Death Count: DragonBall Z Infographic, 3 Ultimate Dead Warriors!

DragonBall Z Infographic: Death Count, 3 Ultimate Dead Warriors!

There have been a lot of deaths on DBZ (DragonBall Z), and that’s why we decide to do this little infographic.

We’re not designers mind you, so apologies for the amateurish look. However, this will give you a quick glimpse on three of the most knocked out characters in the saga.

There are a lot of characters that have a draw on death count with Vegeta and Yamcha, but none that matches Krillin’s record as the most death count record holder in Dragonball.

I was initially surprised about the fact that Yamcha only died twice, I felt he was kind of useless throughout the saga, but thinking about it he always stayed at the Kame House, so yeah, he did escape some tight spots.

On the other hand, I didn’t think Vegeta was tied with Goku, but it seems only fair.

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We promise we will make a complete Top 10 Death Counts Infographic if this one has a good feedback, so stay tuned for more and show us some love by sharing this one.

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