Crest Shield

Crest Shield: A shield that gets you good protection values.


Practical Use:

This shield has 70% average block and dark damage block is at its highest with this piece. It can be reinforced by using Twinkling Titanite.

It cannot be infused.

Here are its Stats:

Physical Attack: 95

Physical Defense: 100

Magic Defense: 67

Fire Defense: 56

Lightning Defense: 43

Stability: 49

Durability: 90

Weight: 5

Critical 100



This is a knightly shield with the Noble house’s crest engraved on its surface. It is enchanted and reduces Dark Damage heavily with its Holy Light.

It gives the wielder the ability to Parry and repel attacks, allowing him to riposte with critical force. It was built for main and off-hand uses.

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