Darth Malgus: The Coolest Sith in History

Darth Malgus was a Sith Lord of the Sith Empire from the Great Galactic War to the 3rd Galactic War.

Before he was a Sith, he was being raised by his step-father and he killed a Twi’lek servant still as a young boy, feeling the gentle tug of the dark side of the force.

Darth Malgus’ Early Life: Finding Love and Killing His Master

He was Force Sensitive and as such was sent to the Sith Academy of Dromund Kaas where he graduated as a Sith Warrior and was promoted to the rank of Commander in the Imperial Military.

In the Outer Rim, in the world of Geonosis, Darth Malgus discovered a Twi’lek slave, and he took her, but soon fell in love with her. Her name was Eleena Daru.

They fought together for a time and took care of each other’s back during combat against the Galactic Republic.

Malgus still had a master though, his name was Vindican, and he was the leader behind the victorious conquest of Korriban.

It was at this time Malgus killed his master, striking him while welcoming him home punishing Vindican for being injured by Jedi Master Kao Cen Darach.

I’m going to go ahead and show you a cinematic for that battle now (in the linked video), and this is a great movie that gives you a really good feel of how Malgus was at the time.

Sometime after, Malgus was the leader behind a surprise attack on Alderaan, and the Sith triumphed in the beginning, only to suffer a strong counterattack led by Satele Shan.

darth malgus

Getting His Respirator: The Sith Dreadnought Malgus

He was greatly wounded and forced to use the respirator that became part of his trademarked look.

Again, there’s a cinematic for that, and it’s cool seeing how he got the wounds and his face destroyed. It’s cool to see how Satele evolved by this point as well.

The empire had a plan, and it was to pursue peace with the Republic only to lower their guard and take Coruscant, their capital. Malgus was chosen by Darth Angral to lead a strike team right to the middle of the Jedi Temple, and it was then that one of the coolest battles occurred.

Half of the members of the Jedi High Council were now death, and the Jedi Order was disgraced.

This is probably my favorite Darth Malgus moment, and I think many of you can relate to that.

One thing to point out is that the Twi’lek besides him is the slave turned lover I was talking about earlier, Eleena Daru.

Malgus was charged with defending Coruscant orbit and defying the Empire’s orders to stay his hand, striking the world again to pursue Jedi Aryn Leneer who was trying to kill him to avenge her master.

Leneer failed, but something succeeded, and that something was the Dark Side of the Force who was able to pull Malgus down, convincing him that his love for Daru was a weakness and was preventing him from breaking all bonds and thus achieve greater power.

eleena daru and malgus

Killing His Lover and Going Rogue:

He killed Daru while the Imperials were celebrating an enforced peace with the Republic, and Malgus hated them for it as he wanted the Republic to be completely wiped out.

Malgus used the cold war period to conquer territories in the unknown regions and bolster the Empire’s strength.

When the Sith Emperor was presumed dead, Malgus stepped forward and declared a new Empire under him, free from the Dark Council, but he was discovered by the Republic and Imperials and defeated.

Malgus returned though, and at the start of the Third Galactic War, he served under Empress Acina during the Invasion of Ossus.

Malgus is an ambitious Sith, so he decided this wasn’t the life he wanted, becoming rogue and attempting to expunge all remaining restraints on his power and imposed over him.