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Dead In Vinland: How to Shear Sheep?

“Dead in Vinland how to shear sheep” is shockingly one of the most googled terms about the indie game, so I got out of my way to write a post on it.

Dead in Vinland is a game in which all resources matter, and even resources that don’t seem that important at the beggining of the game or at some point throughout the journey are found to be needed sooner or later.


Wool is one of these resources.

It doesn’t seem to have many uses, but it is vital for plenty of stuff, like repairing your healing tent, for example.

On top of that, Dead in Vinland’s sheep age and die, so you want to sheer them regularly and get more sheep to make up for the dead ones.

But how do you collect wool?


Dead in Vinland: How to Milk and Shear Sheep?

Sheep are useful as they provide you with two output resources:

·        Milk;

·        Meat;

On the other hand, you’ll have to feed them everyday, so they have the two input resources of:

·        Wheat;

·        Dirty Water.

Each sheep consumes one unit of food per day, and a unit of food is produced by combining wheat and dirty water.

Finally, wool is produced constantly, but you can only shear sheep at a rate of about once every 3 days.


So, bottom line, sending an animal handling specialist to tend the pen every three days is enough to harvest wool at an optimum amount – on the other hand, milk is a regular resource.

All harvesting is done automatically if you have a person tending the pen.


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