DIY Hair Toner: How to Get That Geeky Fantasy Hair

DIY Hair Toner: How to Get That Geeky Fantasy Hair

We geeks just love to get fantasy hair, and in this post we’re going to go over DIY Hair Toner and how to get fantasy hair from home in a do-it-yourself way.


Everything about Hair Toner:

Geeks love getting purple, red, green, white and other fantasy colors on their hair, much because of how cool it looks and because some of their favorite characters have it.

Well, if you are a blonde or if you have white hair already you’ll have a good time dying your hair, but if you have a healthy dark colored mane then you’ll have a bad time since you’ll have to bleach it or decolorize it first.


Well, this is where toner comes in, because it deletes that orange rust color of bleached hair and makes it look natural and shinier.

If you see people with bleached hair walking around, chances are they just bleached it and didn’t use a toner, otherwise they would look naturally blonde and you wouldn’t even notice.



Toner Facts and Musts:

You must bleach your hair BEFORE using the toner;

You must use a toner if you’re going for a fantasy color, especially lighter tones;

You can apply it locally if you like the effect, leaving the rest natural.

The toning will fade with washes, so if you bathe often your tone will last for a shorter time.

You can use toner in the form of Ammonia, Shampoo, or Dye.


What Kind of Toner to Use?

Ammonia Toner should be used a few days after bleaching it, and you usually need to add a developer into the mix. On the other hand, the toner won’t lift the color, only removing the rest, artificial and unhealthy tone of the bleached hair.

On the other hand, Purple shampoo can be used as a toner but make sure you don’t use too much and test it out first as different brands have different power. Make sure you wash with this shampoo and that you don’t rinse too fast, leave it to take effect for about 10 minutes…. Wash your body meanwhile.

Finally, use the hair dye after your hair is bleached and mix in some white conditioner. You’ll have to leave the mixture on your for half an hour, and you should be conservative in the amount.



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