Great Mount and Blade II Bannerlord Mods You Have to Try:

Here are some Mount and Blade Bannerlord Mods to Spice Up Your Game and Take It to the Next Level.

If you love Mount and Blade and its sequel, Bannerlord, then you probably know this is a game really made great by the awesome modding community it has and you’re in the lookout for some Bannerlord mods.

I’ve compiled a list of the best mods, and I tried to feature a bit of everything so there are Bannerlord mods for every different Mount and Blade player out there.

If you’re searching for what mods to check out and download, then read this article as we have a couple of amazing suggestions.

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Getting the Best Bannerlord Mod List:

There are a lot of mods already, but if you’re looking for that “ultimate” mod list, then I regret to inform you it’s too early for that.

However, I’ll try my best to provide you with some amazing mods to install and give your game a bit of extra depth.

The mods I’m going to mention will allow you to spruce up:

  • Character Creation;
  • Settlement Quality of Life;
  • Fighting and Gameplay;
  • Features and Perks;
  • Kingdom Managing.

If this sounds good, keep on reading.

Detailed Character Creation: By Popowanobi

This mod allows you to create your characters with a bit more freedom. You can now change the muscle tone, the weight and your age in a lightweight manner and with more customization options for you to use.

This mod is available via auto installer so you don’t need to be tech savvy to have it, and it also doesn’t break the saves on your game when the game gets updated, which is great.

You can also rename people like NPC Wanderes and even some Nobles.

Definitely a good pick if you want more freedom for your character.

Settlement Icons: By Pyrokinesis

This mod adds a lot of quality of life improvements to settlements by giving you icons on top of their names.

These icons will allow you to decide where to go on the fly, and it makes your journeying much more goal-oriented and interesting.

The crown icon, for example, will tell you if the settlement has any recruitable noble troops or not. There are other icons, like the blue exclamation quest mark telling you that you can pick up a quest on that city or two, as well as a Viking Bracelet to notify you if any tournament is available for you to enter.

This means you can now scan the map to find out where to head next, as you can see where to get quests, where to enter tournaments and even what settlements to conquer to get unique troops.

Cut Through Everyone: By Xorberax

This mod is constantly being used throughout the community’s videos and nearly everyone uses it for spectacular fights.

This mod makes it possible for weapons to cut through enemies like butter, and you’ll be able to kill multiple peasants with one mighty blow.

There’s not much else to say about this mod, other than if you install it be sure to grab a Falx and run swinging among a mass of enemy archers once, I guarantee it’s lots of fun.

Hideout Player Party Limit Removed: By leoHarlequin

This one isn’t one I use because it feels a bit like cheating, but I know countless people use and enjoy it, some never playing without it.

If you want to bring your army into the bandit hideouts to show those bandits who’s boss, then this is the mod you’ve been looking for.

Why should you be limit in how many man you’re taking with you if you’re paying for them all?

Know that you can also use the mod options to limit the number of people you take to a certain limit, so you can go halfway if you want.

Character Export Import: By Femos

Exporting and Importing a Character in Bannerlord wasn’t made possible by default, but you can now add that functionality via modding.

This character export and import mod by Femos allows you to add the much desired exporting and importing characters feature you were used to in the old Mount and Blade games.

If you’ve been looking for a mod that does just that, then look no further.

Buypatrols: By BasilPanda

Maintaining a healthy economy is important, but there’s a lot of strange stuff if you consider the vanilla Bannerlord experience.

Let me ellaborate: Sometimes your villages and towns are struggling to prosper and yet YOU have thousands upon thousands of denars.

This makes no sense. Why should you need to hoard all of the gold when you’re the lord of some lands and sometimes a huge kingdom that needs to be protected?

This mod changes that and allows you to invest into the defense of your kingdom.

You can now buy patrols for settlements you own to keep them safe.

You can hire from 16 men patrols to 48 men warbands, but of course the bigger patrols move slower.

These patrols are, however, faster than regular armies.

This increases their survivability a bit and makes it so they can catch those pesky bandits raiding your villagers.

Other lords can also hire patrols, and they will pay for them with their own money so it is balanced.

The Best Bannerlord Mod Compilation:

Like I stated earlier, the modding community for Mount and Blade Bannerlord is still in its early days, and the modding tools are still not fully released so we can only hope that changes fast as to really get those great mods we are all waiting for.

I’m talking about Prophecy of Pendor, The Third Age, Game of Thrones, Floris, and all of those great legends we just need to have in Bannerlord.

Now, when those come out, I’ll make a “Best Bannerlord Mods Compilation”.

Bannerlord Mods Are Still Too Few: But It Will Change

As stated earlier, there are still too few mods that can give us the experience we’ve been having with the long established Warband, but that will change as soon as the modding tools come out (developer tools).

When these come out, there is no limit to what can be achieved, since the base game has more features than Warband and we all know how easy is to get Warband massively expanded in its gameplay.

Only time will tell when an amazing game M&B Bannerlord will be, but I certainly anticipate a massive experience.

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