Care For Your Computer During The Highest Temperatures

Care For Your Computer During The Highest Temperatures

Summer is the hottest season of the year. So far no news. However, it seems that every season, it comes even more heated. Take plenty of liquid, maintain a light and healthy diet, use sunscreen; These are just some of the cares that we all already know we should take in these months of too much heat. But it’s not just us, our computers are also suffering from high temperatures. So we listed here some care you need to have with your machine during the summer and thus extend the lifespan of it for many seasons.

The CPU location

One of the first precautions to be taken is relative to the CPU location. Air inputs and vents must become unobstructed, away from surfaces such as walls or other furniture, otherwise, any impediment of air circulation will cause the internal cabinet temperature to increase. It is also important that the cables located on the internal part of the CPU are trapped and organized. The high volume of loose cables within this space can prevent full air circulation.

Watch out for the COOLER

Do you have a habit of verifying how your computer’s processor cooler works? If not, then now is the time to put this practice in your care routine with your machine, especially during the summer. For those who do not know, the cooler is that “Ventiladorzinho” that is located inside the CPU. It is important to keep it always clean since its function is to improve air circulation and avoid overheating of the inside of the machine. If it is too dirty, in addition to compromising the operation, it can still end up causing some future damage. In addition to the fan, there is the heatsink that is also part of the cooler and needs to be cleaned so that the air passes more easily through it and thus better cools the processor.

Turn off your computer (including to save power)

This tip is worth taking care of in heat, but it also serves to save energy. Avoid leaving your computer connected when it is not being used. Immediately, this practice can avoid overheating of the machine. After spending hours with the PC turned on (and throughout this period the processor should warm up a lot), keeping it off for some time will cause the CPU to cool, even avoiding that the machine burns on account of excess heat.

Cleaning is important

pc dirt

Over time, the accumulation of dust inside the CPU is normal. What is not normal is to think that all this filth will not harm your machine. As already said, when the parts of the inside of the cabinet are dirty, it ends up compromising the air circulation.

Thermal Paste

The thermal folder is an extremely important item for the computer. Usually, it is located between the heatsink of the cooler and the processor, and its main function is precisely to increase the grip between these two components so that the refrigeration happens more efficiently.  It is worth remembering that: avoid leaving your thermal plate within reach of children and animals, because it is highly toxic and cannot be ingested.

Voltage Adjustment

Voltage adjustment is a more advanced and complex procedure to be done, so it should be performed only by those who understand what they are doing. When done correctly, this setting causes the power consumption of the machine to decrease and consequently, it will generate less heat and require much less of the fans.

A complicator factor overvoltage adjustment is that the hardware manufacturers ‘ industry does not obey a naming standard. Therefore, each card ends up having its configuration options and you may want to fetch a lot of information before changing these values since a wrong configuration can cause instability.

pc overheat


Important to say that in notebooks we have to have the same care, but unlike the desktops, it requires technical assistance so that it does not cause any damage to the equipment. And because it is a more compact refrigeration system, it soiled in less time and the air vents become obstructed and may cause more serious problems.

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