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Dead In Vinland: Old Sheep – Can They Breed? How To Get New Sheep?

If you play Dead in Vinland and Old Sheep is the only kind of sheep you have on your pen, rest assured there’s a way to get more sheep… however, you should read this piece to understand sheepology to its fullest.

Yes, sheep age in this game, and I also found this out the hard way.


Dead in Vinland: How to Get Sheep

Old Sheep: Can They Breed?

The short answer is yes, they can breed, but through my experience I can say that the rate must be reduced because I found it way harder to breed new sheep using an Old Sheep couple.

Here’s what you need in order to breed new sheep:

·        2x Old Sheep or ideally 2x Sheep;

·        1 Free Pen (so the lamb can populate it);

·        Both parent sheep must be over 50 HP;

·        A 25% Success Roll during the night.

If these conditions are met, a lamb will appear.


How To Get New Sheep?

There are only a handful of sheep in the map, and they are obtained through exploration events.

However, you can always breed them. Most people start breeding the same two sheep all the time and killing the lambs for food, much like I did on my first play through.

They then find out the sheep get old… and they have no more sheep in the map so they are stuck with the old ones who are quick to die.

The turnaround to this is you obtain a new lamb, you kill one of the parents and let the lamb grow to breed a new lamb, you kill the other parent and you use the two young to breed.

Each time a sheep comes out, you kill the oldest you have in stock, and that’s the trick to having sheep, not old sheep, in Dead in Vinland.


So, now you don’t have to be a geriatric Shepard. Also, if you want to know about shearing sheep, we wrote a post about it.

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