The Elder Scrolls Online Forgotten Log: Diary of a Nord Greymane

The Elder Scrolls Forgotten Log: Diary of a Nord Greymane

The following log was written by Novak Greymane of Whiterun, and it details a forgotten journey from an Oblivion Castaway to a Heroic Figure.


Day 1 – Rebirth and Emotions.

My name is Novak Greymane of Whiterun, I’ve seen 28 Winters and I decided to create this journal as I witnessed a strange chain of events that make me think that I may be destined to greatness.

A while back, hard to say when, I woke up in the realm of Molag Bal, a nightmare! I was saved by the “Prophet” and a really tall Nord girl that seemed to be about my age but was substantially taller than me.

She told me I was dead.

I have no clue of what happened to me yet, but I intend to find out now that I am on my beloved Skyrim once again, on Bleakrock Isle, pretty close to my homeland.


I’ve been gathering the villagers as a strange event is taking place. Corsairs may be running towards us and I am unsure of what will happen to the townsfolk.

Captain Rana, from the Ebonheart Pact, deposited great hopes in me, and so I offered to help, a good way to start out my path towards destiny, no matter what that will be.

I already saved a couple of people who were turned Skeevers by some wild sorcerers and took a tour towards town.

The real surprise was an apprentice blacksmith, I noticed her and my heart tumbled. Ever have I seen such beauty in the rough – I’m enchanted by her.

I met her mother near the town, and unaware that I nurture such an esteem for her daughter, she told me about her.

She has some wild dreams of going towards the mainland to become a master smith, but her family wants her to take care of the family business, which is farming and raising cattle on this cold island.

I for one wouldn’t matter taking her with me, I’m sure we would have plenty of adventures to share.


Day 2 – A Chilling Welcome

I found a woman near a fireplace and she was as white as snow, she claimed her brother ventured into the haunted cave near town and never returned.

I ventured in and found him frozen solid. A wizard was there, visibly upset, maybe dead, and with no mind of his own.

He kept talking about Squirrels and asking me to play some weird games.

I abided and with a touch of my natural charisma and rhetoric was able to “win” an argument about bear traps and animals by saying the most insane thing that passed through my mind.

In one of the cave’s crevasses I found an old worn Nord helm, of a traditional horned design, and since it was made of iron I decided to wear it from henceforth as a way to guarantee additional protection, albeit the rest of my body is still just covered in rags and my hands laced with broken shackles of Oblivion.

Perhaps if I play the cards right, my beautiful maiden will someday craft me a whole suit of armor.



Day 3 – Hozzin’s Folly, the Daggerfall Covenant and Bandits

Sargeant Seyne was on the road today, next to a dead bandit, I reached out and touched her dark elven hair. She turned her head and steamed off.

“Corsairs are the least of our worries, bandits are raiding the mines, looking to steal artifacts”

I instantly thought that this was a good opportunity to make a name for myself, but being a lover of history I had to ask about the name of the mine, Hozzin’s Folly.

She claims Hozzin came her with his family looking to mine Iron, but people claimed he always wore dark robes and behaved in a strange way.

I think I will have more than I bargained for, but we both agreed it would be best to use subterfuge and take the dead bandit’s gear to enter the mine in disguise and see what they are doing.

I found a book and it had a passage about opening a passage to Oblivion. Maybe one day that will be useful if I ever want to ascend mortality, but not today, besides I am not sure if I want to skip Sovngard.

I entered the mine disguised as one of the bandits. It seems they were hired by someone to steal relics of power from the mines… I hope it is not those pointy eared wood rats or those Altmer vermin trying to hit us. The way the contract was referring towards us Nords certainly pointed towards it.

I found out it was the Daggerfall Covenant that hired these bandits. Seems those stinking Orcs and Orc lovers are also targeting us right now. A war is a war and all is valid to reach the means I suppose.

I found the artifact, it connected to Oblivion where three fiends were guarding it. I dispatched them quickly with my assassination skills and destroyed the portal. That thing is better off locked from the inside.

Connecting with the portal made me return to Bleakrock, and I felt relieved.

Sargeant Seyne gave me her dagger as a reward, what a fine weapon to match my assassination style. I was using a mace and a sword. I’m discarding the sword for the dagger now since I will need the mace for some blunt damage against heavy armored foes.

It’s late night, but I am going to invite Trynhild for a drink. After a long day at the forge she may just want to share these two Red Rye Beers I crafted.

We talked a lot, but just getting to know each other, she is a real lady, stout, hearty, strong and determined like a Nord Woman should be.

She disregarded my advances and left me by the sweet embrace of cold outside, which was to be expected for a first date.

Day 4 – Deep Barrows

Today I have to investigate a haunted barrow. The barrows have been there as long as anyone can remember, and skeletons all around it started to rise.

I need to investigate this, there’s powerful Necromancy at play here and I have to get to the bottom of this not only for the folk at Bleakrock but because I have a chance of learning something useful if I find the source of this power.

I decided to try to unlock the door by paying tribute to the Dragon Priests’ spirits guarding the entrance.

I talked with the Dragon Priests… their tunics are majestic, their masks inspire both dread and awe. They allowed me entrance because their shrine was being defiled.

Once I entered these grounds, countless animated skeletons were awaiting me. With my utmost haste I cut them down trying not to think about those who are getting their bones defiled in such a way.

Countless came, countless were destroyed and sent back to where they belonged. Eternal rest was once a guarantee, but with the Altmer King of Worms messing with Necromancy the foul practice became mainstream.

Once inside I discovered yet another proof that those boats carry not corsairs but covenant soldiers ready for an invasion. I must warn the village and protect Trynhild.

Day 5 – Evacuation

Today people celebrated me as the Hero of Bleakrock Isle, and the Captain gave me an Ebonheart Pact chestplate. I also grabbed some medium gauntlets and medium armored leggings as well.

Now I only need some kind of foot armor and I’ll look as battle hardened as any Pact soldier.

The evacuation is happening today, the Daggerfall Covenant has landed and took the distress beacon on the far side of the island, it is up to me, these people’s hero, to cut and slash my way up there to light the beacon while the Pact garrison organizes the villagers to evacuate.

May Akatosh protect us.


I lighted the signal-fire, but when I was getting back to the village the houses where burning, the incendiaries were conjuring flames towards the town while people were being murdered on the streets. I didn’t think twice, I rushed and saved Trynhild and her family first.

I gathered up the villagers I could and evacuated by sea, poor folks had to leave everything behind.

Now I’m in Morrowind, a mosquito-filled nightmare for a Nord.

Trynhild is telling her mother she wants to enlist and join the pact. There is no one else I would have as a shield sister.

I’m sleeping now, too tired, but I will have to warn the other cities of Skyrim… Will rush to light signal fires first thing tomorrow.

Day 6 – Signal Fires

Today I rose, ate some pig steaks I made and went running towards the watchtower only to discover the gunpowder that emits the characteristic green signaling smoke was out.

I had to go get it at the docks, and so I went towards them and… by the corner of my eye… I spotted Trynhild sparring with Ebonheart soldiers.

She joined!

I kept running, impressed and warm of heart, but afraid at the same time that she may hear the call of Sovengard too soon with these ongoing attacks so early in her training.

I fetched the powder and, on my way back, found some Daggerfall Covenant scouting parties, mostly Orcs and Bretons with their irritating magic.

I took great pleasure in piercing their eye sockets and raveling in their screams, as each of those screams signals one less worry among my people.

I lit the watchtower by nightfall, I estimate the covenant will be here tomorrow.

Day 7 – Goodbyes

Another day in this mosquito, volcanic, mud-hut paradise… I long for Skyrim’s ice on my skin and the cold grasp of a blizzard on the body.

As I exit I notice something is off, Trynhild’s mother is pacing and comes to me:

“The Fort and the Docks are being attacked! Most of the villagers went to defend the fort, including my family, but Captain Rana and her Sargeant can’t hold the docks alone.”

I knew there wasn’t enough time to save both places.

I ask her what does she think about the circumstances…. She says the fort won’t hold and yet the docks, although having competent soldiers protecting it, has no walls or defenses.

I knew what she meant when she told me her family was at the fort, she means her husband, her son and daughter, but Tryn is at the docks, I saw her there!

I was quick to decide, and ran towards the docks with my trusty daggers ready to cut any throat that can menace her! No Nord, male or female, should die to those wretched Covenant squirrels.

As I reach the docks, I see the Sergeant overwhelmed, and I kill as many as I can until I can speak to her.

“Where are the others?” I asked.

She thanked me for reducing the enemies’ numbers and tells me they are fighting near the Covenant ship.

I rush there right on time to slit the throat of two Bretons trying to subdue Bleakrock’s hunter, and I hear moans.

I approach a hut and see Trynhild Earth-Turner on a corner… I was quick to examine her, she was going to be alright. I was going to carry her out of battle myself, but she begged me to save Captain Rana.

I would do it for her. I go towards the boat to find Captain Rana wounded, but trying to get the Breton captain out of his quarters.

We do it and, circling him, overcome the strong two handed swordsman.

As Rana would take the blows on her iron shield, I would strike my poisoned dagger at his back, backstabbing his vitals until the man finally could do no more.

I was greeted as a hero outside, I had saved the day, but I knew that the Fort would have fallen together with many of Bleakrock’s inhabitants.

I think about it strategically, I know the biggest town in the area is Devon’s Watch, and that they will be invaded soon, so I head out.

I hope Trynhild will keep on fighting, yet my heart trembles at the thought of leaving her behind, even if for a while, as I didn’t openly state my interest in her yet, and I fear such a Hard-Blooded Nord Beauty will surely be coveted by many, especially in the army.

I hope it all turns out well, but there is such responsibility riding on my shoulders that I must think about the greater good.

Day 8 – Devon’s Watch

I arrived at Devon’s Watch today. The settlement is bustling with activity and the fort holds strong, but it is under siege by the covenant forces.

At the same time I’m a bit sad it isn’t the Aldmeri Dominion since I would prefer killing those dogs instead, but Daggerfall’s troops have to get to know their place as well.

I found a forge and a clothing shop and I arranged to get a Blacksmith’s certification, together with a clothier’s one. I also received some training, so now I can make my own leather armor and daggers. Trynhild would be proud.

Holgar, the man in charge of organizing the defense, asked me to meet an Elven Noble as he had a plan.

The plan was to get in the man’s family crypt, kill his ancestors’ spirit and steal one of his ancestor’s skull to summon Balreth, one of the two beings of some legend I’m unaware of.

I did as he asked, and once I found the spirit guarding it, one of the elf’s ancestors, he said I would doom us all – which I suspected at the time to carry a real weight since the whole business seemed too macabre.

The Daggerfall Covenant troops breached the walls and me, Holgar and the elf’s soon had to hold the invaders at the crypt while the Elven Noble conducted the ritual and freed the beast.

The beast then ravaged through the Covenant ships and killed the Covenant troops, but decided it wasn’t time to sleep yet, leaving to cause havoc.

It falls to me, yet again, to find a way to stop this madness.

The next time somebody wants to conjure up dead I’ll stick my dagger on their chin.

The Balreth


Day 9 – Conjuring up Dead

In pursuit of the Balreth I went outside the fortress and approached the Ashlands and its Volcano which is erupting, I’m guessing it was the Balreth.

On my way I found a platoon of Ebonheart Pact soldiers and mingled in. The Commander points towards the distance and what did my face look like I cannot tell, but I was shocked.

By Ysgramor, a WHOLE army of Chimer spirits.

To think the forgotten race, ancestors of the Dunmer, are there even in spirit fills me with awe.

The commander has two mage assistants and is unsure of who’s advice to follow. I listen to both the ideas, and as one claims it’s better to free the spirits and disperse them, the other wanted to enslave them and use magic to make the dead fight for us.

I laugh in his face, point my dagger towards his throat and grin:

“You’ll never see that happening now that I’m here. Novak Greymane shall never be known as the enslaver of Chimer”.

His face goes pale and I see he was surprised by this attitude especially from a Nord, but Nords aren’t those racist drunk men depicted in other race’s folklore.

We are proud people and we respect our ancestors, and even the other race’s ancestors. We bury our dead in their best armor and build them crypts to last for eternity, and those who remain as Draugr as they served the Dragon Priest deserve our respect as well.

In fact, Draugr were seen paying homage to their leaders next to their inanimate remains, and some scholars, even not understanding their language, managed to make Draugr not see them as a threat, so they are definitely not the mindless monsters they are portrayed to be.

Anyway, I’m going to continue researching how to get rid of this Balreth, and even though I met the prophet and he wants to meet me, that has to wait for a bit, even though Molag Bal is a real threat, I don’t want to save a world that will be governed by either Orcs or Altmer.

If Sovengard calls me, I’m going to make sure my spirit sticks around to fulfill my part in this legend anyhow, since my recent meetings showed me that death is everything but definitive.

I also have to think about getting heirs, I’m going to be a legend, Greymane shall become a good house, and good houses need men of valor and worthy descendants – Ah sweet Trynhild.

The Prophet


Day 9 – On the Balreth’s Tail

Following the trail of the beast, I arrived at a village destroyed by Balreth’s eruption. The elf’s son came chasing the creature as well and he claims that if we pray to two shrines and raise an elf’s spirit that spirit will help us.

The last thing I wanted was to raise another dead, but I’ll go there tomorrow, for now I had to see the Prophet.

I arrived at a cave, a place the Prophet calls home, and he offered to explain why Molag Bal reached the point where he is able to drop his anchors to try to merge oblivion and Nirn.

He made me see a vision where the guy who took the ruby throne by assassinating the emperor was with five companions, one of them was the giant Nord Lyris, that girl that saved me in Coldharbour, and another one was Mannimarco, the King of Worms.

It appears they stole the Amulet of Kings to try and make Akatosh favor the now Emperor and turn him Dragonborn, but it was a plan by Mannimarco and as soon as the ritual was complete, he revealed he was nothing but Molag Bal’s minion.

On the way out of this vision, I found an Elder Scroll. The vision… it was amazing. The scroll was floating, and even being a vision I felt its presence.

I have a lot to think about tonight.

Angry Scamps


Day 10 – An Affair

I got up early in the morning and headed towards the ritual place to seal the Balreth or awake yet another dangerous spirit – I’m still not sure if this is the right thing to do.

On the way I found a detachment of Pact soldiers fighting heroically against Scamps, those underground Daedric creatures.

They were outnumbered and Captain Norra, a Nord blonde woman in command of the detachment, asked me for my help – but this time I wouldn’t be pulling the hard work.

My job was simple, I would cave in the tunnels where the Scamps kept emerging while she and her troops would hold off the creatures.

I grabbed a pickaxe and left in a hurry as I heard the screams of both men and beast behind me. Many were called by Sovengard this day, but I could hear the strength of Ysgramor in their screams as I would cave in tunnel after tunnel.

Eventually, the torrent stopped and I could go back to the soldiers.

Captain Norra was killing the last of the Scamps, she turned to me and gave me a pouch of gold for the job well done, asking me out for a drink after.

I accepted.

The night was long and my Red Rye Beer fueled me while she had a strange spirit drink, we talked about her past missions for the Pact and I told her what I did up until this point.

In the end, I went to her tent and gave her a good tumble, it felt great to feel the comfort of a woman again, yet my mind would drift to Trynhild, even though Norra is a fine woman herself.


Day 11 – Balreth

Woke up, left Norra in the tent and went over to seal the Balreth.

I was sent to a tomb where an elf would help me, the elf required some conjuring to summon since he was dead. He showed me that the way to seal the Balreth was to summon two flame atronachs to hold him prisoner, bound by magic.

So I did.

I was then sent through magic to Ash Mountain, right on the volcano’s caldera where the beast was recovering his strength.

I started hitting him with all I got, stabbing him multiple times, and siphoning his life force out of him to heal me with my newfound blood magic talents.

His outer shell faded and he was left weak. Now the Atronachs came and bound him forever.

As I complete the mission and everyone cheers, I hear the voice of the Prophet in my head.

It is time to return to his ruined cave and see what the fuss is all about. Balreth a Brother of Strife? Easy!

I feel like I am beginning to create my own legend now, I feel invincible.


To Be Continued…





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