Dumbledore is The Strongest Wizard in Harry Potter:

Dumbledore is The Strongest Wizard in Harry Potter:

Dumbledore is The Strongest Wizard in Harry Potter:

If you’re looking for an analysis on who the most powerful wizard in Harry Potter is, then know that you found the right article – Dumbledore is the guy you’re searching for!





Well, let’s start this article off by stating that not only is Dumbledore the most gifted and skilled Wizard he is also one of the main engines of the Harry Potter Saga’s story.

If you think Albus was only a prodigy on his older bearded years, then know that he was the most gifted student Hogwarts ever had.

Not only was he a really powerful wizard, he was also a badass duelist who captured various Death Eaters at the same time and actually dueled Lord Voldemort while wielding the Elder Wand, holding back not to kill him.

If you want to know who did Dumbledore beat then the list is a really big one – Dolores Umbridge, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Percy Weasley, Dawlish, Cornelius Fudge, Gellert Grindelwald and more!

Can Dumbledore conjure Gubraithian Fire? Yes he can!

Is Dumbledore a master of Apparition, Potions, Invisibility and Transfiguration? Yes he is!

Harry Potter had all three Deathly Hallows, but do you know who also had them? Albus Dumbledore. Without considering his raw power, he was also a great leader and general, which made him a huge legend and an adequate principal for our little wizard’s school.

Finally, something to really justify the fact that Dumbledore is the strongest wizard in Harry Potter, I’ll just add that he actually stopped chasing power after his sister died, because he knew that if he continued the risks were immense and his power would be dangerously unparalleled.

He chose the path of teaching and defeated the wielder of the Elder Wand, who nobody could beat – or so it should be. Voldemort fears no one, except for Albus Dumbledore…

The most powerful wizard of all time will forever stay in our hearts.

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