Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Grand Archives Guide

Here we are for another Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough brought to you by Instageeked. This time we’re going to approach the Grand Archives, and we’ll make sure you read everything you need to get a leg up on the enemies you’ll face and the lootable stuff there is to find – as well as some secrets.

If you need some guidance on getting all the DS3 collectibles in this area or on how to clear it, then you’ll find a lot of that stuff right here!


Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Grand Archives Chapter I

On the last walkthrough we had you defeat the Dragonslayer Armour boss.

After you beat this guy, go on to the stairwell that takes you deeper into the castle. On your right you’ll see a detour that takes you to a dead body who’s holding a Titanite Chunk – take it.

Now that you looted that item, go through the arch and you’ll light the bonfire for the Grand Archives zone. You have a door to your right, and if you take it you’ll go to a lift that is out of order. What you need to do is to continue ahead to find Black Hand Gotthard’s body. Loot the Gotthard Twinswords and the Grand Archives Key from his corpse.

Now that you hold the key, you can unlock the Grand Archives door to find what seems to be the twin brother of the Crystal Sage, who fights just as his bro but can be a bit tricky since you fight this one on a maze.

He usually warps to the top level to cast his magic from a vantage point. When he«s gone, go right and spot a Thrall running away… be careful though, there’s another one behind you. If you kill them both, you’ll loot a Titanite Chunk from the balcony and you can proceed to the op level.

When you get there, there’s a Crystal Lizard trying to run by jumping down… slay him to pick up a Twinkling Titanite and a Crystal Gem. Now you’re at an area that holds both Thralls and Scholars, take a left and you can pick up a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight, but once you get there to loot there’s a Thrall trying to ambush you so you better be careful. After you do this, you can take a right to reach a balcony with yet another Thrall ambush.

Collect the Titanite Chunk and try to defeat the Scholar that appears to have his head lit. A good way to do that is to dodge and gap-close on him.

The scholars were hanging around a pool of wax. Turn around and find a stair with a Titanite Scale. If you take a left, you can go around the bookshelves and spot a Lothric Knight with a spear. Have him follow you through the narrow corridors and he’ll lose his weapon.

Now go to the place where he was and loot yet another Titanite Chunk and a Cystal Chime which can be found in a smaller room.

Go back to the wax pool and you can find a room to your right. This room has bookcases that spawn hands to attack you, so be careful when chasing the Crystal Lizard up the bookcase stairs.

Note that these hands will curse you, and the way to lift that curse is by dunking your head in the wax pool. This lets you know the scholars had wax heads to protect themselves. Kill the lizard to loot a Chaos Gem and a Twinkling Titanite off him.

The other lizard on the room has 2 x Twinkling Titanites. You can also find a Soul of a Nameless Soldier on the corner, and it also has this kind of trap on it. Find the lever in the room and pull it to find a passageway next to where you looted the soul to check out a sweet treasure vault with a Pyromancy Spell (Power Within) as well as a Witch’s Locks.

Once you go up the stairs, you’ll see that there’s a Titanite Scale next to a scholer on the left, but if you wait a bit longer you’ll see that another scholer will get there through the door to your right. Inside that room there’s a Crystal Lizard, and above it stands a Crystal Sage. Slay them for 2 Twinkling Titanite and loot the Titanite Chunk you can find on a corpse nearby. You can find a Crystal Lizard above the bookcases.

If you go to where you came from and kick the ladder, you’ll be able to go to the entrance. Note that if you move towards the Crystal Sage he’ll start to cast spells on you, so dodge and gap-close on him by going under the platform so he can’t hit you. The balcony you can find nearby has some lootables – 3 Homeward Bones – and there’s also a lever nearby that has the hands guarding it. The Thralls close by throw firebombs, and if you notice what they are guarding… you’ll see it’s a “hand-curse cancelling” pool of wax. Grab the Titanite Chunk and pull the lever. If you get cursed just dunk your head inside the pool of wax the firebomb Thralls were guarding.

Maintain a wax head when going up the stairs and as you backtrack to kill the Sage and Thralls. If you’re doing things right you’ll reach a zone where there are some scholars and a Thrall throwing firebombs on a staircase. There’s a Titanite Scale to the left.


Kill the Sage below and loot a Crystal Scroll from his body. Again, drop down the balcony and get the Crystal Lizard to find 2 x Titanite Scales.

Since you pulled the lever earlier, you can find a path that leads you to a treasure chest containing a Titanite Slab – this path can be found near the balcony where you first spotted the Scholars.

As you get on the place where you found the second pool of wax, you can find a staircase where the Thrall were hanging. Get a wax head and fight the scholar on the shelves and go down to find another Titanite Scale. There’s a fall you can take, but you’re going to take some damage, down onto a bookshelf below where you can find Avelyn – a pretty cool weapon.

Go to the “books with hands on the floor” to spot a wall with a ladder that goes down. Behind it you can loot a Titanite Scale from a corpse, and opposite to it you can find a wall you can pass through that takes you to a fight with an Outrider Knight.

It’s best if you can hit him first, and it’s even better if you stay away from the walls or the hands will get you. If you slay the knight you can loot an Outrider Knight set from his body. This set includes the Outrider Knight Gauntlets, the Outrider Knight Leggins, the Outrider Knight Helm and the Outrider Knight Armor.

Go through to find a corpse that has a Soul Stream sorcery. Don’t be afraid of the noises it makes, those will stop as soon as you loot him. Continue down the ladder and you can loot a Shriving Stone that sits on the corner of the room. There’s also a lever on the right you can pull to find another corpse making those strange noises that this time holds a Scholar’s Ring you can pick up.

Go through the bridge to fight a Lothric Knight. He enchants his blade, so be careful. There’s a cropse on the left and if you cross the bridge and go up the stairs you can pull a lever that allows you to access a cool shortcut.


Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Grand Archives Chapter II!

Enter the bridge on the end of the archives and you can go up to an area with a lot of scholars. Some scholars are close to hand-bookcases so you should ensure that you only charge them with a wax head. If you probe around a bookcase you’ll find a Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight. Be careful with the time you spend looking as the wax head can time out leaving you open to damage. There’s a treasure chest near a door you can open to loot 3 x Titanite Scales. Go up the stairs and take a right to slay a Crystal Lizard that’ll try to escape. You can get a Refined Gem and a Twinkling Titanite out of him.

A corpse is to your right and it holds a Fleshbite Ring (make sure you have your wax head on again!)


Going Out to the Grand Archives Rooftops

It’s now time to head outside and down a ladder. If you go right you’ll find a pit that divides the other building and you, you can drop to loot a Titanite Chunk and there’s another path we’ll follow in second.

Go back on the roof and be careful as there’s a Titanite Chunk luring you, but a Gargoyle is close by to ambush you as you try to loot it. Again, let its wings strike and dodge to strike back. There’s also another Gargoyle nearby and a Corvian Shaman below with his friends. You can assassinate him, but be careful. There’s a Soul of a Weary Warrior around the corner, being closely watched by yet another Gargoyle.

Further ahead you’ll spot 2 x Crystal Lizards and the last Gargoyle staring at them. Now you have a good opportunity to take out the bad guy with magic or ranged weaponry to get the lizards. The lizards have a Twinkling Titanite and a Sharp Gem, as well as na Heavy Gem and another Twinkling Titanite.

If you dropped down the buttress, you can safely pick up the Hollow Gem from the quarters that are linked to the place where the Corvians hang out. The Corvians will attemp to overwhelm you so you should backtrack to ensure you can face them one at a time. You can find a small roof that leads to the main Grand Archives room, but there’s the tower blocking your passage. You can sprint to jump but you may die – after all, nothing comes easy in Dark Souls 3. However, if you clear the jump you’ll get a Titanite Scale.

Now you should be back where you looted the Crystal Lizards earlier but now you have more paths to pick from – your choice doesn’t really matter since both paths are heading to the same spot. You’ll find a Titanite Chunk there and fight off 2 x Gargoyles. If you head on to your right you’ll dropp off on a spot with 2 x Titanite Chunks that can be looted from a corpse nearby. When you get inside, you’ll see that there’s a Lothric Knight ready to fight you, and he is one of those who enchants his weapon to fight.

Continuing through the corridor you’ll face 2 x Thralls who are waiting to ambush you. You can range them off to get them down and melee them to death. Getting to the end of the path will take you to the broken window where you can find an Undead Bone Shard and an Ember ready for you to pick them up as soon as you defeat the Scholar who defends them. You also see a ladder and a wax pool.

Going out in the open you’ll find yourself in a place where you can see a statue. Behind the statue you can find 3 x Humans:

·        A Black Hand Thief who is using a bow and katanas;

·        A Mage with Crystal Spells;

·        A Faraam Armor Wielding Berserker.

As per many Dark Souls III encounters, you need to divide in order to beat these guys, so be sure to kill the Berserker quickly because if you take more time you’ll see he heals himself and the ranged opponents will rain death upon you.

Wehn you’re done, take out the katana / bow Black Hand and then strike at the mage. Careful though, as the Black Hand can pull his Katana and jump to strike you… you need to avoid that strike because it really hurts, and try to backstab him after that.

When you’ve defeated all three human opponents, you are free to loot:

·        Black Hand’s Ubadachi;

·        Black Hand’s Onikiri;

·        Sage’s Crystal Staff;

·        Golden Wing Crest Shield.

Then you need to go up the staircase.

Pick the Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight up and venture forth onto the next room where you’ll talke a lift to the Bonfire.


Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Grand Archives Chapter III

There are still some things left for you to do before you hit that last Lord of Cinder. Let’s go over it right now!

First of all, look for the corpse, around the 1st Dome, that has a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight for you to loot. You can also peek at the archives top level to see the 3 shadows up on the spire. You need to defeat them. To do this you must simply go up the stairway, because those guys are going down to meet you.

You’ll see that they are 3 x Winged Knights. If you want to beat all 3 at once then go for it, but if you want to take the smarter route out of that trouble, wait for them to hit the ground and start patrolling. Try to pick one at a time.

One of the knights uses an axe he throws at you, he has a lot of mobility and can make some surprising lunges. His rear is his weakspot and he is prone to fall to backstabbing. The others have an halberd each and play around with their range. The way to beat these two is, according to our opinion, to abuse overhead swings.

When you vanquish these knights, you get a Titanite Slab as a reward, and you can also go behind the tower to find a corpse that has an Estus Shard. Go up a ladder and get the Hunter’s Ring on the dead body.

Now go down to the spire’s bottom and look for the trapdoor hidden away in the building on the back of it. You’ll enter it to arrive at the rafters and you make your way to a cage where some kind of bird appears to live. You can loot a corpse there for the Divine Pillars of Light Miracle, but there’s a Maggot Priest nearby.

The Maggot Priest is a ranged opponent and he’ll try to hit you. A nearby corpse has a Blessed Gem you can loot, and if you run past the priest he dies half the times since he falls. If you’re unlucky and he doesn’t commit suicide, then you should slay him and the Lothric Knight below the perch.

When you’ve done this you can spot a ladder. One of the chests near it has 1 x Divine Blessing and the other treasure chest near it contains 3 x Twinkling Titanite. Take the path to the rooftop exit.


Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Going Up on Lothric Castle!

You’re almost at the boss fight if you’re reading this. To proceed, go towards the staircase across the bridge. You’ll find barricades are plenty in this zone, and Hollows are awaiting your passage to kill you by surprise.

4 x Hollow Soldiers are guarding the 1st obstacle and you have 4 soldiers near the second group.

A Lothric Knight will also arrive the area shortly, followed by 3 x Hollow Spearmen.

You can either let them resume their patrol to catch them separated or just tackle the foes head on.

When you go up the next flight of stairs you’ll have to fight 2 x Lothric Knights, one with a spear and another with a greatsword… another Spear Lothric Knight will join them.

After you clear these last minions, the boss is ready for you past the door. Take the door to fight the Lord of Cinder.


Lorian, Elder Prince and Lothric, Younger Prince Walkthrough: Boss Fight Guide Dark Souls 3

Lothric will dispatch his brother Lorian to battle when the fight begins. The man is crippled and walks funny, but he has a lot of power hiding behind that huge body.

When the fight starts he swings his blade towards you from a quick blink he will perform to the top floor.

Those blinks and sword slashes are the one thing you’ll have to be careful as he’ll do them all the time. His combo ranges from 1 to 3 slash attacks and you need to either block or dodge, timing the hits as you’re getting used to doing in the DS Saga.

NOTE: This guy does fake attacks in which he blinks right when he seems to be slashing, trying to juke you. Be alert at all times for these feints.

When he drops to his knee he’ll explode everything around the overhead blow he’s going to perform. When he is at range, he slices the air and creates a flaming sonic boom towards you. Another thing he likes to do when he’s far is to create a cone of fire in front of him.

If you manage to beat Lorian, Lothric is going to enter the brawl and resurrect Lorian. He’ll then climb aboard his brother and join the fight even though there’s only one health bar.

Lorian’s moves are unchanged, but Lothric now will cast magic towards you, many of those spells being homing magic missiles. We advise you to stay out of the fight when the homing magic is strong, and to take advantage of the times Lothric seems to recharge to really rain terror on the pair.

If Lorian’s sword wave occurs, Lothric usually follows up with a Magic Spear attack.

One thing you need to be careful about in this fight is your stamina… with these frantic moves going on you really feel the urge to just go crazy on your stamina bar to stay alive and attack at the same time, but due to their chaotic nature you should always save a part of your stamina to dodge quick blinks or a homing missile that seems to have escaped your senses.

This is where it gets tricky because if you kill Lorian first, he gets resurrected again… you need to slay Lothric so he can’t resurrect his brother.

Killing Lothric results in Lorian dying as well since his younger brother was the only thing keeping him “alive”.

When you finally defeat them, you’ll get the Cinders of a Lord you were looking for, as well as the Soul of the Twin Princes.

If you want to postpone the final duel in order to explore other areas, you can see if you already explored Consumed King’s Garden and Untended Graves areas. Archdragon Peak is a good place to go to as well.

If on your playthrough Orbeck left your shrine, you’ll find him in the Grand Archives and you can feed the Shrine Handmaid his ashes so you can get his spells. Yuria will also accept the ashes and in return give you Morion Blade.

As for Sirris’ questline, if you helped her out, go to Firelink Shrine and head on to where the grave with the Hodrick’s Shield was… now you can find the Sunless Talisman of Sirris there, and you can buy her armor set from the Shrine Handmaid.





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