Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Undead Settlement Guide

Here’s our Undead Settlement Guide section for our Dark Souls 3 walkthrough. If you came this far, then you’re doing it right, but hang on as this will be a long section.

As a matter of fact, it is the longest section in the entire guide, and for good reason. Here’s how to beat Undead Settlement on DS3 and much more – like getting all the items, special paths you can take, secrets to uncover and all of that stuff.


Undead Settlement Part I:

Once you get here you can ignite the bonfire to find out what lies ahead. This is when you should look around to see where the settlement gate is, where the tower stands, as well as spotting the cathedral and what’s on top of it.

Behind of you there’s this bridge closed down which marks the path towards Lothric.

There’s a rampart near you. Go to its side to where a corpse is and you can find a “Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse”.

Now you head down the stairs to face 3 x Bone Hounds. These will come out the gate.

The trick to get these guys down is to get them 1 by 1 as you can take advantage of their movement to lure them out separatly. Now you can spot other 2 x Bone Hounds who seem to be eating a corpse. Handle them and you can check the body they were on to pick up 2 x Alluring Skull.

Take these, they will come handy.


Recruiting Yoel of Londor:

There’s a pilgrim in the middle of all the dead ones who is still alive. You can spot him to the right, and he will offer his services to you.

Send him to Firelink Shrine and talk to him once he is there and he’ll reveal your true strenght. You’ll also gain the Beckon Emote once you talk to the guy.

On the same spot where the dead pilgrims are you can find a corpse that has two Homeward Bones.

Now you can go on to the settlement, pulling the lever to enter it.

Proceed to, erm, beat up the Village Worker, and head to the second Bonfire. Now you can face two other villagers a bit down the path, and if you came this far then they won’t be much of a challenge.

Once you get inside you can spot bodies hanged and in cages. There’s a particular corpse that if you cut down gives you a Small Leather Shield.

Once you collect the shield, hit the junk on the right to pass, and find a Thrall waiting behind the pillar. At close range you can take him on, but at a distance his blowdart may be a problem. If you face him you’ll get to stop his lunges by using your shield, but if you turn your back on him he can jump on you for some heavy damage, so keep looking at the guy.

The corpse there has two Charcoal Pine Bundles. Once you take care of the situation you can go to the balcony to see villagers burning bodies, but if you look closer there are explosive barrels close by, so you should stick a firebomb right on the middle of them.

On the balcony’s side you can cut the corpse and kill the villager, then there’s another body with two Repair Powder as well.

Exiting the balcony, you go to the building to find a Thrall again – the same strategy and tips from before apply here. Once he is through collect two Charcoal Pine Bundles and get out.

Now you’re on the open, so be sure to bet on sneaking. This is when your firebomb will shine, so use it as we suggested earlier on.

The barrels explode and RIP the 3 x Villagers – Rinse and Repeat for the whole crowd who is standing conviniently next to the barrels, just because they love the smell of black powder in the morning.

Unfortunately, not all of the villagers are pyro and there are some who aren’t next to the barrels. Again, try to separate them from each other as it is easy for you to be overwhelmed.

There’s also a lady Evangelist with Gnaw ready to pummel you down. Check for her cue (reading the book) and prepare to dodge. You can’t block this attack, so only a dodge will do if you value your life.

Kill her if she is standing alone, but if you still have villagers roaming around be sure to separate her, which is quite easy since her Movement Speed is substantially larger than the villagers’.

Once she is dead you can go to the tree, because at its base rests an Estus Shard you’ll want to claim. A Soul of an Unknown Traveler is also close by next to a corpse.

Finally, the tree has an item on its brances, but you can’t reach it on foot so you’ll have to shoot it down with a ranged attack. The item is 9 x Kukri.

Behind the tree there’s yet another item to be obtained, this time it’s an Ember. Finally, collect the item from the corpse you dropped on the last walkthrough.


There’s a fork in the road – a Bridge on one side, a Path on the other.

Take the path on the left and get in the building. There are 2 x Thralls there. Then, there is a body next to the entrance which has a Titanite Shard.

There’s an alley nearby that has 2 Charcoal Pine Resin visible and moving bodies as well, you can get them with ranged attacks as they are slow and some are stock on gibbets.

Proceed with the path until you go down the stairs to cut down a body with 1 x Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse.


Warrior of Sunlight: The Covenant

There’s a locked door on the right, but you can get in if you go up to find a hole to drop down through. Collect the Estus Soup and the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant Talisman.

Go through the hall to find Corpse Piles moving around. Again, you can use your ranged weapon or ranged magic to wipe them out. By continuing on your journey you’ll stumble upon 1 x Red-Eyed Village Worker.

Use your shield to wipe him out and continue through a path that has a familiar group of enemies: 1 x Evangelist and some Villagers.

Don’t go down and go to the side which is hiden by debris. Next to the abyss there’s a Soul of an Unknown Traveler. Once you come back you’ll get to fight the group of enemies. Use the baiting technique we told you about earlier. Don’t be afraid to hide.

Eyes peeled for a Thrall coming at you from the ceiling from a boarded doorway. Before coming out you can collect a Whip.

If you still didn’t kill the Evangelist with ranged attacks, go up the ladder to wipe her out because she has a corpse nearby with a Titanite Shard on it.

Head over to the roof that you can see on the ladder’s right and take a look around, see the view, and spot the Bonfire that you have to light up. There’s also a sill with a Crystal Lizard below and 2 x Rusted Coins on it. Don’t jump and go through the building instead.


When you get in the building, Holy Knight Hodrick invades as if he was another player. It isn’t though, it is just the AI, but he carries a massive sword and miracles aplenty. Range him up as he lunges and charges at you and for the love of the sun don’t let him pick up large healing Orbs (he spawns them periodically).

Kill him to get 1 x Vertebra Shackle, it heps for the Covenant.


Now you can head on to the bonfire, but you’ll get to beat a Butcher first. He is immune to backstabs and has a blade that can deal a huge amount of damage.

You need to dodge his blows and hit him right next to the dodge. He also has a lot of multi strikes, so if you are in front of him when he channels them you’ll have a bad time. Now go back to the Cystal Lizard and coins before you ignite the Bonfire.

Next up, you’ll head down to the archway that has the spears. Remember we told you to check your surroundings when you arrived at the Undead Settlement? Well then, you already know it’s a Giant throwing those. It’s easy to get past that part by going through the bridge you saw before.


Undead Settlement Part II

Spot the Village Worker as he goes on his routine at the bridge and you’ll see he is soon joined by another. He comes out of the stables where more village workers are hidding, as well as a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse.

On the building ahead there’s a Thrall with a humongous sword he can’t carry. However, if he its you with it, you’ll bleed. Moving around with so much weight enables you to backstab him easily, and once you do you can open the large door.

Once you come out there’s a Thrall dropping on you, but if he didn’t drop then look to the roof because he’s there. Range him down and collect the 1 x Caduceus Round Shield on the body close by.


Go back to the barn and find the path close to its right. Thralls have their blowdarts ready to hit you, one is on the rocks and the other is on a roof. There is also resistance down on the ground, so while you fight those standing there avoid being in range of the others’ blowdarts or you’ll feel it.

There’s some loot to be had on that area. Next to the ladder you can find 1 x Fading Soul. On the roof of the building you found the Thrall with the big sword there are 6 x Firebombs. Finally, between the houses the Thrall were standing on there is a Corpse Pile that talks to you and doesn’t munch you up, as well as a Plank Shield you can take. He tells you about a cage and his grandson.

For now, leave Grandpa Corpse Pile and go to the roof above it to collect 2 x Homeward Bones.


Mound Makers: The Covenant

Spot the Cathedral and Tower and look at them. You can now see a Butcher walking around a land patch. Carefully make sense of what he is carrying on his back. Remember the old Grandpa Corpse Pile talking about a  cage?

Go to the butcher and enter the cage, because he is as friendly as his gramps. You’ll get a cutscene and then you’re on a pit with Hodrick making questions. He’ll then invite you to join Mound Makers and offer you an insignia.

Finally, you’ll want to offer the Vertebra Shackle you got earlier to the shrine. Since you have Homeward Bones, use one to get back. Otherwise, Hodrick will throw you one for you to use (you really can’t get out of the pit, there’s no secret there, stop trying to climb it).

Once you get back to the path look down the bridge and blast the barrels the Hollows are standing next to. Once you did this you can run through the edge of the clif until you’re under a building. Drop down and, if you want a Titanite Shard, fight the villagers to find one at the end. Under the building stands a secret Bonfire!


Recruit Cornyx of the Great Swamp

Get out the other side and you’ll see 3 bad guys who are slinging firebombs at you. If you look up you can find a body with an item. Shooting the body you’ll get the Partizan. Charge heads first and wipe the floor with your enemies, no tactic needed here. Passing through, you’ll see a guy in a cage, talk to him.

Cornys of the Great Swamp is a Pyromancer, and he joins you if you ask him to train you. Once on Firelink Shrine you’ll get Pyromancy Flame and upgrade it if you wish it so. He will also act as a merchant.

Pick up the Hand Axe next to where the pyromancer was imprisioned and talk to Cornys back on the shrine to obtain an emote: Welcome.

When you’re at the building’s base again, you’ll spot a Butcher. If you didn’t exploded the barrels for some reason – lure the guy and do it now. If not, just kill him the good old way and pick up the Soul of an Unknown Traveler you can find on the tortured body.


Behind the torture stuff there’s a destroyed bridge anda Hollow. The dead Hollow near him as a 1 x Fire Clutch Ring. Take the ring and go down the stairs, mowing down some more Hollow.

When you get to the place where Village Workers are hanging around with one Evangelist and some Bone Hounds, do the following:

Go to the other side of the building close by as you’ll see a path close to the cliff with a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse. There’s a Thrall waiting for you to go there to climb the cliff and kill you so be aware of this.

Now, lure the Evangelist out and kill her, and do the same for the villagers. The bone hounds may not be there because they tend to fall due to bad programming, but if they are there, kill them too.

There’s a corpse nearby that has an Ember. If you want to kill te optional Boss, it’s right up the stairway. Regardless, your objective here is to reach the giant shooting stuff at everyone.


Once you get to the sewers, kill rats and collect the Caestus. Find the oversized roedent hidden there and kill him for a 1 x Bloodbite Ring. Head on to the right door that gets you to a Bonfire you already were on.


Undead Settlement Part III

Go to the small bridge that leads to the tower and there are 3 x Butchers on the other side of it. You can lure the one on the right, but the other two must be faced simultaneously and will never separate. You can only separate these two if you can exploit the pathfinding to make him fall down to the bit, but your best bet is to face them fair and square.

The way to do this is by only attacking one while the other is channeling a multi-strike. Rinse and Repeat.

After both have been vanquished, collect the Ember you can find off the bridge on a body. Go up the stairs and pick up the Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse. Now go behind the building you were in and you’ll find a body with 3 x Alluring Skulls, but it is guarded by Bone Hounds.

Eygon of Carim stands on your path to the tower, and he flames you while guarding the woman, wearing heavy armor and waving a large hammer around. The Giant Archer is the one with the key so go there.

On your way you’ll find Siegward of Catarina who is also trying to get to the giant, but the elevator doesn’t go up, only down. Go to the elevators and jump before it descends, which gets you on the elevator to the top. Now step off of it and collect a Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Climb the stairs and face the Giant Archer, but he won’t beat you up, so don’t fear.

Offer him friendship and he won’t ever fire at you again, and he gives you a Young White Branch as a token of his friendship.

On the other hand, if you want to kill him, collect the Hawk Ring he drops.

Go to that area where the spears where and lure the Village Workers to be hit by the Giant’s projectilles – if you didn’t kill your newfound friend. The area is now free to loot, and you get 3 x Young White Branches, 1 x Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse and 1 x Ember as well as 1 x Undead Bone Shard. The shards will allow you to upgrade your Estus Flask, so they are really good.

If you go to the graveyard to your left, there’s a complete set of Cleric Armor on its shack that contains:

  • Cleric Hat;
  • Blue Wooden Shield;
  • Cleric Blue Robe;
  • Cleric Trousers;
  • Cleric Gloves;
  • Cleric Hat.

Not only that, but on the shack’s left side there’s a corpse with 3 x Mortician’s Ashes.

Now, entering the building you’ll be suprised by a villager and a red-eyed one. Once you go up the flight of stairs, jump on the planks to get to the balcony where you can pick up a Great Scythe. The other gate you’re at now is the one that leads to the area boss.

First of all, head to Firelink Shrine and buy the Grave Key.

Go back to the place where you killed the giant rat and open the door to your right. There’s a corpse with Loincloth, a Velka Statuette and on the opposite side there’s a room with 1 x Red Hilted Halberd.

There are bones lying around when you go onward, and some of them will organize into Skeletons to kill you, but they are easy to tackle. They will try to return to life, but when they’re building themselves up you can hit them down. Pick up the Soul of an Unknown Traveler and proceed.

Outside the graveyard you’ll be on the place where you killed the 3 butchers. There’s now a Crystal Lizard nearby and a Titanite Shard on each side.

There’s also a canyon in which a woman is held captive. Before heading that way, hit the hanging body to collect a Blessed Red and White Shield +1.

Recruitable Irina of Carim:

Enter the sewers to your left and kill the rats before they become too many to handle. Before proceeding to the stairs, collect the 1 x Saint’s Talisman. Now go talk to Irina of Carim. Touch her.

Treat her fairly and don’t annoy Eygon and you’ll be able to summon him later on the game.


Undead Settlement Part IV

Before going to the elevator again, find Siegward on the balcony and attack the Fire Demon. If you do, he will follow, but he won’t engage before you do.

The Fire Demon is pretty strong, and like in many battles in Dark Souls 3 you will die. He leaps and hits you with fire attacks and his absurd reach. Ducking is the key, and you must take every chance Siegward gives you to heal, so when you’re low and you see Siegward attacking, heal up!

Once you beat the Fire Demon you’ll get Siegbrau, the Toast Emote and 1 x Fire Gem.

Go explore the burning town to collect a Homeward Bone near the cliff. The central pyre has a complete set of Northern Armor that includes:

  • Northern Gloves;
  • Northern Trousers;
  • Northern Helm;

It also has 1 x Pale Tongue, an item for a covenant. On the left of the bodies there’s a Large Club next to a tree. There’s an entrance to a room with a multitude of corpse piles, but they are all dead. Pick up 2 x Red Bug Pellets and go upstairs. There are a lot of corpse piles here too, but 2 of them live. They will drop at you when you go to collect 2 x Alluring Skull. Range them dead.


On the other side, there’s a Corpse pile guarding the balcony and 2 x Bone Hounds hiding behind the broken wall. Once you get in the room there are also 4 x Corpse Pilles waiting to ambush. There’s also a chest you can loot with 4 x Human Pine Resin.

Once you go upstairs again, there are 2 x Evangelists there, so we recommend you get firebombs on them since they are fairly close.

If you can’t, lure on of them downstairs and fight them 1 on 1.

Since you have Pale Tongue there’s a side quest going on for you. Go to Firelink Shrine and talk to Ringfinger Leonhard to get the Tower Left Key. You’ll be sent to the Wall Bonfire. Go to the bottom floor and unlock the door using your newfound key.

There’s an arena there with 1 x Darkwraith. This guy packs a punch, and is really an adept at quick counters. He lunges, combos and kicks. You should only attack this guy when he finishes his combo.

If you beat this guy, you’ll collect the Red Eye Orb and also receive Leonhard’s Applause Emote. Now climb to the roof and examine the scaffolding. There’s a corpse with 1 x Flynn’s Ring. On the tower’s rampart there are two bodies with 2 x Homeward Bone. When going on your way, make sure you don’t fall or it’s an instant death for you.

Once you get to the bottom, get the Mirrah Set with:

  • Mirrah Gloves;
  • Mirrah Vest;
  • Mirrah Trousers.

As a bonus there’s also a Chloranthy Ring there.

Now drop down and you’ll find where the big bad boss lives.

How to Kill Curse-Rotted Greatwood Boss:

You’ll get to a plaza where you can spot village workers next to a tree. Fight them, and when you kill everyone, you’ll get to fight the Rotten Greatwood.

When you first look at Curse-Rotted Greatwood it doesn’t seem like much, especially when you see it has very poor mobility.

It mostly stamps you or drags around to try to hit you. It also summons village workers, but it mostly stamps them as well.

Sometimes it shakes its head to spore you or produces poisonous sap.

The trick to beat this one boss is to always move, avoiding lock-on. You have to hit it on the egg sacs on its back, legs, crotch and hand. When you hit one of these sacs, you get blood, when you don’t hit them you get bark.

You need to hit all of the egg sacs to make the fight evolve to stage 2. Once on stage two, the ground will sometimes fall and you will also see more sacs being produced. The boss’s motion becomes harder to predict and the hand will try to slap you non-stop, It lurches and curls to fight you off.

Keep taking advantage of the Greatwood’s poor mobility and continue moving around and hitting the sacs. The middle hard should be the last sac you hit. Destroy every single sac and you’ll beat the boss, collecting the Soul of a Rotted Greatwood and a Transposing Kiln.

Once this happens, go to Firelink Shrine and offer the Kiln to Ludleth of Courland.


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