How to Cheat in Naruto Online Legally: Get a Leg Up on Your Ninja Journey

If you’re looking for the best way to jumpstart your Naruto Online Ninja Journey, then know you can cheat in Naruto Online in a legal way.

The Naruto Online game from Oasis is a highly addicting game for any true Naruto fan, and it is highly competitive with a lot of different hall of fames and scoreboards, so people are always on the lookout for ways to gain an advantage, and that’s why Naruto Online cheats are so sought after.

Having this in mind, you won’t find any cheat or generator for the game, but there are some legal ways to “cheat” the game to get the upper hand, and this post is about what you have to do to get an unfair advantage without spending a dime.

Beware of the Naruto Online Ingot Generator Scam:

If you’ve been Googling for Naruto Online cheats or places to get free ingots from, you probably already found programs that claim to be hacks or cheats, or the infamous ingot generator.

Be careful, these files are highly dangerous and not one of them works – they serve to do things from installing viruses in your computer to stealing accounts and other misdeeds.

If you downloaded one of these files already, eliminate it ASAP and run your antivirus and a good spyware software or risk losing your Naruto online account, or worse!

There are no cheats or hacks for Naruto Online: Here is Why

One of the reasons that prevent this game from having cheats is because unlike other flash games, this game has all data is synced with the online servers, and thus you can’t alter files on your end to see a result online.

There are some ways to edit your local files to increase your numbers, but as soon as you refresh or do anything on the game, the numbers go back to the numbers that were in the server side version, so it’s only an illusion, and a useless one at that.

Stay away from any file that claims to be a cheat.

Now, it’s time to tell you how to cheat the legal way.

Legally Cheating: Here’s How to Do It:

I’m now going to tell you how to cheat in Naruto Online without cheating.

First of all, one of the things you have to be familiar with are the Naruto Online forums.

In the forums, there are two sections that can give you an unfair advantage. Those sections are the events section and the news section.

On the events section, you need to make sure to check when the daily event is going to be double the EXP from daily practice.

If that event is on Wednesday, for example, you’ll want to save all your froggies on Tuesday and claim them after midnight.

The events refresh at 5 A.M., so the game only shows you the double EXP event in one day, but for some reason the EXP on the froggies becomes double right at midnight, before the daily practice refreshes.

Collect the froggies after midnight and you’ll get double EXP not one day, but two, and this is a massive advantage.

On the other hand, you can also check the news section on the forums to see when a new server is coming out.

This makes it so that you can start playing on a fresh server as soon as it comes online – and so you’ll be sure to start right on the first day, maybe even on the first hour, granting you a huge leg up on players that arrive organically.

Choose Water Main:

Water main, or Azure Fang, isn’t the best main in the game, not for a long shot, but it will give you an unfair advantage in the beggining.

If you choose experimental ninjutsu and shark bomb, along with neurotoxin, you’ll be able to chaos 1 ninja every single turn, and even more when you crit.

When people still don’t have immune ninjas and ninjas are weak in the beggining (remember you joined on day 1 of the server) this is an unfair advantage.

On the other hand, fire mains and lightning mains are the most popular classes, so by picking the water main you can easilly become Strongest Water.

The cherry on top of the cake is that chaos works wonders in Arena, and therefore you can get Arena 1st place ultra easily – I play on several servers and I’m always number 1 in the first few weeks thanks to this strategy.

You Can Be Competitive With Only 5$:

Finally, the game gives you a great value on your first recharges of the server. As of writing this article, the bonus is 4-Stars Gaara and a lot of Power Boosting items.

I also remember getting the Naruto 9-Tails Cloak before Gaara was the reward, so the rewards are always great and consistent.

To get these rewards, you have to recharge a few days in a row, which ends up with you spending about five bucks.

This is what you need to spend if you want to have a marvelous early game, and you can be competitive even late game if you play your cards right, which is what I’m helping you do in this article, as well as some other articles I wrote on this game you can read here.

Spend Your Coin Wisely: Where to Invest Your Moon Scrolls, Sun Scrolls, and Trial Coins:

If you want to be the powerhouse in your server without having to spend a ton, one of the most important things you have to do is knowing how to spend your coins wisely.

On the Ninja exchange feature on the Recruit tab, you can get a lot of good Ninjas with coins you get from daily activities like Group Events, Survival Trial, Ranked Battles, Team Instances and etc…

These resources are the most important part of becoming the strongest player on your server.

There are 3 really High Tier ninjas available in the Exchange feature, and these are:

– Nagato

– GNW Choji

– Killer Bee Seven Swords Style.

Not only that, they even combo nicely.

My advice is for you to get these three Ninja. Bee and Choji cost survival trial coins and Nagato costs Moon Scrolls.

You won’t be using Sun Scrolls and Group coins, so use these two resources to get Power Level items and go for power, because power is what rankings are based on and it’s even more important than Ninjas.

Do these things and I guarantee you’re going to have a great time when the next server opens up, and hopefully this will get you sorted until late game hits and you can get meta ninja from events.

Play Naruto Online smart from the start.

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