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Craig Tester Cancer, Death, Height, Family, Wife and FAQs: Everything about Oak Island’s Castmember

Craig Tester’s net worth and info have been a question many have tried to seek answers to as the popular “The Curse of Oak Island” show continue with this enigmatic cast member in its fold.

Craig Tester has shown he is an expert at many things and one of the smartest guys on the island, but today we thought about digging deeper to give you the ultimate page on Craig and all the info you may want to know more about, as well as some frequently asked questions (FAQs) from fans.

How Much Money is Craig Tester Worth: From Oak Island to the Public

How rich is Craig Tester?

Well, there are different opinions among experts, but the estimate is always inside the range of $2.5 million (low estimate) to $7 million (high estimate). This can give you a better grasp of how much he really has.

If you’re curious about other Oak Island cast members and their net worth, we are writing a post like this for each of them. Here’s a couple already out:

Gary Drayton

Alex Lagina

Finally, know that Craig is indeed one of the people financing the expedition, so he probably has enough for himself and to squander in a little exploration mission, although his role as The Curse of Oak Island producer and his ownership of the Oak Island Tours along with his partners may give him some income back.

How Old is Craig Tester and is Craig Tester Sick: Some Info

If you’re wondering about Craig Tester’s age, know he was born in 1961, which makes him 59 years old.

As far as his health is concerned, there have been some rumors he may be struggling with a disease, but we found no hard evidence to corroborate that story. We also searched around for signs he could be ill and the only thing we found that may substantiate those rumors is a high-priced house he listed for sale.

It seems The Curse of Oak Island has been plagued by bad rumors that can’t be dismissed or proved as true by researching since we also wrote about Alex Lagina’s supposed death rumor, which you can read about it here – Alex Death.

Does Craig Tester Have Skin Cancer: Is Craig Tester Dead?

Is Craig Tester still alive?

There have been people claiming not only is he ill, but he is dead too. Well, this rumor is a bit easier to prove or debunk, and so we did a little digging.

You should be happy to know that this is just a rumor and that Craig is indeed very much alive. We can only wager that this rumor came with the skin cancer rumors, and some people – the kind who love rumors – decided to add a little dot to it.

You know how stories go.

How Tall is Craig Tester: He Even Wanted to be a Wrestler

Well, if you see the show you probably know that Craig isn’t the tallest guy, but he isn’t as short as I thought either.

Craig is 1.71 m and weights 69 kg.

A fun fact we discovered while researching him was that he wanted to be a wrestler, and he even applied to that position and did a couple of fights.

I can’t stop but imagine how Tester would look like in full wrestling gear. You can’t unsee that image.

Where is Craig Tester From? Where did he go to College?

Where did Craig Tester go to College, where is he from, and where does Tester live?

Well, let me answer those questions for you. Craig went to the Delta Upsilon College together with Marty.

They were roomates and that’s how their relationship started.

On the other hand, he is from Michigan and lived in Michigan his whole life, although we found out about his Michigan house being for sale so we guess he just moved somewhere.

His official residence is listed as Traverse City.

How Are Craig Tester and Jack Begley Related: Like Father and Son

Craig Tester and Jack Begley are always tight and can be considered as father and son. The truth, however, is that Jack isn’t Craig’s biological son but stepson instead.

They never hide this in the series and it’s a pretty well-known fact, and you can see they are really just your average father-son combo as they appear to be close to each other.

Is Craig Tester Married: Who Is His Wife?

Who is Craig Tester’s wife?

Well, the answer is Rebecca Tester.

They are married and have two kids together, plus Jack Begley who isn’t Craig’s biological son but step son.

Where Does Craig Tester Work?

Craig is currently a businessman working around Michigan, mostly, but he has an Energy Company together with Marty, as well as the Oak Island Tours company together with Marty, Rick, and some other partners.

He is currently managing those companies and producing the show The Curse of Oak Island as well.

What is Craig Tester’s Company?

Craig has two different known companies, which I’ll list and share the official websites to:

The Oak Island Tours;

Heritage Sustainable.

Check these out if you want, as the websites are live and are the official ones Craig and Marty have on air.

What Happened to Craig Tester’s Son on Oak Island?

Unfortunately, Drake Tester died due to complications with a disease he struggled with throughout his life – a serious seizure-related condition not fully disclosed.

He was a member of the school’s cross country team and chorus and was painted to have a very positive outlook on life. A truly sad moment for everyone.

Is Craig Tester’s House for Sale?

Yes it is.

After researching, we found Craig’s beautiful mansion he listed for sale. Maybe he is moving out from Traverse City to go live near Oak Island or to Nova Scotia, but we don’t know where the road will lead him as of now.

Here’s the house in question if you have some millions and you want to take a look.

Also, we suspect this was what started the rumors of him being ill.

Craig Tester and Marty Lagina: What Is Their Relationship?

If you read the entirety of the article you probably know already, but Craig and Marty were roommates during college and continued their friendship throughout all of their life.

They are also business partners and own Heritage Sustainable and The Oak Island tours together so they mix business and pleasure it seems.

Finally, they are good friends above all and lived in the same city for most of their lives.

We now hope you know everything you wanted to know about Craig Tester.

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