Early Access Steam Games Suck: Stop Buying that Crap

Early Access Steam Games Suck: Stop Buying that Crap

Aaaaah, early access games and preorders, the stupidest deals you ever made. Dude, do you realize that on Steam you’re often buying digital copies that have NO stock and therefore aren’t going to disappear after the first days of launch?

Oh, don’t tell me you preordered a game to get a stupid Pet Pyjack or a little $4 statuette you can get for cents on Aliexpress. Preorders are what enables fiascos like Rome Total War II to bank hard even though it has friggin boats sailing on the desert sand and soldiers throwing themselves to their death down the walls during a siege.

And early access? Don’t even get us started on that one because Early Access games suck!


Early Access Sucks: Stop Feeding Greedy Pigs

There are so many early access games out there, and if you think that it is because the developers want to gather some game testers while collecting money for developing you’re dead wrong.

Early access developers mostly place their games in early access because they are unfinished, unpolished, buggy, laggy, badly optimized pieces of crap that back in the 90s would be a scandal to sell.

By buying early access you’re feeding these greedy devs and therefore extending the practice. Keep doing that and one day every game will be half-baked!


Learn How To Find Good Titles:

There are roughly 2 good games for each 20 greedy half baked titles. Of course there are a couple of developers on the market that use early access opportunities like you should… to help develop, but you need to learn how to find them.

One of the things you can do is check the developers’ history. If you’re buying an early access game from a developer that has 5 more early access titles and some of them as old as my Triceratop friend’s grandmother, then you’re going to have a bad time.


Check the Dates!

Some early access games are early access for life. I promise you some of the devs already retired and are at a retirement home connected to a machine to help them breathe while you still buy their early access titles thinking it will one day launch.

Check the dates, especially the launch date and the date the “early access” gem got on the market.


If You Buy Half Finished Games at Full Price… You’re a Moron!

Finally, some early access titles have a triple A full game price. This is idiotic, and there are still plenty of sales.

This enables developers to keep screwing us over!

If you buy early access half finished games at full price… you’re an idiot!


Rant over…. Early Access games suck, and if you buy them, you suck too!

What are your thoughts?