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Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord Best Archers and Ranged Units

Strongest Archers and Ranged Units in Bannerlord: Best Ranged Army

If you were looking for the ultimate Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Best Archers and Ranged Units of all-time list, then this is the in-depth guide you were looking for.

Since the first Mount and Blade game was launched, people have been addicted to the game, and part of that addiction stems from being able to watch as your army destroys armies of enemies double your size, sometimes triple or more.

One of the most satisfying feelings of all is to watch a line of archers utterly butcher a high-tier army in a few volleys, and that’s why I’m dedicating a whole article to the best archers and ranged units Bannerlord has to offer.

So, without further ado, let’s learn what units to recruit for having that overpowering feeling of commanding a little machine-gun army.

Best Bannerlord Foot Archer: The Battanian Fian Champion

This is hands down the most powerful archer the game has to offer if you don’t consider well-trained companions.

These are the elite foot archers in Calradia at that time, and if you manage to get a medium-sized force of these, you’ll be able to win battles without the enemy ever having the morale or numbers to properly engage.

The satisfaction you’ll have watching a line of these fire is second to none.

They come equipped with a very powerful and high-range longbow, as well as a set of heavy infantry armor, and they have a bow proficiency of 280, which is nearly double of the archer standing in second place, the Aserai Master Archer.

If you have an army of these guys, placed them in a line on high ground and you’ll simply shred armies left and right.

They will probably have a bigger range than your enemies’ skirmishers or archers, so they’ll force the enemy to come forward, exposing them further to the hail of arrows they’ll undoubtedly face.

If your army only has these guys, the only threat you’ll face is a top-tier shield wall or heavy cavalry charge, and even then most of them will die on their way to you.

If they manage to reach you, instruct the Champions to switch to the tight formation and the sides of the line will continue firing to the enemy flanks while the center will draw their broadswords and stall the enemy with their heavy infantry armors.

The only downside to this unit is that they are quite expensive, but if you are rolling in denars this is one of the best units in the game to have, and definitely the ultimate foot archer soldier you’ll ever have.

I’d like to give you a pointer:

– Have these guys as a defense for settlements and laugh from the walls as you simply destroy ANY attacking force.

These guys for defense is seriously an OP tactic, and it’s hilarious to watch. If you’re feeling down, try this and you’ll get better in no time.

Best Bannerlord Mounted Archers: The Strongest Mounted Ranged Units on Mount and Blade 2

There are two recommendations as far as mounted archers go in Bannerlord.

The first one is the Heavy Mamluke Cavalry.

These guys are the Aserai’s best on mounted ranged warfare, and they pack a serious punch, even being able to go melee if you require that of them, although I recommend not getting them into melee because of the unit’s cost.

If you are rolling on denars, I can see you having a full army of these just to troll the opponents, but I’m more of a fan of the full Battanian Fian Champion army.

The second option you have is the Khuzait Heavy Horse Archer, and while these seem to perform a bit worse when fighting melee, they are just as good if not a bit better mounted archers than their Aserai counterparts.

While testing both of them, the Aserai ones are better at melee and ranged the results were roughly the same, so I think it’s a draw simply because you can evolve Khuzaits as you go and they’ll ALWAYS be horse archers until reaching the last tier, while if you choose the Aserai, the path has you go through some melee soldier types before getting the ranged knights troop.

If you like mounted archers, consider stacking these two units, but I’m more of a foot archer guy, making an exception for the next unit of this list, which is…

Overall Strongest, Most Powerful Archer Unit on Bannerlord: The Companion

The overall strongest, most powerful archer in Bannerlord has to be a trained companion.

First of all, you can get him or her with the bow of your choice, which gives you a lot of options and empowers you to equip them with the best weapons Bannerlord has to offer.

On the other hand, this becomes even clearer if you add some mods that enable you to have more bows in the game, giving you more choices.

Finally, you can train your companions to have better skills and better perks than even the Fian Champion, being possible for you to surpass the 280 bow skill if you’re on a long run playthrough.

I personally use Fian Champions and make companions my ranged cavalry force as I can make them as Overpowered as Khuzait and Aserai Mounted Rangers while still having them be as heavily armored as the most elite foot soldier, making them truly versatile powerhouses.

I hope you liked our article on the strongest, best, most powerful archers in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, and that you now have the info you were looking for to steamroll through your superior ranged forces.

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