Best Gaming Mouse: July 2019

Best Gaming Mouse: July 2019

Sometimes making the right choice can be tricky being that there are so many brands and models of mice to play that are appearing over the years. And the idea that the high price means more quality, is already starting to fade.

Here we will have some options for certain specific criteria.

Best gaming mouse: Glorious Model O

glorious model o

Glorious is a new gaming mouse that has arrived to show its value. It is a lightweight product, also included RGB lighting and six buttons, an awesome swipe detection software, and despite its unvulgar design, the mouse is very comfortable for the hand.

Although the mouse is not wireless, the lightness of the cable will make you feel that it doesn’t even exist.

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse: SteelSeries Rival 110

steelseries rival 110

The rival 110 is a mouse for medium-sized hands. It has a low weight and its construction in plastic and rubber make the mouse comfortable. The sensor has also been improved against the previous SteelSeries model. They also included RGB lighting and six buttons, which are two points that everyone seeks.

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse: Corsair IronClaw RGB Wireless

corsair ironclaw rgb wireless

While the wireless gaming mouse doesn’t have a good past, due to latency in your game, the Corsair promises to solve the problem of using a wireless gaming mouse. The first wireless mouse of the Corsair was the Harpoon and now we have the evolution: IronClaw. This mouse weighs around 130 g, but your sculpted form is ideal for Palm grips, especially in a higher DPI setting unlocked by optical sensor PWM3391. He has a total of 10 buttons that can be reprogrammed on iCUE software. In terms of battery life, we have 50 hours of use with the lighting switched off, and about half of the mouse lights are connected. A characteristic that is appreciated in these new wireless mice Corsair, can switch between wired, 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth, allowing them to be used with phones and tablets as easily as PCs.

Best Premium Gaming Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless

logitech g pro wireless

G Wireless Pro is the best mouse game on the market in all respects, except in price. Game wireless mice can ward off some people due to concerns about latency in play, but it is so quick to give a response in-game like the mice that have yarn. For the mouse it is, it weighs more or less 80 grams, but it holds about 48 hours with the RGB lights switched on, and almost twice the hours with the lighting turned off. Its long-lasting battery is due to a highly efficient and accurate optical sensor. This precision, combined with the mouse with a simplified shape, low weight and lack of cable, makes the G Wireless Pro a pleasure to use for gamers, even in the most demanding and competitive titles.

Most Comfortable Gaming Mouse: Logitech G502 Lightspeed 

logitech g502 lightspeed

The Logitech G502 is one of the favorites of the  “population ” Gamer due to its ergonomic shape, infinite scroll wheel, and eleven programmable buttons. This makes the G502 Lightspeed, the newly released wireless version, an easy recommendation and quick choice by consumers. The new G502 is as reliable and responsive as the previous wired model, thanks to Logitech’s excellent optical sensor and the namesake Lightspeed wireless technology, and it can still be lighter than the original, although you can add extra weight, it all depends on your preference. Briefly, we are talking about a fast and comfortable mouse, suitable for both games and productivity. The battery life is optimal with an autonomy of 48 hours with illumination and 60 hours without illumination, and you can use the mouse for 2.5 hours with the charging of five minutes.

What are your thoughts?