dead in vinland bury chest

Dead In Vinland: Bury Chest – What Happens?

Dead in Vinland’s bury chest quest always leaves a sour taste in your mouth the first time you do it, because you simply see no result from it.

On the other hand, the result is real… but what is it?

This is what we’re going to write about, so if you buried that chest and you’re unsure on what the outcome was, read below.


Bury Me Chest: The Outcome of burying it!

So, the “Bury Me” chest is one of those exploration events, and you find it floating on a lake. If you inspect it closely you’ll see an inscription asking for you to bury it.

Comply with the instructions and you’ll see that apparently nothing happens.

This is because this event is tied with another exploration event, the skulls hanging from a tree one.

When exploring, you’ll find a weird old-looking tree with skulls hanging down from it.

You can collect bones from the tree and either dig underneath or explore the trunk…

If you buried the chest, digging under the tree will yield extra loot, and the chest will be filled with goodies you can collect, like many powders and even special items like the Tyr Gauntlet.


This is what burying the chest does. If you don’t bury the chest then you’re missing out on the goodies beneath the tree, and if you ever dug those up you know they are very useful and a good supply miscellaneous supply source for medicinal goods and some extra stats.

The mystery is now revealed!

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