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Did Danielle Colby Die? Danielle Colby Cushman Death News:

Did Danielle Colby die or is it just one of those common death rumors? This is something we thought this morning as we checked the web and saw this issue was trending.

Of course we decided to investigate, as we’ve been covering Danielle Colby-Cushman for some time now.

What we discovered we write below, so you’ll get to know what happened to her.

We also discovered what may be the source of the rumor, and a page you’ll probably want to take a look at to find out how these rumors usually start.

did danielle colby die

Danielle Left the American Pickers Show:

First of all, and you probably already know this, she is rumored to have left the American Pickers show. We think maybe this is what started it all and got the rumor rolling, but you never know.

Thinking there may be more to this than meets the eye, we confirmed there’s not much of her activity around, and so we turned to social media.

However, her IMDB states her presence in the show in 2020. Let’s wait for next year before taking any conclusions.

danielle colby cushman

Colby Cushman Stopped Posting on Social Media:

The social media we had and used for other articles in the past appear to be abandoned, and one of them seems to have been banned according to some digging.

So maybe she stopped posting on the other accounts as a repercussion of having her main one banned or just got bored of social media altogether.

However, we can’t think she died just because she stopped posting, so we searched for death news, obituaries, records, and everything.

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Did Danielle Colby Die: Here’s What We Found!

As we said, we scoured the web and didn’t find a single record that anything had happened to her but a nasty rumor site posting a “Obituary” of her where no death is ever mentioned.

It seems to us the owner of the website is just capitalizing on the keyword “Danielle Colby Obituary” which we see is trending after some keyword research.

However, also trending but without a site was the search for proper answers, and that’s why we decided to write this article.

We can’t have rumors sprout around like that, but they keep on coming.

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We Wrote an In-Depth Article on Danny Diesel

If you’d like to know more about Danielle, or Danny Diesel as she is also known, then read our article on her.

You will probably get a few pointers on where to search more for her presence and future projects, as we addressed that as well.

It’s a relief to know that she appears to be fine, and we certainly hope this article to be true as we did our best to make it so and find nothing but relief as we search for more info.

So, relax, everything seems to be ok, and about the page with her Obituary, if you search for it you’ll find it and you’ll see there’s not a single mention of any death wherever.

It’s just the article’s title, which is probably just a marketing stunt or some similar thing.