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Dead in Vinland: How To Get Tinder?

If you’re playing Dead in Vinland, you probably wonder on how to get tinder. Why? Well, I don’t care how good you are, you’ll end up forgetting to feed the fire one day right before bedtime and whoosh.

Either that or a special event, lack of wood due to tribute, it can happen in a variety of ways. Fire is essencial to survival, and therefore you need tinder to light it up.

Trouble is, it seems to be hard to come by…


Dead In Vinland: How to Get Tinder? Harvesting the Firestarters!

There’s only one way to get Tinder, and that’s through exploration events.

At times, you’ll encounter mushroom trees just like the one showed in the picture above. These are the trees you want to harvest in order to collect the Tinder mushrooms.

There are three fire mushroom trees in the whole Island, so you don’t want to waste those.

The tinder coming from these trees and the one you start with (the one Moira gives you) are the only ones you’ll get access to, so if you run out of them and have these sources depleted, you’ll have to play without a fire.


Playing Without a Fire:

To play without a fire, you need to eat your food raw, and you need to rely on water from the juices you’ll be crafting.

Of course you’ll have a hard time, and most of the players, even the hardcore ones, would just give up at this point and start a new game.


So, in summary, collect Tinder through exploration events, but even more vital is your ability to keep your fire running.

Always double check before heading to bed!

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