Dark Souls III Walkthrough Guide: Lothric Castle

This time, our Dark Souls III Walkthrough is going to be an in-depth guide on Lothric Castle, so if you want to get prepared for the threats that lie in front of you and if you want to optimize your resources, time and find every secret, then read this.

If, on the other hand, you only want to know how to kill the Lothric Castle’s boss, then skip to the end of the walkthrough.


Chapter I: Lothric Castle Entrance

When you beat the Lords of Cinder, you’ll get to listen to Lothric’s High Priestess, and when you return to her she is dying and asking you to beat the last Lord. Pick up the Basin of Vows she drops when she dies and use it to get in.

But nothing is as simple as it is, and that’s why you are going to fight a boss right at the start of the area.


Boss Fight I: Dancer of Boreal Valley

The Dancer of Boreal Valley is a tough enemy you’ll need to face, but if you apply the tricks you usually do with other mobs you faced, then everything’s going to be alright.

This boss is a mix of the Outrider Knight, with its huge strenght, and the Carthus Skeleton in the way it moves swiftly.

The mob has an ignited curved sword, much like a scimitar, and she moves in a fluid way that may make it hard for you to see when she’s about to hit you.

A good thing to have in mind is that fire resist is a strong ally here, so gear up accordingly. If you don’t have a separate equipment set for fire resist we advise you to keep one as there are a lot of bad guys in this game who rely on fire damage.

As far as her fighting skills are concerned, the Dancer of Boreal Valley uses slashes and sword spins.

Here are some queues you must bear in mind:

– If she raises her sword above her head she is preparing a sword smash, get hit and you’ll take a lot of fire damage. We advise you to dodge to the sides.

– If she gets her sword on the ground, she will slash it around the front and side, creating a trail that does fire damage.

Keep moving around as she moves extremelly fast and in a fluid way as we discussed earlier.


Then there are some attacks that are harder to predict. Don’t get too comfortable behind her as she can turn and smash you quickly. If she closes her hand, she makes a grab. Avoid this at all costs. You know that getting hit by a Dark Souls III Boss hurts, so imagine being grabbed by one.

If she bends and covers her mouth, well get away since she is going to explode in flames with massive power.


When you manage to get her health down by around half, she will conjure dark energies and obtain a new sword. She becomes a dual-wielding boss with huge combos and spins. If you see her starting her main combo, get behind her as fast as you can, rolling like a madman to get there if you need to.

If she opens up her arms, she is going to cross blades right in front of her. Once the blades are crossed, she’ll smash attack you.

Keep dodging and only attack in between combos. Tiring her is the strategy here.

When she dies, pick Soul of the Dancer up and go to the bonfire, where you’ll see Lothric Castle’s entrance.


Mound Makers Covenant Opportunity Side Quest

You have beaten the 3 Lords of Cinder, and if you helped Sirris and passed Rosaria’s Fingers, you can now get a side-quest.

Go to the Cathedral entrace where you beat Curse-Rotted Greatwood and you’ll find a summoning sign.

Sirris now needs help to kill Holy Knight Hodrick, her grandfather. If you choose to accept this quest you’ll be fighting alongside her on the Pit of Hollows.

If you beat the quest, Sirris will go to Firelink Shrine.

If you accept her pledge to become your knight and fight in your name, you’ll be able to call her for the last 3 boss fights in Dark Souls 3.

If you, on the other hand, choose to refuse and kill her, you’ll be able to loot a Sunset Set in your world’s Pit of Hollows, including:

·        Sunset Armor;

·        Sunset Helm;

·        Sunset Gauntlets;

·        Sunset Leggings.

In Firelink Shrine, there’s a grave with Hodrick’s Sunset Shield as well.


Chapter II: Lothric Castle Walkthrough

Greirat will at some point offer to pillage Lothric Castle, you should always refuse. There’s no way to save the guy and he dies no matter what. Even if Patches knows where he went, he dies, not even him can save him.

Now, getting there, you can take a left to go to Consumed King’s Garden. Check it out, as it isn’t big so you can finish exploring it easilly. On the other hand, if you want to skip this part that is fine as well.

Now, where you find the path going up, you’ll find that climbing the ladder will lead you to one Red-Eyed Lothric Knight and one Cleric are.

The cleric’s role here is to buff and heal the knight, so you should always try to dodge the Knight’s attacks but target the cleric instead as that mob has to go first.

Once you beat them, the body where the Knight was originally kneeling at has a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight. Pick it up.


You’ll find that the elevator on that room doesn’t work, so you’ll have to take the stairs. 2 x Lothric Knights patrol the stairs, one armed with a sword and the other with a polearm. If you can, lure one away from the other to avoid taking them together.

On the other hand, even if you plan on tackling both, make sure you don’t go up the stairs as there’s a cleric there that may be a problem if he joins the fight, due to his healing and buffing abilities.

Defeat the knights and kill the cleric to find a new Bonfire and a shortcut to the previous one. There’s a room beyond that one where you can find a chest on the right hand side. The chest contains a full Prayer Armor Set, including:

·        Robe of Prayer;

·        Skirt of Prayer;

·        Hood of Prayer.

Now, take a left and you can loot a corpse for a Titanite Chunk.


You can now see a lot of Hollow Soldiers, but be careful as they aren’t as much of a pushover as the ones down below. There’s also na archer on the left stairway once you go up the stairs yourself.

You can find another Titanite Chunk on a corpse behind the barrier, but be careful because 3 x Hollows will jump the walls to steath attack you.

Enter the door to your right and be careful as you are going to be attacked by a Winged Knight x 1. Stay behind him as you’ll backstab him. On the other hand, make sure you avoid his lightning storm if he reacts before you backstab him.

Once he dies, grab the Twinkling Titanite and head up the ladder.

Once you climb the ladder you’re facing a stone wall. Hit the inside of the stone arch and you can now find a passageway to a dead Winged Knight. Loot his Winged Knight Set:

·        Winged Knight Armor;

·        Winged Knight Helm;

·        Winged Knight Gauntlets;

·        Winged Knight Leggings.

There’s also a Sacred Bloom Shield to collect, and then you can return to the ramparts where you’ll pass a barricade to find a Hollow with grenades.

Kill him with ranged attacks.

You’ll then find 2 x Archers to your right and a Hollow with a two handed axe awaits you close by. Kill everyone and you’ll be able to loot a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior and 2 x Titanite Chunks.

Now, going up to where the Hollow with the grenades was, you’ll find that a Winged Knight is hiding there, on a rampart just above that place. He won’t attack you, so go on and find the Bonfire to the left, as well as the Ember close to it.


Chapter 3: Lothric Castle Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough Guide

You’ll arrive at the main moat that leads to the castle, whether you took a left or a right, and you’ll find that there’s a dragon guarding the passage. If you scout your left you’ll find Lothric Knight corspes and a live one.

He was kneeling at a dead body you can loot to get a Greatlance from.

As you get close to the Dragon you’ll see another one arrive. Don’t think too much and just jump down to the moat’s ledge to get under the bridge, or there’s a good chance you’ll be roasted.

Now you can go to the lower moat to the right, or upper moat to the left.

Go to the Winged Knight that was on top of the Rampart, go right and get a Titanite Chunk.

Drop down to the lower moat and kill the Hollow that sits in the corner as quickly as you can, or he will transform into a monstrosity.

The Hollow to the left is no different, so you should dispatch him immediatly after.

Loot the 2 x Titanite Chunks that sit in the middle of the moat and if you go to the moat’s far corner you can also pick 2 xTwinkling Titanite up.

Continue on and take the stairs, there are 3 x Lightning Urns waiting behind the boxes. Get them and leave to the corridor that goes up.


This is where you’ll find a Crystal Lizard, and you can claim the Twinkling Titanite pieces he has with him. Don’t be baited by the Hollow Thief and try to kill him from afar, because as you go closer another one will rush you. A bit further, you’ll get jumped by 2 others as well.

Deal with them and loot a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier before you go fight the Hollow and Winged Knight above. Wipe them out and get 11 x Sniper Bolts and a Sniper Crossbow.

Run through the bridge and don’t stop until you dive to the upper moat to collect an Undead Bone Shard.

When you’re close to the bonfire, go up the stairs and you’ll see a Crossbow guy teasing you to charge him but be careful, a Hollow will throw grenades at you and na Halberdier will charge on your position to defend the ranged man.

As if this wasn’t enough, a Great-axe Hollow is going to follow him.

Kill them all by luring them out of the other 2’s firing lines and go back to kill the archer.

Go down the path and slay the Lothric Knights x 2.

Get inside the subsequent room and you’ll see a stairway going down. Through that you can spot the dragons on the gate and a corpse holding a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

The balcony from where the hollow was throwing anti-healing grenades was hides a Raw Gem, so claim it if you wish.

Once that is done, go down and you’ll face na Outrider Knight. Use the tips I already gave you at the Undead Settlement Walkthrough to deal with him.

If you manage to beat him, you’ll be able to claim an Irithyll Rapier and get access to chests:

·        1 x Twinkling Titanite;

·        2 x Twinkling Titanite

·        1 x Spirit Tree Crest Shield;

·        1 x Titanite Scale

Ignore the gate and just rush through past the Dragon. Trust me, you don’t need the item there. Go for the door to the Dragon’s left and go through it once he is trying to catch fresh air in-between fire breaths.

Once you enter, you’ll see the room is pitch dark. It is full of explosive barrels and the Hollows up on those ledges will throw fire bombs at you, so prepare your reflexes.

Engage the hollows and climb the stairs to finish them off.

Claim yet another Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier close to the ladder and slash the Dragon’s nail.

Use fire weapons or pyro abilities to stun the dragon and rush him while he is stunned.

Kill the dragon or the mutation and you’ll be able to loot 2 x Embers and 2 x Titanite Chunks.

Go to the door at the opposite side and claim a Titanite Chunk from the corpse holding it.

Repeat the process for the corpse with the Titanite scale and get the item you passed when you were dashing past the dragon.

·        Refined Gem;

·        Ember;

·        Lightning Urns x 6.

Go to the dark room where the barrels and Hollows were and collect 3 x Black Firebombs.

Kill the Hollow with the lantern up top and go through the door to your right for Pale Pine Resin.

Kill the chest, which is a Mimic, and collect the 3 x Titanite Scales it had.

Now you can enter the doors to discover you are on the gate’s other side.


Chapter IV: Lothric Cast Dark Souls III Walkthrough

Pull the lever to open the gate and you can see both a Cleric and a Lothric Knight. As always, the Knight is the menace but the Cleric will buff him. You can pick up a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior at a ledge, and if you drop down from that same ledge you fall onto a dangerous position, so avoid it for now.

Go through the main gate and you’ll be spotted by another Cleric. The Knight will charge you and you should backpedal a bit to take the Knight out of buffing range. Then you should backstab him before the Clerics come to both strenghten and heal him.

To the left of the 1st floor, you can spot and Ember. Collect it before going up the stairway to reach one of the Castle’s rooftops.

Ahead of you is a Boss Fight, but you can also go left to find a ladder or right to find a lift.

If you go up the ladder, you can collect a Titanite Chunk and kill 2 x Crossbowmen and 1 x Hollow with a Great-Axe.

Go down the ladder after you defeat this trio and you’re rewarded with a Knight’s Ring. Across the bridge you’ll have the opportunity to duel a Red-Eyed Lothric Knight, so show him who’s boss. Follow through to reach an Altar of Ssunlight.

If you pray, you’ll get the “Praise the Sun” emote all the memes are about. You can also find a chest there with 3 x Titanite Scales and a door to reach the area you were in already.


Now, if you choose to take a right, you can collect a Titanite Shard and 2 x Rusted Coins. The elevator isn’t working as of now, but you can hop onto a balcony to your left to claim a Red Tearstone Ring.

Before jumping to the boss, you should remember there’s still a Dragon missing. Close to the ladder you can find railings that go down to it.

Go there and dodge the acid spits. Then you just need to rinse and repeat the tactics used for the first dragon, hitting him between breaths.

Slaying this second mutation yields 2 Embers and 2 Titanite Chunks. There’s also a chest (Mimic) and a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight close to the ledge.

If you go up the stairs you can collect 1 x Braille Divine Tome of Lothric.

If you give this tome and the Braille Divine Tome of Carim to Irina, she can be turned into a Fire Keeper, and goes to live on Firelink Shrine.

Now you should go fight the boss. Summon Eygon or Sirris and face Dragonslayer Armour.



Dark Souls 3 Boss Fight Walkthrough: Dragonslayer Armour Guide, Tips and Tricks

The Boss Fight for Loric Castle is going to be Dragonslayer Armour.

When you enter the arena you’ll see as na armor comes to life to try to kill you (probably doing so a few times before you kill it).

The Pilgrim Butterfly is the one controlling it, and she intends to help it succeed by flying through the arena several times, firing a lot of ranged attacks that make you feel as if you’re playing a bullet hell kind of game.

The feeling you get while fighting this boss is that you’re fighting na humanoid opponent with shield bashes, strikes and one handed slashes that resemble what you face in other circumstances.

But the axe does some really unpredictable arcs, so the weapon reach is huge, plus where the weapon doesn’t reach, the armor shield bashes.

The weapon has electric damage, so if you’re using plate armor then you should probably change to something better and less lightning conductive, like the Abyss Watcher Set of Armor.

The attacks are usually slow and quick in this order, and you should attack once the guy stops for a rest, before he resumes alternating between fast and slow attacks.

When the armor raises the axe, it starts booming with electricity before slamming the ground. You should avoid this blow at all costs as it really saps your health away.

If he starts dual wielding the axe it means he is going to jump at you with a heavy strike. On the other hand, if the axe goes behind his back, he’s going to make a wide arc with it, lunging forward.

Then there’s another attack where he puts the blade to the floor and charges.


If you give it heavy damage in a short amount of time he becomes stunned and goes down to his knee. However, he raises his axe quickly and smashes the ground, so if you plan on attacking while he is stunned you should keep your eyes on the axe at all times.

When you hit his health bar to the mid-level, the Pilgrim Butterfly starts actively supporting it. Our advice is that you always try to keep both opponents on your screen. You really don’t want to miss what they are doing.

The butterfly shoots ranged attacks and these attacks stun, allowing the Dragonslayer Armour boss to hit you heavilly.

On the other hand, the butterfly also marks the ground, creating shortly delayed explosions. Move at all times, and position yourself in a way that you are always seeing both opponents but with room on both sides to strafe if you see a flash of light, as that means a mark is really close.

Only hit in a counter-attack way and when you see na opening. Steer clear of the Armour’s shield.

If you defeat the Armor, then the Butterfly is defeated as well.


Once you defeat this boss, you can loot it for the Soul of Dragonslayer Armour and get to the bonfire of the bridge.

The gate will open and you can go to the Grand Archives, which will be the next phase of our Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough Guide.

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