Dead in Vinland: How to Get Sheep

Dead in Vinland: How to Get Sheep?

If you play Dead in Vinland, how to get sheep is something that will be bugging you if you build the animal pen and you still never found one of those furry creatures.

Having that in mind, we thought it could be a good idea to make an article to clear the doubts for those turning to search engine in order to learn how getting sheep goes.


The Two Ways to Get Sheep in Dead in Vinland:

As the sub-header tells you, there are two ways to obtain these animals in the game.

How to get sheep:

·        Find the sheep through exploration events (new explored squares);

·        Breed the Sheep through already tamed sheep couples;

Of course, most of you are looking for the first sheep and so it is as simple as continuing to explore the map until you get the sheep event.


During the sheep event, you also have two choices on how to get the sheep in Dead in Vinland:

·        Tackling the Sheep;

·        Herding it.

The smartest way to do it is to herd it (or tame it as I don’t remember the exact word used). The reason is if you tackle the sheep it will lose health and you’ll have to heal it up once it is in the pen.

The second way to breed sheep is by filling two rooms of the pen and leaving the third one empty. Through time and luck one day you’ll wake up and see a young animal in one of the pens… kill one of the parents to make room for the other one and keep on doing it since sheep die of old age and you want to keep the youngest.

We also wrote two articles, one about How to Shear Sheep and another one on Old Sheep.

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