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Charles Barkhouse Net Worth, Mason, Templar, Age, Secrets, and FAQs

How much is Charles Barkhouse net worth? What is his role with the freemasons and templars? What’s his age, weight, height? Who is Charles married to? Where did he get his education?

These and more questions are answered in this article about one of the most mysterious figures from the TV Reality Show documentary The Curse of Oak Island.

If you want to discover more about Oak Island’s most prominent historian or if you want to unravel some of his secrets, then this is the article you want to read.

How Much is Charles Barkhouse Net Worth?

How much is charles barkhouse worth?

Well, if you’re looking for the answer to this question, the estimate sits at about 5 million dollars, which is based on estimates of what is known about him.

I’m sure you know how mysterious he is, so his net worth may be even higher, but certainly not lower than the five million.

Certainly, a number that catches some people off guard, but it is to be expected since he really seems an influential man, well beyond any possessions he might have. Definitely one of the most secretive cast members from the Curse of Oak Island.

How Old is Charles Barkhouse and Where Is He From?

If you’re wondering about his age and height, as well as where did Charles Barkhouse’s education came from, then know there is a lot more to be said in this section as our research pointed out some cool things.

First of all, let’s address the fact that Charles’ grandmother was already living in Oak Island, and he is from Nova Scotia, growing up there and in Oak Island as well.

Some fan theory makers already declared that this can only point out to the fact the Barkhouse family is secretly guarding the treasure considering their connections with the freemasons, an organization that descends from the Knights Templar family.

However, this is only a theory.

When we search for Charles Barkhouse’s height and weight, we also find out that he is among the only cast members whose info is so hard to uncover we can’t even find out about these two demographic data points.

We wrote about other cast members already and we found their info with no problem, but with Barkhouse even the simple things prove to be a challenge to discover, he’s really private.

Is Charles Barkhouse Married: His Wife or Girlfriend

Unfortunately, another point where we couldn’t find out the real information.

He does have a Facebook page and we uncovered that everyone simply loves his tours, but that’s about it.

He is described as someone who does know tons about the island and the way he gives his tour makes visitors perceive that as he simply gives out a lot of knowledge you don’t stumble upon during the show, and the customer reviews from the Oak Island Tours are all raving about how awesome he is and how much he knows… but nobody saw a wife or evidence of one.

However, I don’t see him being a bachelor for some reason… he doesn’t strike me like that and the fact that he is a freemason and templar make me think he must have strong family values meaning he probably keeps those details secrets as much as he does with everything else it seems. (Other than the fact he is a templar and mason, he makes that pretty obvious).

What Does Charles Barkhouse Do For a Living and What Did He Study?

If you’re wondering about Charles Barkhouse’s education, know that he studied History (unsurprisingly).

He claims his grandmother was the one to make him aware he was passionate about this subject as she kept giving him books and pieces talking about the Island’s past.

His friends living on the island also kept him interested in it – and maybe his connection to secret societies helped out as well, we can only speculate.

On the other hand, as far as his work life is concerned, he is a historian and studying the island all of his life – but he is mostly earning his income from the show now as he is one of The Curse of Oak Island’s production consultants and he owns part of The Oak Island Tours, where he works as a tour guide, making a pretty penny.

Charles Barkhouse Freemason and Knights Templar Secrets: Is He Really a Member?

Well, it’s no secret that Charles is indeed a Knights Templar (belonging to one of the dozens upon dozens of branches claiming they are the real templars), and a member of the Freemasonry.

This is what makes his interest in the Mystery of Oak Island so interesting.

Apart from the fan theory claiming he is guarding the treasure and ensuring the Laginas or anyone else fails to find it while still giving some pieces of evidence to keep the mystery interesting and therefore enrich himself and probably other masonry members, these secrets give us a lot to consider.

Is he guarding the treasure indeed? Or is it something else he’s trying to do?

Perhaps he knows exactly what is hidden in Oak Island as he is a high degree mason, and the Masonry wants to recover whatever it is the Rosicrucians and their ancestors the Templars stashed there.

Perhaps he is helping the Laginas to discover where is the treasure hidden, and he will uncover it first for the masonry while convincing Rick and Marty they just missed it.

Whatever is his endgame, we can definitely say Barkhouse is a mystery, but he has that shady aura around him that makes us think he is definitely up to something, good or bad we can’t tell – but definitely a secret!

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I’m definitely intrigued myself.