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Can Dragon Ball Z Beat Marvel? Z Fighters Vs. Heroes and Villains

Can Dragon Ball Z Fighters beat Marvel Heroes and Villains? What Universe is the strongest?

Throughout the years we’ve been seeing a lot of questions like these, and we already tackled some of them on our posts:

Characters who can beat Goku;

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But the truth is we’ve been looking forward to combining these two universes, make a battle royale and see which of them comes out on top.

Without further ado, let’s tackle this post.

can dragon ball z beat marvel

Marvel Has a Chance: But Conditioned By Weapons

One of the things we’ve got to consider is that Dragonball Z fighters are very powerful, many of them having the power to destroy entire planets and some even Universes.

Having said that, there are some Marvel characters who have the same power, but one thing we discovered while writing this article is that Marvel is surprisingly dependent on weapons.

We even started including DC heroes and villains into the mix at one point, so you’ll see me mentioning one or two, but it’s largely the same problem.

For instance, Iron Man and Batman need their weapons, there are also a couple of overpowered shields, God hammers and stuff like that, not to mention Infinity Stones and God Tier items.

For that reason, Marvel has a chance to win, but only if weapons are allowed.

If the only thing that is allowed is your body, then we think Dragonball would definitely win.

Talking About Dragon Ball Z Vs. Marvel: No Weapons Means Z Fighters Win

If we’re considering no weapons are allowed, that also includes those God Tier items like the Infinity Stones and even Batman’s utility belt.

Weapons that are part of the body are allowed, so Wolverine wouldn’t have to cut his nails to get into the fight.

Considering this, we’re taking away a lot of what makes heroes and villains from the Marvel world powerful.

Most heroes and villains have unique or trademark items that help define them and make them recognizable.

We all love seeing the weapon in action mid-fight and being able to tell: Oh great, X hero is intervening.

However, that wouldn’t benefit the Marvel Universe at all.

On the other hand, if weapons can be used, Marvel has a lot of options to win the battle.

thanos marvel vs goku dragonball z

Mind Powers Don’t Work on Some Z Fighters: Goku is One of Them

Well, before you scream Dark Phoenix, Professor Xavier, and so on, know that there are some telepaths and psych-based villains in Dragonball and those have shown mind attacks don’t work on some of the more dense characters in the saga, like Goku.

So, whenever one of these was going to fight, Goku would step up the plate and melt them before they can overrun his defenses, which seem to be impervious to mind blasts, tricks, infiltrations and attacks.

We can arguably say psychic combat works some way in the Marvel Universe and a different way on Dragonball, but to keep it factual we’ve looked at the few psychic examples in Toei Animation’s work as well as Toriyama’s work to base this paragraph upon.

dragonball z marvel drawing

Can Dragon Ball Z Beat Marvel? A Surprising Conclusion About Conditions

The conclusion isn’t clear especially if we consider other conditions.

I was surprised that the characters themselves would influence the outcome less than the conditions themselves.

What would the arena look like?

Icey sub-zero temperatures? Lava World with a temperature able to melt steel beams?

Would the arena have Gamma Radiation?

Also, the weapons and amplifiers, the legendary items.

There are so many conditions to discuss that we cannot say for sure.

In conclusion, this is a hard question to answer, but if the conditions are a temperature level room with no obstacles and no weapons allowed, DragonBall Z would win against Marvel.

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