How to Craft a DIY Virtual Reality Viewer: Google Cardboard Alternative

When I wrote about what “VR Headset to Choose?”, I mentioned a lot of viewers with a lot of different wallets in mind.

One of the low budget options was Google Cardboard, and though it is pretty affordable, you can have the same quality with a lower price, if only you’re willing to invest time instead of money.

This post is all about how to craft the best DIY Virtual Reality Viewer you can, with the least amount of spending and in a simple and user-friendly way.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

1.    Google’s PDF Template File;

2.    Scissors;

3.    Cardboard;

4.    Velcro or Adhesive (Non-Glue);

5.    1 Hour / 1 Hour and a Half;


How to Do It: Assembling your DIY VR Viewer

·       Print the PDF Template from Google Cardboard in A4 Paper;

·       Cut it appropriately;

·       Glue it to the Cardboard Using Non-Glue Adhesive

·       Cut the Cardboard Accordingly;

·       To cut out the “eyes”, use a scissor to puncture the middle and spread out from there, unless you have an Arts Knife to cut it with.

·       Assemble the VR Lenses you can get on Amazon or another place (it is usually between 35 to 45 mm, and it costs about $6).


…And that’s it.


If you’ve followed the instructions, you can now enjoy VR via your newly crafted viewer. This is a simple project that may be fun doing alone, but we definitely recommend you doing it with your kids or little brothers or sisters since it is great fun and can be used as a gathering “event” to put children to work on crafts to produce something they will enjoy and use, after all – who doesn’t enjoy Virtual Reality these days?

The greatest thing is it is going to get better in the very near future, so you may as well become an early adopter.

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