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Dead In Vinland: How To Reduce Depression?

Before sickness hurts you or injuries become a problem, depression will try to take its toll on your camp. That’s why Dead In Vinland needs people to ask how to reduce depression in their first few days.

Luckilly, the answer is quite simple, and we’re writing about it right here.


Dead In Vinland: How to Reduce Depression?

The sureshot way to reduce depression is by building and using a Tavern.

First of all, the tavern should be among the first buildings you craft since it is so vital – trust me, depression becomes a problem really soon and so building a tavern in the first few days is a vital task.

When you build the tavern, you can click it and alter between its working method. You can pick the Tavern as a relaxation spot, and in that case you gain a small depression decrease (or heal) with no losses, or you can activate party mode and win a big depression decrease (or heal) but spend two beers on the process.

You get a few beers when you build the tavern.


Dead in Vinland: Tavern Alternatives and Reducing Depression!

There are some other ways to reduce depression. Some events will grant you depression decreases, the blue Goddess heals you when you clear one of her quests, the sheep you find reduce the depression of those who pet it and so forth.

However, the only reliable alternative to the tavern is the forge, in which you can forge potions to heal depression, fatigue and pretty much everything.

These potions are an expensive solution though, so we really need to reinforce that the Tavern is vital.


There, that’s all you need to know on how to reduce depression on Dead in Vinland. We hope this small guide was an useful one.


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