When Did Anakin Become Evil?

Anakin Skywalker was one of the strongest Jedi to have ever lived (we know he wasn’t the strongest but he was indeed powerful). Having said that, there is still a lot of debate about the turning point. The moment that led Anakin to become one of the strongest Sith to have ever lived (Again, not the strongest).

So, when did Anakin Skywalker become evil? We’re not sure there was a moment, as we think he went through several steps, but if there was a turning point, it has to be one of these moments below:


When He Became Sidious’ Apprentice

The first one is an obvious choice. Anakin became evil when he kneeled in front of Palpatine (Darth Sidious) and pledged his allegiance to him.

This is when Lord Vader first appeared and therefore must be the turning moment, right?

Well, consider the moments below before you claim this is when Anakin fell to the dark side.


He Became Evil When He Executed Dooku

Aaaah, nothing says evil like executing a bad guy with no trial, especially if he is the “last boss” kind of badnick who’s always trying to mess with your mojo right?

Well, this may be true, but consider the amount of lives Anakin took before that… why is this different?


When He Used Force Choke on Padme

Anakin Skywalker ultimately fell to the Dark Side because he wanted to prevent Padme from dying.

When you dedicate your life to protect someone, and when someone is the focus of all that love and you Force Choke them… you may have become evil!


When He Slaughtered the Sand People

This is the first time we get a glimpse on how rage and confusion can take over Anakin, as he slaughters not only the men, but the women and children as well.

Vengeance is a strong action, practiced by even good guys sometimes, but at this scale… genocide… Anakin may have just turned evil in this scene.


By The Time He Slaughtered the Younglings

If he wasn’t fully evil by now, Anakin had to descend really deep into the dark side’s evilness pit to find the strenght to kill the younglings, especially considering they were so darn cute!

We feel it in this scene, we feel the shame Obi Wan must have felt when he saw the footage of Anakin doing it… and it was one of the darkest moments of the young Skywalker’s and even Vader’s life.


When He Killed Mace Windu

He was standing there. He could have done nothing and let the Jedi win, or he could attack Mace and let Sidious win.

In the end, he opted to attack Jedi Master Windu, and he was responsible for his death even though Sidious struck the last blow.

This is when Anakin passed the point of no-return, so it’s another scene that may mark the moment Anakin became evil.


By the Time He Decided To Kill Obi Wan Kenobi

Finally, there aren’t enough words to express how ungrateful that fight seemed. Obi Wan was like his brother, his father and his priest… all combined!

In the end, Anakin chose to duel him, and even tried to kill him when Obi Wan had the high ground! The audacity!


When People Started Calling Him Annie

Who is the guy that endures being called a girl’s name through most of his life? He had to flick!


What’s your opinion? What was the moment Anakin became evil? Comment below with your opinion.

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