Where to Find Bannerlord Encyclopedia:

The hidden encyclopedia doesn’t seem to be anywhere, and opening it up has you go through hoops and loopholes to get there, but there’s a hotkey.

We have all experienced the moment in which a quest sends you somewhere or you have to know where someone is stationed only to find out we can’t for the life of us find the Bannerlord encyclopedia.

Well, I made this article just because it kept annoying me, and not knowing what the hotkey was didn’t help me.

Fortunately, I could always find a way around it by clicking dialog boxes and so forth, but here’s the rundown so you don’t have to.

M&B Bannerlord GUI Isn’t Helping You? Here’s How to Get to the Encyclopedia:

The elusive Bannerlod encyclopedia button is hidden from view. So much so that players have been going crazy on the message boards opening new topics again and again with the same old question that brought you here today.

Having said that, the encyclopedia can be pulled up like this:

– Wrong, as it turns out you don’t have a button for it and that’s why you’re here.

Luckilly, there’s a hotkey, which is the “N” key – “they don’t call it the n-cyclopedia for nothing”.

It’s a shame the devs didn’t think to add a button for it, and hopefully by the time you’re reading this they pushed a new patch with it already.

Bannerlord’s Encyclopedia Hotkey: Get There Quickly, Like in the Old Days

Back in Bannerlord we could navigate at ease and find the Lords, Villages, Troop Trees and everything with a tap of a key or with a click. With the Bannerlord Encyclopedia you do have the hotkey “N”, but this shortcut is the main path as the encyclopedia seems to like to hide right when you need it, and open up randomly when you don’t want it there.

A flaw of the game to be sure, makes no sense to me.

What Does Mount and Blade II’s Encyclopedia Entail? Here’s Why You Want to Use It

You want to use the encyclopedia in Mount and Blade II because it allows you to see the villages, settlements, lords, cultures, settlement types, lord relations, gender filtered heroes and lords, filtered info, hero occupations, troop types and so on.

Not only that, but certain features can only be fully used by checking the encyclopedia regularly.

Concepts are also cleared up in the encyclopedia as well, so when in doubt that’s the document to check.

To sum it up, don’t forget to press the N key next time you need to check this handy feature, and mark it down because you’ll be needing this hotkey a lot, especially since the developers didn’t yet add the buttons for it in an easy to spot place.

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