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Dead In Vinland Tribute List: Here’s What Bjorn Wants!

Dead in Vinland’s Tribute List is here so you can be prepared for all of the tributes in advance, as well as discover what unforeseen gimmicks Bjorn’s crew will throw at you.

I was caught off-guard plenty of times, especially when Bjorn suddenly wanted 40 fruits rather than 30, but it paid off since we now have access to the full tribute list.

If this is what you’re looking for, then read below…


Dead In Vinland Tribute List:

So, here’s the stuff Bjorn Headcleaver will demand from you:

  • 10x Wood Pieces;
  • 8x Potable Water;
  • 30x Wood Pieces;
  • 40x Fresh Fruit (but he will initially ask for 30 only, so be prepared for the 10 increase);
  • 40x Wood Pieces;
  • 20x Meat (and a game)
  • 30x Rope;
  • 20x Fishes;
  • 20x Stone Pieces;
  • 40x Rope;
  • 20x Iron;
  • 30x Dried Meals;
  • 30x Beers;
  • 60x Wood Pieces;
  • 30x Stone Pieces;
  • 50x Fresh Fruit;
  • 40x Meat;
  • 50x Rope;
  • 80x Wood;
  • 40x Stone;

Now, from this point onward the tributes are going to be paid each 10 days, so adjust accordingly.

  • 70x Rope;
  • 100x Wood;
  • 60x Stone;
  • 70x Rope;
  • 100x Wood;
  • 60x Stone Pieces;
  • THE END!

So, if you were looking for the stuff Bjorn asks for, these are the items. Some of these can be a huge drag, especially the rope ones… those will set you back a lot because rope is so time consuming to get and so direly needed for crafting, upgrades and building improvements.

Keep working, recruit new survivors to expand your ability to acquire resources and deliver what he asks for in time, or you’ll suffer… you know the drill!

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