Carla Rebecca Rushing Bio, FAQs and Net Worth: Cody Lane

Carla Rebecca Rushing, also known as Cody Lane, retired. There are lots of different things to know about her, including Bio, FAQ, and Net Worth.

Carla Rebecca Rushing retired recently, in 2010, so there are still lots of videos of her around the web – granted most of them are under the name of Cody Lane, her stage name.

Throughout this article, we are going over some information on her, as well as go over how rich she is, where was she born, alongside other trivia you as a fan can probably appreciate.

So, without further ado, read below for more info on Carla Rushing.

Carla Rebecca Rushing Net Worth: How Much is Cody Lane Worth?

She wasn’t in the industry for a long time as she started shooting adult stuff in 2006 and retired in 2010.

However, she did have a good job as an exotic dancer beforehand, so she was already banking on her looks.

Experts estimate that Cody Lane is worth around $300.000, or three hundred thousand dollars. Not too much, but definitely above many others.

Carla’s Trademark Look: What Cody Lane is Known For

Cody was known for her piercings on the nose and on the lower lip, as well as being featured in Evil Angel, New Sensations, and Hustler.

She is kind of a celebrity, as many know her as soon as they see her, and she even worked as a model as well.

On the other hand, her rise to fame was quicker than most other stars on her niche, which is certainly cool.

Cody Lane Background: Carla Rebecca, the Villager

Cody was a village girl like many of us. She was born in Kentucky, specifically in Louisville.

She was always interested in the “artistic” aspects of life, and so her career progression just went naturally.

However, she spent a lot more time working as a vanilla professional than as an adult one, even though she made most of her money in the later activity.

We now hope you know a bit more about Carla Rushing, a.k.a. Cody Lane, and that you now know a bit more about how much she made during her “run”.