Chinese Scientists Develop Sonic Weapon
September 27, 2019

China has faced a strong contestation in Hong Kong. Thousands of pro-democracy protesters have, several weeks ago, invaded the streets spreading chaos. In order to remove the radical groups, the forces of authority have resorted to rubber bullets, tear gas … Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha

At the Xiaomi event, it was promised that it was his big entry into the 5G Era. The expectations were turned to the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha and it seems that the Chinese managed to surprise. Mi MIX Alpha enters … Continue reading

iOS 13 – Low Data Mode

iOS 13 is now available for everyone with iPhone (supported models)! iOS 13.1 and iPadOS are already scheduled for September 24th. Regarding iOS 13, the news was many. Highlight the Dark Mode, for the speed of application execution, for the … Continue reading

Everything new on Netflix in October
September 19, 2019

Every month Netflix users want to know what’s on their favorite series and movie platform. Some out of curiosity, others simply because they want to know if it’s worth paying for this month’s subscription. And we’re here to make your … Continue reading