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Cardi B No Makeup Pictures and Moments: How She Looks Without Makeup

Cardi B No Makeup photos aren’t rare, but since she uses so much makeup you may be shocked at the star’s natural looks.

Cardi B no makeup is a topic being searched around on search engines for a long time now as she wears a lot of cosmetics and nobody sees her natural look when she’s working.

However, we found plenty of pictures of her without these cosmetics on, so you can see how she looks naturally and how she would look like if she was one of the average Janes of the world.

If you’re curious to see it, then scroll down and look at some of the best pictures we collected as they will definitely make you relate more to this iconic celebrity.

Among the collection are some photos in which the idol is shopping, traveling, or simply walking where there were paparazzi nearby.

If you know her, you know she likes to dress up and she is quite bold in her looks and choices, even wearing wigs often and synthetic nails and eyelashes to boot.

It’s no wonder why many people are curious and want to find out how she looks like underneath all of that, so we got you served!

Cardi B Makeup-Free Story: Spontaneous and Natural Instagram Posts

I highly respect the celebs who can post their stories naturally and makeup-free as it shows they are confident and aren’t afraid to look too “mundane” or “ordinary”.

Cardi doesn’t seem self-conscious at all, and she doesn’t shy away from showing who she really is. In this picture we’re showing, we’re showcasing one of her Instagram stories she did in which you can see she is tired and looks natural – she is human after all.

I’m sure many women can identify more with her looking this way, and it is nice knowing even gorgeous celebrities have a lot of imperfections… that’s part of being flesh and bone anyway, so it’s a relief to be able to observe this.

A Run-in the Shopping Center: Bare Face and Fit Body

By looking at this picture of Cardi B, we see that she is all natural looking while shopping.

Of course, we don’t expect her to put on her shows’ looks to grab a new piece of clothing, but the way she is in this picture shows that even naturally she looks kinda hot.

She is dressing a mini dress and she isn’t spruced up – you can see she isn’t well dressed, she didn’t do her hair and she is wearing some sandals, but she can’t disguise her curves under that dress, which is a great look at how looks don’t care much about clothing choices and some people look good in anything.

A Happy Husband and a Makeup-Free Cardi Just Chilling:

Everyone feels like chilling with their better half from time to time, and these pictures of Cardi B’s husband with her during a practice break look really cool.

The couple is married right now and so far everything seems to be going steady which is refreshing to see as many relationships of celebrities like these are usually full of obstacles and rocky all the way.

It’s heartwarming to see the cumplicity of an apparently “normal” couple.

Cardi B Flying Without Makeup: But That Blue Hair Looks Good

She was going to catch a plane in this picture, and she is known to travel without cosmetics on and sporting her natural looks.

Her hair isn’t really hers if you’re wondering, and it’s a long and colorful wig so she at least puts on a wig while traveling, even though she leaves the makeup inside her luggage.

She also has some nails on with that eccentric look that is so typical of her, look at that.

Cardi B Daughter Kulture: Taking Her Kid to Disneyland

No matter how famous you are, you won’t get rid of taking your kid to Disneyland, that is something all kids regardless of social statuses or net worth ask of their parents.

Cardi took her daughter Kulture to Disneyland, and she looks like a typical mom on a trip while doing it, skipping the makeup and wearing mom clothes.

How cute is she with the Minnie Mouse accessories? Her daughter Kulture loved it and so did we.

Long Shocking Nails: Bare Face with a Bit of Spice

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that it isn’t that rare to spot a picture of Cardi B without makeup, but one thing is for sure – you’re going to have a really difficult time spotting a picture of the star without those signature long fake nails.

In this picture, she has glam nails but a bare face, and this is the most common informal style she sports, so if you find her without these nails you’ve found a rarity indeed.

Cardi B Doing Her Nails: Take Out Food on the Go

Cardi goes to her nail salon looking like her natural self and putting no makeup on whatsoever. However, we can tell she is a busy woman as she is often multitasking in her photos. This time, she took out some food to eat while she was waiting to ensure she got the most of her time while waiting for her nail appointment.

A rare picture of her without her signature nails, but we’re sure she will come out of the salon with her signature claws afterward.

A Bare-Faced Super Star: A Shockingly Colorful Wig with a Natural Look

Cardi B sports her natural look while wearing a really strongly colored wig and we love her for it. She often goes out without makeup but you can see that nails and wig are usually present so she never ever truly looks “bland” unless she’s at home like on the first picture we shared of her Instagram Story.

She is a rapper that also teaches girls that they don’t always have to look their best to be dubbed as a beauty.

This Time It Was Twitter: A Natural Cardi B with a Natural Smile

She is smiling so genuinely in this Twitter post, and with her genuine looks as well. She doesn’t have any cosmetics on other than, you got it, her nails.

She is sharing one of her many private moments with her fans, acting naturally and cool, which is something that people who don’t really know Cardi would never say she does from the way she usually looks.

It’s really refreshing to see her just chilling at home and sharing moments of genuine happiness and relaxation with fans.

Self Confidence Isn’t For Everyone: But She Has It!

You can see how confident she always looks and how cool she can be while wearing a full tracksuit and biting her nails – something you typically associate with low self-esteem.

This just goes to show you that it is all about how comfortable you feel in your own skin and that confidence can make you look way better than most.

Cardi Shopping With a Questionable Outfit:

She is so badly dressed on this one we’re not even going to try to disguise it. I don’t know what motivated her to choose this wardrobe but she was probably on one of those “take this paparazzi” days.

She looks comfortable at least, but to match up with the comfortable outfit she has her bare face, no makeup on.

No Makeup On Her Face: Instagram Story Ranting Again

Her skin has good color and uniformity, so she can do these Instagram story rants without makeup and not much is lost due to the absence of acne and other problems some other divas have.

She has a fresh look and her real face doesn’t look that much older than her makeup filled visage, so there’s that.

Can You Relate to Cardi B: Check This Out

Of course, Cardi is rich and famous and probably you can’t relate to her bank account but as far as her personality is concerned I’m sure many of you are relating to her already.

Her social media following gets to see how human she is, and she often makes us feel like she is just like us in every way, though looking carefully we can spot some differences.

Cardi B Makeup-Free: How Is That For a Rhyme?

This picture was taken before she entered a plane too, so she is traveling and as such has no cosmetics on.

The difference from other trips is that she isn’t sporting a wig this time, and goes with her natural hair showing.

However,  she still has the long nails, which makes it seem like Cardi doesn’t have nails of her own to show, although we know that is probably not the case.

Becoming Cardi B: Makeup Tutorial Picture

This is a photo we took from the video Cardi has where she starts with no makeup and shows how she applies the cosmetics on her face to become the icon you know and love.

You can see the work she puts into it and the skill she has to transform her looks and get that stage appearance many came to recognize.

She also looks very young in this natural photo, and you can see how the looks change with even a few lip liner strokes and lashes.

Were you surprised to see how Cardi B looks without makeup on? Did you already know she was as relatable as these pictures make it seem?

We now hope you know more about this iconic and mysterious star which seems totally human and relatable once you start following her on Social Media, unlike many other rapper colleagues of hers.

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