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Dead in Vinland: How to Use Traps?

Food is one of the most precious resources in the game, and we’re sure that’s why everyone is searching “Dead in Vinland: How to Use Traps?”

Down on the “real world”, you can spend two weeks without food, and just a couple of days without water.

In-game, however, water and food are equally important and food is much more needed.

It’s natural that you build yourself a Hunting Camp, but if this is your first time you may find traps confusing.

Here’s how it works…


Dead in Vinland: How to Use Traps? Are Traps Worth It or Useless?

Well, we’ll give you a rundown on traps and why we think that albeit traps have a niche use they aren’t quite worth it as of now and may be considered useless in some moments of the game.

Let’s start by giving you the basics on how to use traps on Dead in Vinland:

·        Craft the Traps in the Forge;

·        Set the traps up via the Hunting Camp pannel (by clicking the hunting camp and pressing “check traps”);

·        You need a trap and a piece of meat to set 1 trap up;

·        Wait and check daily.

So, having this out of the way, let’s see what they are worth…


Are Dead in Vinland Traps Useless? Worth it or Not?

So, you can set 5 traps as of now, and those traps have the following requirements:

·        5 Iron Pieces;

·        5 Wood Pieces;

·        5 Ropes;

·        5 Meat Pieces;

Now that the meat is set up, let’s consider that in NONE of those traps the bait is stolen – this means you get 20 pieces of meat as you get 5 meat pieces per successful trap.

Now, consider the fact that the resources needed for the 5 traps take about 6 to 10 days of harvesting (depending on the skills of the person doing it), and you’ll see that in that amount of time you can get a lot more food doing other stuff.

Not only that, a substantial percentage of the traps will break down and some even do it before any yield.

So, it appears that traps are useless in Dead in Vinland, but there is a situation where that isn’t true.

Traps can be useful if Bjorn requests meat as tribute and you need to ramp up production – at times like that you can’t be picky.


So, to sum it up, craft traps in the forge, get them a meat piece each as bait and check them daily.

However, think about their returns and resources needed to craft and consider if they’re worth it to you or not.

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