dead in vinland lady tomoe

Dead In Vinland: Lady Tomoe

Dead in Vinland’s Lady Tomoe is, like all of the companions you find, a mysterious character.

She is a warrior of the same class as Eirik, which may cause her to stick out of the fighting if you already take the former to battle.

She is a Noble and stern Onna-Bugeisha (kind of a female samurai), and she was the leader of a detachment of troops.


Lady Tomoe: Dead In Vinland Companion!

There was at times a peace on her original land, which enabled Tomoe to educate her daughters and sons, but her husband’s bastard had a different idea in mind.

Toshitsune, her step-son, murdered all of Tomoe’s children and killed her husband as well.

She always yields her husband’s Katana, and she got on the island after a shipwreck.

Now, she uses her husband’s weapon to slay those who harm her current family… the survivors.


Lady Tomoe is a very good companion since she isn’t going around murdering people, she doesn’t try to seduce family members and she can be useful for the camp.

Along with Cisse, Tomoe is one of the most useful Dead in Vinland companions to have around, so you’d do well to recruit her.

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