Dreaming of Dead Loved Ones: What Does It Mean?

Dreaming of Dead Loved Ones: What Does It Mean?

Scientists point out that our brain resembles a super-computer, but to this day, even in 2017, there’s no sign of where dreams come from.

The area is full of unknowns, and there aren’t any clues so far on what region of the brain makes us dream.

Dreams are many times just torrents of info and stuff that appears loosely conneccted, but all dreams can be summed up in a sentence: People interacting in pre-created environments.

Even if the person is alone, it appears in a pre-created environment, and we only dream of people we already saw, even if just by the corner of our eyes.

So, what if everyone stays in our subconscious, leaving a shard of themselves or even a magnetic field signature or something like that which goes in some kind of repository in our subconscious.

What if everyone leaves a bit of their “soul” in each other.

There are times in which we deam of someone we don’t know that well and when we do know them well we discover that person is the kind of person we dreamed of in the first place.

So, are we able to connect to each other and even to people who aren’t among us anymore through these personality shards that get left behind? These soul pieces or electromagnetic signatures?

One can only hope…

What are your thoughts?