Easter Eggs in Bioware’s Master Pieces:

Easter Eggs in Bioware’s Master Pieces:

No one who has played Bioware’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age can deny the terrifying amount of similarities between both series – A lot of people, and was among them, thought that the two worlds were really connected, like Thedas is some sort of a Forgotten Planet that got cut out from the rest of the Galaxy and survived on its own.

Since I finished Dragon age Inquisition and played its Last DLC, I no longer believe in that theory, but there’s still a lot of evidence suggesting that – starting from that doctor on Eden Prime who you save at the start of Mass Effect – Once she sees you she says “thank the maker”  – up till you play Dragon Age inquisition and Leliana burst into singing “The Shepard is lost and his home is far,  keep to the stars for one day soon”.

This isn’t counting the voice acting cast which is often shared between titles.


The Darkspawn Ogre & The Krogan Trophy: 

There is a Darkspawn Ogre in the vault where you finish Katsumi’s loyalty mission, and the Krogan head trophy at Empress Celene’s winter palace.

But there are also a lot of direct hidden Easter Eggs that refer to other games or even movies,  I was surprised to the extent of my jaw dropping when Cole from Inquisition – who when talked to sometimes speaks vaguely of inquisition members or people you encounter throughout the game, sometimes making no sense – like  this time he said “he was dead The whole time, and he didn’t even know”.

At that moment i just gasped and goggled my eyes “he means the sixth sense, doesn’t he?” So I started to focus more, especially with him and Solas because they are close and I was mind blown,  but I am not going to spoil them for you,  just keep it in mind next time you play Dragon Age Inquisition.

Probing Uranus and Other Great Easter Eggs on Mass Effect and Dragon Age:

Another obvious yet hilarious one is when Isabella betrays you in the fade in Dragon age 2, but can we really blame her? She likes big boats and cannot lie.

And Let’s all not forget that really strange Scene in Dragon age when you are trying to Cure the Lycanthropy from the Elves, and you run into this Strange cult Meeting and one of the Dung Covered Peasants Asks you to take out the Axe from the Stump, which is in my opinion a straight up reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail (that was one Hilarious movie)

The most funny one of them all, and by far the BEST ever is when you go to local cluster in Mass Effect 2 and try to scan Uranus, if you find minerals and try to send a probe, EDI comes in and say,” Really Commander?”, and if you send yet another Probe, She says “Probing Uranus”

I noticed hell lot of more hidden funny Easter eggs, Especially Since I played Dragon age more than I should, but I will let you discover them yourself.

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