dead in vinland how to get rope

Dead In Vinland: How To Get Rope?

If you want to know how to get rope in Dead In Vinland, then read this post as it was written just for people like you.

Rope is vital for the survivors because it’s used in most crafting recipes and meaningful upgrades. It’s one of the crafting components you’ll find you’re missing the most.

Luckilly, there are a few ways to accumulate rope, so let’s discuss them…


dead in vinland how to get rope

Harvesting Rope: Where to Get Rope?

Dead In Vinland has a lot of exploration events, one per each area, and some of them do provide rope.

However, you’re going to have a really bad time if you depend on those events.

The best way to acquire rope is by harvesting it, and by harvesting it we mean going to the herbalist and focus on collecting “Hemp”. Alternatively, farm hemp in the garden.

You can then hit the Forge building and craft your Hemp to bundles of Rope so you can then craft at ease.


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Rope for Those Without Forge and Herbalist:

For those who don’t have these buildings yet, and you’re wondering how to get rope, then there are alternative ways to do it.

Loki trades rope – so you can find the guy in the exploration part of the game and trade with the God to acquire this resource.

On the other hand, the most reliable way to loot rope is to fight for it.

Click the expedition camp and select the option to “look for a fight”. This will increase the chances of getting encounters, and these encounters grant you loot.

Among those pieces of loot you’ll sometimes find rope, and I know this supply already saved me from some tight spots.


That’s it, getting rope in Dead In Vinland is as simple as this. Granted that it can be time consuming to produce and very rare to find elsewhere, but the means to acquiring it are these, so pick one and start working!

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