Danielle Bregoli: All About the Cash Me Outside Girl

Danielle Bregoli is a 14 year old that got famous after her “Cash Me Outside, How Bou Dat” line at Dr. Phil’s program.

The whole show went up in popularity and she achieved Virality. She took advantage of the newfound fame to start rapping and making a hip hop carreer – operating under the stage name Bhad Bhaby.


Is Danielle Bregoli Single? Danielle Bregoli Boyfriend:

Well, Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie is a minor, so we’re not finding a lot about this topic… after all, we’re sure she is covering it up herself (although she revealed a clip of her with a boy many say is her “mystery boyfriend”).

As far as we know, Danielle Bregoli is single, but she is speculated to have a huge crush on Travis Scott.


Is Danielle Bregoli Rich? How Much is She Making?

Now, grab a chair as you will be dizzy at the numbers Danielle can pull out of her twitter account.

She has enough following that she can easilly earn $100,000 USD per post and about $300,000 a month through product adds.

Bregoli also charges $40,000 per “Meet and Greet” event, so you can be sure that this 14 year old who once had nothing is rolling in dough as of now.


What’s Danielle Bregoli’s Networth? Accumulated “Cash”:

Using her revenue, assets, brand power and influence to calculate her networth as per usual, her networth was calculated to be at around $2,000,000. Yes, that is two million dollars.

Not bad for a troubled teen with a bit of a sub-par talent for rapping am I right? This is personal opinion of course, you can find it that she is as talented as Freddy Mercury, who am I to disagree, I’m just a pleb with a minimal Networth compared to her.


Are Danielle Bregoli and Whoa Vicky Related?

I’m afraid Whoa Vicky and Danielle Bregoli aren’t related, but I know why you can easilly think that.

Come to think of it, that would really explain a lot… but it appears that people can be almost “twins” and not be related.

Heh, feeling humorous today.


Are Danielle Bregoli and Lil’ Pump Dating?

This is just a rumor that I wouldn’t be surprised was started by people as a kind of a marketing stunt. Lil’ Pump and Danielle Bregoli aren’t dating as far as we know, although again they could be surpressing that information since she is a minor, but I don’t know and refuse to believe anything that twisted could occur.


If you don’t remember how Danielle Bregoli got famous, I’m including the video of her in Dr. Phil’s show so you can enjoy her full rags to riches moment.


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