • Mass Effect Series
  • The Elder’s Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Borderlands

Ops, those are 6 Games, (actually they are more but let’s consider a Series is just one big 3 parts game)


Carreira: Thank you for your time Nesma, we’ll see you around as you post more great content.

What are your thoughts?